Chandar grins, he says he will get her spouse without a doubt. He runs and strangulates Chanda and asks how could she is to execute his amma and Sumer. She says she is such a great amount of agonized over her sautan, if ladies like her live here, it will be paradise and requests that her take chanda from here. Suhani asks did you take that young lady. Clothes and Sharad say they can’t contact Yuvraaj and Suhani. Vyom says I will converse with Pari and call her at coffeehouse.

Zakir peruses Anantpur and says its Garjana region, if Sooraj’s conviction is genuine, they both are in enormous risk. Sudha says she will attempt to come, now in the event that her spouse will permit she will desire beyond any doubt. Dadi asks where they are sitting and takes a gander at box. Sandhya thinks to get Sooraj cured soon and after that go to stop the rocket. Rajat asks Mona for what valid reason is she agitate. Sarojini says whatever she enjoys and applies glue on her injury. Kaushalya gets prepared and demonstrates Shanti her haircut. Kaushalya says Dadi is strict, however cherishes you both, I m whatever I m is a direct result of her.

Shanti is frightened and mumbles. Sarla looks on and cries.

Maikay Ko Dedo Sandes Episode 18 Full on Geo tv 9 September 2015

Shanti advises about groom’s family coming to see Preeti, she thought to welcome bhajan mandli as well. She supposes to unreliable Tanu to such a degree, to the point that she do epissode error. Dadi says I need to reach Suhagi sandex and is en route.


SarojiniZee Tv. She cries and embraces him. Shivam sees Riya getting prepared. He approaches her to sit for pooja while he deals with Soumendra here. He gets irate and goes to defy that man. Shraddha enters and says Chanda is exceptionally anxious and he ought to extra her as she may not be included with youngster dramatization.

Dadi asks where ve are sitting and takes a gander at box. Narayani turns and gets stunned seeing her. Preeti cries and takes off. Fan falls on Manisha and she frenzies seeing blood.

—Maikey Ko De Do Sandes Episode 25 Geo TV Drama 18th September 2015

She then goes to bring water and thinks back Chanda’s words that Sher still cherishes Shraddha. Ashok says I need to go. They pull the casing. Nimmi says episodw can’t happen in my vicinity. She says this is my case, and says old recollections are in this case.

Sarla requests that her not drive auto and begins crying. Theu see her and again begin running behind her. Along these lines they will have the capacity maimay see one another.

Her father meets Rohan and offers assistance. Suhani asks did you take that young lady. The Episode begins with Sandhya embracing Sooraj and crying. She settles the Gajra. Sandhya supposes she needs to get projectile uprooted to spare Sooraj and is en route.

Tanu says Abhi saw me with him.

Maikey Ko De Do Sandes drama geo latest episode – HarPal

He advises her that Vasundara needs to meet her. Sujeet requests that Mata uproot the anklet and is goaded by the sound. Preeti says yes, why two vehicles in the event that they are going to same office.


Rani requests that Pari maikaj auto fellow to drop her. Vidya says sorry, this can never happen.

Maikay Ko Dedo Sandes Episode 91 Full on Geo tv 21st December

Mona asks consideration as far as possible. Purab says she has broken my hand for frozen yogurt. Chandar and Binti bring Sudha ground floor, Mr. Kaushalya gets prepared and demonstrates Shanti her haircut.

Suhani yells Yuvraaj and he races to her. Bhabho and family implores. Yuvraaj awakens Suhani who is found close to the lake.

Hetal reminds Gopi’s words that Kanha ji won’t amiss with us, as we never did amiss with anybody, don’t stress, Kanha ji is in charge of Meera and Vidya’s security. She can’t hear and puts telephone on speaker. Vidya says thanks to her.

Chanda says she didn’t see youngster when she entered. HD Pakistani dramas apps has many interesting 50, collection dramas serials.

Sarojini says she took a chance with her life and came here from Delhi and won’t stop. Kokila approaches Gopi is she stressed for Ahem, as he has gone to Vidya’s sasuraal, Ahem and Vidya will oversee.