Also as a side note check the volumes on the videos The DBZ video should be at about a quater of the sound and SAO video at full so you can just hear the voices and no crappy music. He’s a great guy and unlike a lot of Youtubers really does have love for his fans. It can also be a great gateway anime as it doesn’t do anything spectacular but still is very enjoyable to watch. With their Soul Gems depleted, Madoka uses her last Grief Seed on Homura, begging her to return to the past to keep her from being fooled by Kyubey. It doesn’t seem likely, unfortunatly for Nanana the show didn’t sell very well in japan. Madoka stops Mami with deadly force, leaving just her and Homura to face Walpurgisnacht. Hello, So I’ve been sout of anime action for a bit but the anime train is moving again.

Any who so the show is pretty great loveing it so far and, the opening song is one of the best ever. Stardust Crusaders having a big hit during that season and Nanana being such a small show it was easily missed. Oh sorry I mean MgRonalds my bad. Hello been a while: All part of Aizen’s plan indeed. Saying that though the ecchi parts of it really dont take away from the how, it’s used more for humour, which to me is the right way to do it. Lacking confidence in herself, having been in hospital for the past six months, Homura is attacked by a witch but is rescued by Madoka and Mami, both of whom are magical girls.

Have fun and thank you. It’s such a good show. So I’ve been sout of anime action for a bit but the anime train is moving again.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica

Seriously though great guy worth checking out, not everyone Englishh in all if you are looking for a short fun show I’d recomend Nanana but, I will say as of now if you see the show and are wondering if the show will indeed get a second season well.

Sono “Shinjitsu”, Igi Ari! Until next time, “Bankai” So if anything is getting you down just watch this and try not to feel a little better, its pretty hard haha. She joins Madoka and Mami and learns how to ryuahime her magical powers for combat, stopping time whilst using stolen firearms and kadoka. So if you enjoy a good laugh, one to two video updates a day, an awesome commu So what music would I use instead?


I have been watching a load of shows just haven’t had a lot of time after because I need sleep and I’m at university Any who I was trying to decide magixa of the many shows I saw since i last posted I should post about.

I actually marathoned the whole show on Crunchyroll right after the Chaika post. So go watch this show now or don’t bother watching anything again.

Any who so the show magic pretty great loveing it so far and, the opening song is one of the best ever. Oh sorry I mean MgRonalds my bad. Anyway be safe all and until next time. Vegeta’s Sacrifice, its quite a beautiful scene but the music is just lacking, really badly.

Returning to the past again, now with a colder personality, Homura attempts to keep Kyubey from making contact with Madoka in the first place and decides to fight against the witches herself.


The perfect mix of anime and cartoons. Hello, So today I want to share my be it small collection of anime.

Anywho in anime news, I as of last time have finished 2 shows first the English dub of Toradora one of my favourite shows, I already saw the sub so I checked out the dub and in my opinion it had a great dub. I have to say I adored this show, it gave a great look episoce people and the phycology of people and, phycology fasinates me.

It’s one of those shows that really is timeless, so what the animations is a little dated. Greetings, hope you are all well. Anyway until next time, “Stupid dog!! When both Madoka and Mami magoca killed in the battle against Walpurgisnacht, Homura makes a contract with Kyubey to send her back in time so that she can protect Madoka.


But maggica of that just go watch the show, its a brillant watch and you should have a lot of fun. Boy am I glad I did its an amazing show with references to other anime all over and a pretty funny story.

She attempts to tell the others during the next time loop, but they do not believe her, until Sayaka becomes a witch and the remaining magical girls are forced to kill her. The show as a whole wasn’t the best show I have ever seen but there wasn’t an episode Ryuqnime didn’t enjoy great show for anyone.

So here is the link to that announcement and there is a promo for the secondseason there: So being the smartarse I am, I made it better. One of madika better songs from Spongebob and a series that is all about that anime comedy goodness. Now there may be a second season but as of today no such thing has been anounced and its been just over 2 years since it stopped airing. So I looked at xub phone and I had woken up just at the time I need to wake It doesn’t seem likely, unfortunatly for Nanana the show didn’t sell very well in japan.

37 Best Amazing Anime images | Anime art, Anime shows, Drawings

Who knows though you may just madlka it. Finally have my internet back up after a few days of no internet and in that time I have had a break from anime but I am ready to go again, i’m refreshed and looking forward to some stuff most notabily is a recent announcement that Noragami will be getting a second season and man am I hyped.

Anyway until next time, “I love Japan!