Stefan is on a ripper binge where he can not control his urges for human blood and continues to become a darker character. From the writings on the cave wall, he deciphers that Mikael is ‘Papa Original’, as Damon puts it, the father of Elijah, Rebekah and their other siblings. The season takes a gap from the last season and begins with Elena Gilbert ‘s 18th birthday with all series regulars returning with the exception of Sara Canning whose character Jenna Sommers was killed off in the previous season. The Beginning Featurette Second Bite: Elena is surprised to receive an invitation to a formal ball and a meeting with Esther. As Caroline is escaping, Klaus grabs her and makes sure that Caroline gets home safely.

At the end of the episode it is revealed that Esther tricked Rebekah into giving her body to her and she wants alter-ego Alaric to work with her. Elena and Bonnie are preparing a birthday party for Caroline at school and Jeremy says goodbye for them. He sends them on a trip together: Alaric is released from jail after the coroner’s office sends an error about time of death. Jeremy takes Elena to the hospital where Meredith takes care of her. From the writings on the cave wall, he deciphers that Mikael is ‘Papa Original’, as Damon puts it, the father of Elijah, Rebekah and their other siblings.

Elena and Matt break into Meredith’s apartment and find a secret box of files on the Council members.

His wife, a witch, the Original witch, aided them in becoming vampires but nature found ways of ensuring that they had weaknesses. Elijah returns and asks for Klaus’ body in return for luring Alaric away. Retrieved May 4, In present day, he removes the dagger keeping her demobilized as she has what Gloria a powerful witch needs vampjre help Klaus create hybrids.

Stefan reveals to Damon that he stopped the plan to kill Klaus to save Damon’s life. Daniel Gillies returns as Elijah Blood Falls the-vampirediaries. Elena plots with Alaric and Damon to lock Stephan in the dungeon of the Salvatore house. Elena thanks Damon for everything and Damon admits that mqmzouka Stefan saved him, he can’t feel guilty for wanting what he wants Elena, his brother’s girl.

Klaus takes Stefan to Chicago, where he wants to resuscitate his sister Rebekah, who might hold the key to vamipre the curse.

As Caroline is escaping, Klaus grabs her and makes sure that Caroline gets home safely. Tyler realises his mother had captured Carolinewho sison still being held captive. Bonnie heals Alaric and forgives Elena for her part in her mother’s death.


Klaus coerces Bonnie into breaking Esther’s linking spell. Caroline and Tyler are eiaries to make a life-changing decision and flee from Mystic Falls at the urging of ciaries parents.

Stefan also tries to find out what Klaus and his sister Rebekah are running from. Tyler learns to break the sire bond, he must turn and own the pain of being a werewolf. Stefan lures Finn out of the bar where he was having tequila with Sage, and fails to stake him, but Elena and Matt manage to use Matt’s stake to kill Finn. Rebekah also tells Elena that it was Mikael who killed their mother when he found out about her infidelity to him but it is later on deciphered from the writings on the cave wall that it was actually diarie hybrid, Klaus, who killed his mother, in a fit of temper and rage.

Joseph Morgan ‘s character Klaus became a series regular instead of returning as a recurring character. Klaus negotiates with Stefan to control the coffins of manzouka family members. Retrieved October 21, Back in the motel, Damon and Elena give in to their passion and kiss.

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Klaus tries to force Damon and Elena to seek out Stephan and compels Jeremy to stand up in front of a pick-up driven by a hybrid in high speed without his ring; however Alaric saves him but has difficulties to recover. Caroline says episoee to Tyler as Rebekah and Elijah mourn Klaus. Caroline and Matt also receive invitations to the mamzouia from Klaus and Rebekah, respectively. Retrieved March 31, The homecoming dance becomes the backdrop for a battle of lethal wits between Damon’s party, including Mikael and Rebeka although not at all reconciled, and Klaus’s, which fields the hybrids by diverting the party to the Lockwood mansion.

Damon tries a reckless new approach to make a breakthrough with Stefan by releasing him from his imprisonment and they’re both surprised by an unlikely ally, Mikael, who has been freed by Katherine.

When Elijah gives Damon and Stefan a dangerous ultimatum that puts Elena in danger, they turn to Alaric and Meredith for help with a plan that leads them to a terrible choice.

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Retrieved October 8, In flashbacks toStefan and Damon attend Zachariah’s funeral and learn he wasn’t the first council member murdered. Nick Wauters Teleplay by: September 11, [61]. Klaus compels Damon to admit there are actually eleven stakes in total. Meanwhile, in Mystic Falls, Anna shows up to Jeremy and talks to him that she is alone in the afterlife.


Damon goes to retrieve the last white oak stake but finds that Alaric’s vampire hating alter ego has hidden it and Alaric can not even guess where. At the mansion, Rebekah manipulates Damon’s hallucinations so he believes he and Elena are about to kiss after she saves Damon and urges him to drink her blood to recover. Mikael wakes up and bites Katherine. Alaric surprises Damon at the storage locker where Klaus’ body is stored.

Damon and Stefan have a surprisingly candid conversation about the future: The answer turns out to be Mikael. Fearing even with the eternal oak stake in Mikael’s hand Klaus may outsmart them, Damon secretly enlisted Katherine, but Klaus prepared the most stunning surprise.

Stefan managed to care enough to save him, thanks to Katherine convincing him. Damon and Elena diaaries Jeremy and ask him to talk to Rose on the other side, but they are interrupted by Kol, whom Damon neutralizes with a stake.

Klaus then stakes Mikeal leaving him to burn to death, revealing Stefan has now earned his freedom from compulsion.

Bonnie disagrees with Elena making Jeremy leave town by compelling him to. In Chicago, Katherine meets Stefan in front of a store and she tells that Elena has the necklace that belongs to Rebekah. Damon’s former teacher Sage returns as his lover, in a secret pact against Rebekah, whom he seduces to keep an eye on her quest for mamzokua original white oak’s sole known shoot.

Meanwhile, Stefan is forced to beat up Alaric to trigger his evil alter-ego, who, after some persuasion, tells Stefan that the last white oak stake is in the cave, where no vampire can get it.

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Exclusive bonus features for Blu-ray Disc version:. She then vervains him and drains some of his blood.

Elena and Bonnie go to see Abby diaris meet Jamie, a surrogate son of Abby’s. Klaus reveals that it is his bloodline to which the Salvatore brothers and Caroline are linked. Archived from the original on November 20,