Ono informs the rest of the guard of the situation and they help Jasiri’s clan fight them off. Muhimu asks Bunga to watch over her son Hamu while she takes some time out to relax. Retrieved 24 May After the Lion Guard accidentally awakens Makuu and his float from their sleep during the dry season upon unknowingly sending a stampede near their sleeping cave, the Lion Guard and Simba work to find a new place for Makuu’s float to endure the dry season. Kiara, Tifu, and Zuri give Dhahabu a tour of the Pride Lands, but are threatened by a big fire, leaving the Lion Guard to rescue them, and for Dhahabu to have Fuli be her guard until her visit is done. NBA basketball wins the night”. Search for ” The Hyena Resistance ” on Amazon. Meanwhile, Makuu butts heads with Bupu when Makuu wants to have his float sleep near his herd’s watering hole during the dry season.

However, Reirei and Goigoi have their sights on the aardwolves as well. Ono informs the rest of the guard of the situation and they help Jasiri’s clan fight them off. The Lion Guard rescues a baby baboon and Fuli is tasked with returning the baboon to its mother on Mapango Cliffs. Due to the Tsetse flies’ dislike of zebra stripes, the Lion Guard escorts Thurston’s herd and Mbeya the rhino to a source of water. When Simba and Bunga get trapped in a large sinkhole , the Lion Guard struggle to find a way to rescue them so that the Royal Family can go to Ma Tembo’s elephant concert. Ono acts as a replacement for Kifaru the rhino ‘s tickbird Mwenzi to guide him to Tamasha, a sparring event at Lake Matope, after Kifaru and Mwenzi have a falling-out. During this time, a crocodile named Kiburi conspires against Makuu which leads to them getting into a Mashidano as Ushari, under Scar’s orders, persuades Kiburi to have his followers attack Simba.

John Loy Teleplay by: At the end of their journey, they realize that Askari’s original Lion Guard was the secret, and by going through their tests they discover that they together, as the current Lion Guard, are the force episofe will defeat Scar.

Jasiri offers to help the Lion Luon in their battle against Scar by forming a hyena resistance in the outlands. Retrieved January 20, However, while fighting off Janja’s clan, Reirei’s pack, and Kiburi’s float, Shujaa ends up damaging the Pride Lands due to being unaware of his own strength, much to Scar’s delight, so Beshte helps Shujaa by teaching him to think before he acts.


When Kion winds up in the Outlands after falling in a river, he meets Jasiri, a friendly female hyena who guides him to Flat Ridge Rock giard regroup with the rest of the Lion Guard and explains how she and her jassiri respect the Circle of Life. While fed up with always getting trampled and disturbed when the Lion Guard is near, Ushari inadvertently finds out that Kion talks to the spirit of Mufasa.

The Hyena Resistance

Before long, other animals ask Bunga to watch their kids as well. During the fight, Janja falls into a steam vent upon being accidentally knocked in by one of Kiburi’s crocodiles, while his clan, Reirei’s pack, and Kiburi’s float are blown away by Kion’s Roar of the Elders.

Retrieved December 10, Retrieved April 25, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Rafiki recognizes it from the paintings of the past as a sign of terrible evil, and goes off to consult the paintings to be sure. Under the suggestion of Simba, the Lion Guard leads a herd of zebras led by Muhimu and a herd of gazelles led by Swala to a new grazing ground located at the edge of the Pride Lands in Mbali Fields.

Kion, the second-born cub of Simba and Naladiscovers that he has the ability to channel the roars of the Great Lions of the Past, giving him fierce power just like his great uncle Scar who had the same power before him, but who tragically misused it for evil and lost it forever. Meanwhile, Raha and Starehe want to be by their leader’s side and do everything they can to help by taking on Goigoi on the first attack and the second attack with Reirei’s Pack and Kiburi’s float members at a watering hole.

While working to free Thurston’s zebra herd from the dry river before the mud hardens, Kion has no choice but to use the Roar on a dark cloud to make it rain.


Meanwhile, Jaziri and Bunga realize that being raised by Timon and Pumbaa is something that they have in common. With this knowledge, Janja, Cheezi, Chungu, Nne, and Tano steal Makini’s bakora staff and kidnap Kiara to lure Kion and the Guard to the Outlands, with the intent on tricking Kion to Roar with enough power to make the hyenas ‘ volcano erupt in flames.

The rain from the cloud not only frees Thurston’s herd, it also causes a flash flood that sends Jsairi into the Outlands. After chasing the baboons to the Outlands, the Lion Guard has to come to their rescue when they are cornered by Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu. Kendall Michele HaneyFord Riley developed for television by.

“The Lion Guard” The Hyena Resistance (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Retrieved March 4, Retrieved November 5, His venomous bite temporarily paralyzes Kion, Fuli, and Beshte, causing Ono to enlist Makini to find a remedy to heal them faster while Rafiki is away. However, Reirei and Goigoi have their sights on the aardwolves as well.

When Kion tells Jasiri that Scar has epiode following a fight with Janja’s clan and Kiburi’s float, she forms a hyena resistance with her clan to help the Lion Guard by informing them of Scar’s plans and stopping Janja’s clan, Reirei’s pack, and Kiburi’s float before they can get to the Pride Lands. Season 2 Episode John Loy Ford Riley. The tsetse flies have been causing problems eplsode the Pride Lands. Due to the Tsetse flies’ dislike of zebra stripes, the Lion Guard escorts Thurston’s herd and Mbeya the rhino to a source of water.

However, the gorilla brothers have forgotten the message.

Retrieved March 1, Retrieved from ” https: While the Lion Guard is on night patrol, they mistake a pack of aardwolves for hyenas.