I also tend to be a bit stream of consciousness. It is a way to recognize blogs you like-or inspire you-but it also is designed to bring traffic to your blog. Note the big frozen whirlpool in the river! Perhaps by not shooting them in the bottom and instead showing them God’s love through kindness they will give their hearts to Jesus and leave their life of crime and desolation and become missionaries to the great unwashed masses. I ask people to think of something to share and I find some Christmas poems to read to fill in the blanks. Just because the person has authority and is a teacher doesn’t mean they are correct. And I would like to build a base of stories in order to somehow learn how to be a writer. Think of Pol Pot.

Hexamine is in a fuel tablet for a camping stove. He said the guys were just stupid but he didn’t speek spanish so he wasn’t sure what happened. Bill was the old employee. I bundled him into a couple extra large hefty garbage bags and heaved him in the back of my pickup. I don’t want to sell out to soon! Now he is knocking at the door so I have to go to work. I listed the baler that still needed to be cleaned, pipe left to pick up, wood to cut, but said I didn’t have enough to keep him busy all winter.

Problems with Scribd and the Daily Strumpet. I am getting ready to go after parts for a Christmas Present I’m making for S. We have some hispanic cusomers that buy hay for their horses. Wednesday, December 16, I have accomplished nothing all week They let Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton in. Yeah, and they could have had a thermo nuclear device shoved up there bung hole.


In the end I will have to say. We had health insurance so there was no reason not to do it. I said that I didn’t like to be a hard liner on the money and I wanted to trust people and it annoyed me when people took advantage of my lack of short term memory and math skills-especially when they were getting a really good deal in the first ot.

We stuck wqtch short electric auger down in the center of the powerbox to mix up the ground corn with the wheat and oats. Of course it is always a bit o f a let down after all the wild times had at the Shepherd Family Christmas.

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Hopefully something really funny will happen this week. Then we built a fire under the cans and when they were good and hot we shot them with the. If my memory serves me correct “his Mirandy” got a lot of the farm chores done. So it is a Christmas issue. Or someone wants to change the climate change model somewhat.

Ate at the Amity cafe with the real farmers.

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Links to this post Email This BlogThis! Or was it a lazer gun sight. My helper read it and laughed The cowgirl is Sadie’s identity and she is riding Sadie’s favorite horse.

The turnover rate is at times depressing. He said he was sorry and did I have any work.


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We don’t always get a lot done in the winter time here at the farm! I was pretty upset with the repeated use of the “Christmas” term and the kid dressed like Santa seemed perhaps vaguely religious but I don’t think I have a lawsuit.

He would come after me with a needle full of novacaine and a screaming drill and I would gag. It means spring is on the way and little flowers are soon to arrive.

It is not your problem. Once I did find a baled Christmas tree which fell off a truck.

Atheists pretend not to take themselves seriously but they spend way too much time worrying about people who believe differently than they do.

I think it is a good idea. However, the fellow has gotten advice from someone who is smarter than I, and I need the money so I guess I will give it a go. I too wish for more followers. I guess I will have to make up stories It is a cubic inch gas engine. You can of course burn yourself really badly if you inject a syringe full of Nitric acid into anything near your naughty parts AND it will ruin your underwear.