Film back, rollers and dark slide. I don’t think so. I noticed that a lot of search terms related to my RB67 are appearing in my log since last time. DLaughinghouseImages 3 years ago. Two fully working film holders in VGC in functioning but obviously used boxes. Mamiya film backs can also contain motors to advance the film after each exposure. KristenWithACamera 4 years ago.

Don’t you have to do something with the dark slide? You want to leave it set to “X” and plug the flash in. Lever advance; shell has desirable rollers. I have no clue. I have never seen one that has malfunctioned. This back is particularly valuable for panoramic aficionados, for the medium format use of uncommon films that only exist in format, and for inexpensive shooting and local developing. If it is pushed to the front your film will not advance. The only Type J sheet film still manufactured is Fomapan the same as Arista , and you have to purchase it straight from Foma in the Czech Republic, here.

Removing the whole back is better; but then I use a number of backs. Until now, however, there has been no mamlya repository of information about the array of backs that have been released by various manufacturers for this standard.

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Doing what he says you’re only rewrapping a few inches of flim back onto the spool. However, the back kit includes a small crank to make rewinding the cartridge very fast and easy in the dark. I also loaded a second film back to see if perhaps was the back itself. The unit I just puchased, the shutter release fires each time the shutter cocking lever is set and the shutter release is pressed, exposing frame one over and over.

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The waist level finder is great because you eb67 make eye contact with your subjects in a less threatening manner than with a big lens between you. A number of brands make sheet film holders in this format. Stan W 10 years ago. The Pro-SD version costs significantly more on the used market, but is superior in these minor ways.


But how would your shutter release if you had the dark slide still in place? Mamiya RB67 Graflok 23 back.

Don’t let anybody tell you that the RB67 can’t be handheld while being out in the great outdoors. How do I verify that? Open the back cover of the holder and remove the film insert.

Mamiya RB67 Film Winding Issue

Later, Mamiya replaced this transitional design with a non-red-border version. The film inside is protected against the light during changeovers by a ‘dark slide’. Lens comparison is not about numbers, it’s about using the lens.

Only four film stocks are still available in sheet film format: Because my 6×7 images look so much better than 35mm, I take my RB67 regularly outside.

A typical 35mm 36 exposure cartridge will yield approximately 25 extended-frame exposures in this back. Or is this a completely ludicrous idea? Just the polaroids that I took already tell me loadd the potential for some great pics is there.

Mamiya RB67 Pro S Film advance

Thank you for the quick reply. Thanks again for your reply.

The 70mm back, however, br67 a beautiful work br67 engineering, and maimya only 70mm back released for the Graflok 23 standard. It is more compact than multiple film holders.

Thus it works without modification with the Mercury camera. Let me see if I can follow the items and check them on the response. However, rumor has it that the Type J holders can still hold Type A film. Item location see all. They don’t move much in either direction. These images could then be enlarged up to much larger sizes than those of 35mm cameras with less loss of clarity and sharpness. If you’re developing it yourself, you’ll need to use a darkroom or a changing bag, and you’ll be pulling the film off the spool, removing the paper backing, and then feeding the film onto the reel, the particular method of which fillm depend on the reel type.

No, prisms are not likely to work Finally the manual says seal the film and send it in for developing. Sounds like it should work, but since it will run the film through backward, the film will be running directly against the pressure plate, rather than the paper.


Isn’t the ambient light in the room going to ruin the film once I open the back door? After your next exposure, push little lever, and operate advance lever to go to the next frame, etc.

Apparently they manufactured one at the very beginning of the camera, but this back mamiyaa nearly impossible to find today, if it did indeed exist. Sep 8, 8. When I loaded the film I took very good fiom to follow the loading instructions.

Both backs accept rolls of film. Rubber bands or tape can be used in a pinch. Mamiya did not update their 70mm back to the Pro-SD style, but simply continued to manufacture and rrb67 the Pro-S version, just as they had for the Pro back during the Pro-S era. Share This Page Tweet. I found this while doing a keyword search for unloading film on rz The Mercury Graflok 23 back adapter is r67 with all three major brands of backs. So you really want to make each one count. Your user name or email address: But I will review the manual again though.

vilm No need to figure out which holders have been exposed, which have been unloaded, etc. Some have reported problems with the advance being too tight for comfort, others have reported no problems at all. And moved it up to the first exposure and everything.

Congratulations, you can do it! Occasionally this happens to me, so I just simply remove the film in a changing bag, wind tightly, and use it later.