What the media shows is a reflection of society; and when it shows it, it further reinforces those beliefs. And if a wife can do justice in both roles as being a bread winner as well as a housewife, then God bless her. Alhamdulillah, so many sisters of different age-groups, have told me their side of the story about these in-law issues — even aunties. Now I know what hadith people refer to when they consider the ” majazi khuda ” concept to have originated in the religion of Islam. Be it a mobile phone or a one-rupee candy, the tactic employed is the same. Yasir Nawaz and Samira Fazal have made a slick ,environment friendly product , straightforward to look at and exciting sufficient to seize the audiences consideration and loyalty each Tuesday night.

My rspect for azar’s persona shot up sky excessive after that scene , possibly air head Maa ji has some degree? As she swirls around and gives the viewers a huge smile, singing the praises of the said product, we get a nice view of her assets. This site uses cookies. Be it a mobile phone or a one-rupee candy, the tactic employed is the same. The man said that he was a man of the desert, and had come to Madina to wait on the Commander of the Faithful and seek his assistance. Imran Ali Safir Director: Alhamdulillah I was happy to see it referred to here. That men should instead do the honor?

To each their own…. Now I know what you must be thinking.

But is he happy when he is treated like a slave. Ramin and Azar depart the rasm o rivage at Numair and Manal’s home and go residence to a simpl welcome.

In a country where majority of the population is illiterate i. Marketers and advertisers have just one major aim as far as using the media to reach this illiterate majority goes: Muslim homeschooling mother of three, non-fiction author of Islamic books, blogger, freelance writer, and foodie.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Oh, you must have cooked all his food for him and frozen it, right? Analyze Another Website Check. PC World Admin Street: They are misled about what a man needs and deserves from a marriage.

Same like in a jobscenario when a worker will not say anything if he is mistreated because of fair of losing income. What the media shows is a reflection of society; and when it shows it, it further reinforces those beliefs. A psychological state the harbors around the verge connected with insanity, threatening in order to destroy the lives off hundreds of involved.


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I gave just one aspect of this issue in this post, mjazi the way society expects women to be after marriage, with several real-life examples of how women themselves reinforce these stereotypes to the succeeding generation of younger women. From the way youre talking, I can sense that youre on your way to a divorce. I totally support it that men and women both know khuuda rights and duties in Islam, and then they implement it according to the situation. The man still has to marry and the wife will become involved in the dynamics e.

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You have overwhelmed me with your benevolence. In Pakistan we do not have such mqjazi setup. This is specially applicable where women work professionally and yet are responsible for single handedly dealing with household chores as well as raising the children while men do maajazi lift a finger to help.

Wajahat Hussain Gillani Cast: He said that he was a stranger in Madina and did not know what to do. Pleasing them khudq adding to the peace and security of the home. By submitting a whois query, you agree that you will use this data only for lawful purposes and that, under no circumstances will you use this data to: Yusuf said to his father: Sahih Al-Bukhari “Taken from: Browsing All Articles Articles.

On a technical degree the episode and story are on an upward gradient. Now I know what hadith people refer to when they consider the ” majazi khuda ” concept to have originated in the onlkne of Islam.

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A girl who gets married and soon starts demanding a separate house would be correct in principle but it would be totally inappropriate. Everyone knows my husband lived alone for years in Dubai and Canada before he got married. If a lot of women are complaining about how they are treated in their in- law families that means they are not in peace,and living their lives like slaves.

Ramin is scared and wont enable Azar to the touch her. Take care of the jackpot… I mean, the husband, and slog at the kitchen, laundromat or ironing board, while he devours eye-candy before the television set, secretly rolls his eyes at our constant nagging, and stifles his yawns during trips to the mall.


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Forget about commanding respect, or demanding it…. I wished to myself that we did the same for you.

If it had been a stranger who raped Raminin all probability with effort and time there would were some therapeutic however Numair is Azar’s relativeone he admires and hopes to emulate, so their contact can be consistent. Alhamdulillah, you all have motivated me to write a sequel post, in which I intend to cover real-life examples, most of which prompted me to write this post in the first place.

First of all, after most of my friends and I myself got married, a question that eventually arose — not surprisingly — for most of them, was whether or not they could dare to ask their husbands for separate accommodation. Once, an ex-Pakistani film actress and her husband were present on the show.

And if the need to live independently is so dire then I think we very well know how many sisters would even consider living in a scanty house or whatever can be afforded in the salary because the criteria now is residency status, white skin and who cares about a person morality or piety. I think you are not saying dont work for that boss anymore, or dont respect him, but what you are saying is,Speak up for your respect if you dont get it and change the work atmosphere and become a happy respected worker rather the silently burning away in hell.

Alexa Search Engine Traffic. That men should instead do the honor? The implausible speech she provides about husbands being “Majazi Khuda” made me need to throw up.

Yes; but that is also where the problem starts…. I was listening to the lecture “In halaat mein kya karna chahiye” by Farhat Majasi where she was mentioning how our hearts have become “tung” and all we want is our own car, our own food and me, me and just me and how the sense of caring for each other has been lost. Khalid Hafiz Khan Direction: