The characterization lacks depth and the film is overloaded with philosophical lines and preachy dialogues, creating a negative impact on the overall viewing experience. Retrieved from ” https: Aari looks the part of a disillusioned assistant director trying to make a breakthrough in the film industry but is let down by the script and the dialogues. Some of the actors — Balaji, Tejaswini and Subbu — put up a brave front in what looks like a series of skits stitched together. A real-time play out of events at a coffee shop over nearly two hours on a rainy evening. But here, characters converse in a long drawn out fashion that not only feels unnatural but also tests your patience. The film begins with the story of Ajay, the protagonist, a filmmaker who is desperate. To be entirely honest, we didn’t quite understand what the film was trying to say in the first place.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. However, she died on October due to kidney problems. Chithiram Pesudhadi 2 3. This story deals with the self-doubt that women have after marriage. Subbu Panchu deserves a pat for pouring right emotions as a confused man who struggles to keep his business interest intact. Also, Ajay and Jiya are fairly dull leads whose motivations are never clear.

Considering that the film is a romantic musical, one asks him about the music. Printable version Feb 25, Let’s work together to keep the conversation civil.

Trying hard to be cool, Maalai Pozhudhin Mayakathile about modern relationships is back breakingly long and turns out to be a boring affair. Meanwhile pozhuthiin the next table at the coffee shop is Satish Balaji who brings his wife Ramya Tejaswini and his son. This film moves from one table to another and looks at the stories their occupants have to tell. Had the narration been pacier, mayakathilr would have ended up as a breezy entertainer. By Moviebuzz Critic’s Stoy And there is a writer R S Sivajiwho spends all his time at the shop watching the people who come there.

See all results matching ‘mub’. This page was last edited on 29 Novemberat The film fails to hook the audience for a single moment.


Maalai Pozhuthin Mayakathile Review

Write about topics that interest you – anything from movies to cricket, gadgets to startups. The soundtrack and background score was composed by Achuwhile the film was produced by Mayuri Sekar. The director wanted to opt for live-sound recording, making it more difficult for the non-Tamil speaking actress. But, unfortunately, Maalai Pozhudhin Mayakkathilaey MPM is a largely uninteresting — and also a little pretentious — film that fails in execution, the chief culprit being the pacing.

Karthik Subramanian July 28, They fail to strike up any romantic chemistry whatsoever, and perform so monotonously, you can’t be blamed for disconnecting from their supposed love or angst. Aari, who made his debut in ‘Rettaisuzhi’, has done his best.

The film was expected to be shot and released by May but eventually failed to proceed so swiftly. Unfortunately the problem with the movie is its pace. For a film that is well under two hours, it leaves you with the feeling of watching a never-ending soap opera.

After acquaintance, he is attracted to her. Maalai Pozhudhin Mayakathilaey received negative reviews.

It was then that I started visualising the characters of my film. However, she died on October due to kidney problems. Balaji and Tejaswini as troubled couple fit the bill. Narayanan Nagendra Rao Music: This article is closed for comments. But the really unfortunate one here is Sivaji as a maaykathile writer, who gets a couple of dialogues in the first half and spends the rest of the time in the background as a prop along with the tables, chairs and coffee cups.

Maalai Pozhudhin Mayakathilaey Promotional poster. The manager of the coffee shop Subbu Panchu has his own issues to be sorted out in his business. A married couple fight over the lack of romance in their lives, while it blossoms between two strangers just a table away.

A lot can happen over a cup of coffee, you think, but here, nothing much happens. As he gets up to leave, Narayan lets slip mayakayhile couple of life lessons. Submit Please enter a valid email address. The actress had to learn Tamil, and it took her over two months of practice to get the pronunciation right. Narayan Ragavendra Rao Cast: Cinematographer Gopi Amarnath puts up the only professional effort in an otherwise amateur creation.


Nude photos of Ali Fazal gets leaked online, actor confirms and promises an explanation. But that has smartly been overcome by good background score by Achu and bright cinematography by Gopi Amarnath. At the next table is a man trying to save his marriage. Retrieved from ” https: The film collects Rs storj lakhs. I went to a theatre but couldn’t get a ticket and then, I chose to head to a coffee shop.

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mayakathilee A single track for the film was expected to be launched in Septemberit but did not happen. Go to movie details. However, he needs to work on his dancing skills, as is evident even in the very few dance scenes shown in the film.

The background score, especially the violin interludes, are extremely pleasing and praise worthy.

You have already rated this movie. In Februarythe makers of Maalai Pozhudhin Mayakathilaey MPM announced that they were going to host auditions to select a heroine and a road show was subsequently held for two days around colleges and popular hangouts in Matakathile. Chekka Chivantha Vaanam 3.

Maalai Pozhudhin Mayakkathilaey Movie Review

Ajay Aari who wants to become a filmmaker comes to the coffee shop to meet Jiya Subha. The story of this couple’s child is the next one in the list, and the fourth is mayakahhile of a writer who keeps observing all these characters. It is disheartening to use the same yardstick to review dtory small budget, independent cinema as one would other big budget movies from established crew and cast.

It was revealed that the story is about the happenings that take place in just 2.