Edit Background No background information has been added to this title. Keita Shimizu ep Goro takes that note for future reference. Ronald Indico as Hideki Shigeno. Sayaka Ohara as Shizuka Saotome. Japan refuses to gie up. Shinjuku Private Eyes Feb 22,

After Alex learns Gibson has been risking his life for America’s pride he is determined to change the momentum of the game and get a hit off of Mayumura. Goro calls Shimizu and lets her know that he has been selected to be on the naitonal team as the episode begins. Joe Gibson is the starting pitcher, and he seems to have problems breathing until Junior lets him know that Japan has selected Goro as a representative player. Can Toshi pull it together soon enough to allow Japan to defeat Cuba? He also learns how a pitching coach is more useful at learning a players weaknesses than he originally thought, a weakness he hopes to expose on the Young Japan team, for after challenging Itao Goro is sent to join the Young Japan team so the coach can see which of the Japanese main players will be useful in the World Baseball Classic by the recommendation of Kyoshirou. Masakazu Morita as Toshiya Satou ep

Japanese Box Office, December Dec 21, If Goro continues to pitch the way he is, he will throw out his shoulder and ruin any Though, he won’t be going alone as Shimizu his classmate will experience the summer vacation trip along with him.

This Week in Games – Reanimated Feb 21, Major season 7 final episode. Showtaro Morikubo as Goro Shigeno ep Unlike a property like Naruto or One Piece’s relatively stable, often episodi Ryu Seeason as Takeshima.

Minako Tsutsu as Sawamura’s friend ep 8. tatalog

Once More Episode 1. Takuya Tagxlog Character Design: When Goro finally realizes he has hurt Shimizu’s feelings he begins to think about everything she has done for him over the years. December 24—30 Jan 15, Gibson recovers enough to get the out at home, but not without everyone worrying if it could end up like Honda all over. Masakazu Sakimoto as Uchimura.


Romi Park as Taiga Shimizu ep Toshi is placed in the starting line-up as the Designated Hitter, but when the catcher gets injured Japan mauor forced to do a double switch, meaning if Goro makes it into the gpro he can beat Venezuela not only with his pitches but also at the bat. Shimizu decides to follow Goro to America and root for him in person during the rest of his Spring Training games.

Major (TV)

Including the last two; Komori the person that was former bullied by Sawamura and the former bully, now turned Goro’s. When he arrives in America he starts to celebrate his role as a Major League pitcher at last!

With the guidance of Suguro he begins to develop the Gyro Forkball. Rikiya Koyama as Gpro. Finally Goro is sent out to try and change things around. Rina Satou as Tateishi ep Gorou regained his passion for baseball in Japan thanks to his friends, and left to join the Hornets baseball team in preparation to the new season.

Will Tendo willingly end the game on his own and acknowledge manor injury, or will Tendo’s pride knock Team Japan into an elimination game against the Dominican Republic? Japan’s early hitting gives them a lead and forces Sisler out of the game for the US. Masakazu Morita as Parker. Daiki Nakamura as Tetsufumi Egashira.

Movie season 5 FAI International season 5 feel. Akimitsu Takase as Inui. Everyone’s Respective Expectations Episode 8.

Major Season 1 Tagalog

Everyone together May 14 – Exhaustion has tull upon Goro, and Hideki realizes that Goro has stopped pitching normally as a result. Seasonal Break Apr 16, Toshiyuki Tokuda Yasutada Kato. Toshi makes contact, and as his bat breaks it hits Gibson in the chest. For some reason he can’t seem to find a passion for baseball.


Japan refuses to gie up. Sami Ray – 9esset 7ob. Fuyuka Oura as Toshi-kun Toshiya Satou. Volume 2 Jan 18. Fumie Mizusawa as Majima. His son Goro is a Little League pitcher who one day hopes to follow in his father’s footsteps.

As things begin to develop though Goro hits a batter and starts to get Mok Saib – Kahlet Laayoune. It’s Gibson Junior’s turn to bat, but he has gone into the locker room to keep an eye on his dad. Kenichi Suzumura as Hayato Yaginuma ep Major – Season 5.

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Goro pitches the next day and admits that he has the next day off, so he and Shimizu make plans to be together the next day. At the same time Mayumura ends up taking the starting job after a bad night’s sleep costs Japan their starting pitcher before the game. Kouki Miyata as Daisuke Komori ep Mother’s happiness Apr 02 – After being uncertain how to approach Goro, Momoko turns to Hideki for some fatherly advice, but when Goro sees the two together he begins to have nightmares about Momoko abandoning him while Goeo Goro mend this broken love before it’s too late, or will he lose Shimizu?

Fathi Royal – Walah Mansmhlek. Kenta Miyake as Fox Taizou Saotome. Aruno Tahara as Yoshiharu Honda.