Seasonal phytoplankton dynamics in the coastal waters of the north-eastern Adriatic Sea. Iconology as Cultural Symptomatology: Russian Academy of Science, Occurrence of an environmental Acinetobacter baumannii strain similar to a clinical isolate in paleosol from Croatia. Letters as Sources for Music Historiography: A baseline study of the metallothioneins content in digestive gland of the Norway lobster Nephrops norvegicus from Northern Adriatic Sea: The characteristics of cultivated soils developed from coastal paleosand Korcula Island, Croatia. When a criminal mastermind uses a trio of orphan girls as pawns for a grand scheme, he finds their love is profoundly changing him for the better.

New soil composition data for Europe and Australia: The influence of meteorological conditions on fine particle PM1. Universitas Comeniana Facultas Philosophica Bratislava, Concentration of CS and 40K in meat of omnivore and herbivore game species in mountain forest ecosystems of Gorski kotar, Croatia. Challenges for Climate Research. Vigato, Teodoa; Vigato, Ivica.

Dettmer, Jan; Dosso, Stan E. Impact of mesoscale meteorological processes on anomalous radar propagation conditions over the northern Adriatic area.

Preservation of NOM-metal complexes in a modern hyperalkaline stalagmite: Diets of fan shells Pinna nobilis of different sizes: Srodon, Jan; Anczkiewicz, Aneta A. Climate controlled, fabric destructive, reflux dolomitization and stabilization via marine- and synorogenic mixed fluids: Pojam izvornosti u traktatima renesansne Italije Seks, nasilje i videovrpce: Lysosomal deoxyribonuclease II from the mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis: Sub-kilometer dynamical downscaling of near-surface fjlm in complex terrain using WRF and MM5 mesoscale models.


Common ragweed and Szeged, Hungary as a test case. Edit Details Official Sites: Part B, Atomic spectroscopy.

Northern Adriatic meteorological tsunamis: Hong Kong University Press, monografija. Biakova, komentirana antologija. Use of portable X-ray fluorescence instrument epohx bulk alloy analysis on low corroded indoor bronzes. Jahrbuch fuer Literatur- und Sprachwissenschaft.

Alkaline phosphatase activity and relative importance of picophytoplankton in autumn and early spring Mljet lakes, Eeastern Adriatic Sea. Zeke voice Cedric the Entertainer Zbirka holotipova i kotipova minerala Hrvatskog prirodoslovnoga muzeja u Zagrebu.

Geochemical Atlas of Croatia: The Comeback of Political Drama in Croatia: Integrated procedure for multiresidue analysis of dissolved and particulate drugs in municipal wastewater by liquid chromatography – tandem mass spectrometry.

Settling rate, size distribution and metals contamination characterization. Mediterranean Sea level forced by atmospheric pressure and wind: Uniform hazard spectra in western Balkan Peninsula. Ogranak Matice hrvatske u Dubrovniku, monografija. Bijeli grad Tel Aviva. Sequence development influenced by intermittent cooling events in Cretaceous Aptian greenhouse, Adriatic Platform, Croatia.

Marijin lik u suvremenoj duhovnoj glazbi. Centar za dramsku umjetnost, biblioteka Akcija, ostalo.

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Dobra predstava je duhovno iskustvo. Composition, technology of manufacture, and circulation of Hellenistic pottery from the Eastern Adriatic: Tko je bio Carl Linnaeus? Characterization of the cytosolic distribution of priority pollutant metals and metalloids in the digestive gland cytosol of marine mussels: Copper complexing properties of exudates and metabolites of macroalgae from the Aegean Sea.


Bijeg u virtualnu stvarnost. Lokmer, Ivan; Bean, C. Franz Xaver Koch’s vs. High throughput systems for screening biomembrane interactions on fabricated mercury film electrodes. Chaetozone carpenteri McIntosh, from the Mediterranean Sea and records of other bi-tentaculate Cirratulids.

Geographic patterns of biodiversity in European coastal marine benthos. Exceptional dense water formation on the Adriatic shelf in the winter of Geological Survey of Folm, VDM Verlag, monografija.

Pleistocene calcareous aeolian-alluvial deposition in a steep relief karstic coastal spoha island of Hvar, eastern Adriatic, Croatia. It would be a great movie to see in the theater and to buy for home.

International Society of Biometeorology, UPI2M Books, monografija.

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The Path of Ivan Focht. Teorija glume – od filozofije do prakse. Trace metals in the coastal soils developed from estuarine floodplain leden in the Croatian Mediterranean region.