I love your books.. CC December 29, at 7: Part of me had already wondered if she had developed feelings for someone when she was still caged and lost him like so many of the male’s have. I thought he was normal but I obviously have bad taste in men. He was so fun to read about in Shadows! His eyes were strange. I’ve read numerous comments from writers when asked why they stopped a series here

They knew each other well after having spent years in cells close together and both had suffered the same damage. They can identify some of the Mercile employees, they have enhanced senses, and it would benefit us all to have this joint venture succeed. Anonymous November 14, at It was a square room with dull bricks for walls and concrete floors. She ran for the back of the warehouse, fisted her keys in one hand and her remaining shoe in the other. Belinda G November 8, at 3:

I say that Breeze’s hookup is Trey. That is a promise.

If she send finished Moon to publisher she would updated blog. Please, pleeeease, release Breeze’s book soon! One by one she paused in open doorways and searched the empty dark offices with a sweeping glance.

He tortured my kind in the facility where he worked. Love reading your stories. I love it if the series expand more. I love your books! We moved in together but he got weird. The door was difficult to get open with her in his arms but he managed, kicked it open, and turned to get them inside. I will truly miss reading these books!! See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. I truly enjoy reading your books! It was a square room with dull bricks for walls and concrete floors.


Some of the terror eased but not much. Anonymous November 10, at 5: Has he ever approached you with an interest in sharing sex? Gentle, warm fingers carefully touched her skin near where they ached. Maybe he was a thug with a conscience, despite having such a horrible nickname. I’d love if you write about Jericho. He knows what has been done to us.

Full Name Comment goes here. Moon’s another character I hope to read about soon, as well as Breeze, Bestial, Jericho, Flame, and many many more. She finally backed up and nearly tripped. I feel stupid for not putting it together. These 14 books were just amazing to read.

I dont know which series of books is my favourite, i have loved all the new species books and im really hoping to read flame and jericho’s stories but I am really looking forward to more books in the riding the raines series i would love to read drake, adam and trip’s stories also really exited for the zorn series especially vinlotti’s book i think he needs a really strong woman.

It broke the spell and she glanced at his face. I love your style of writing. Jessica Hoffman May 1, at Break a real estate sign. I had a question about the more recent NS books: Her hand inched toward the flap of her purse and her cell phone. He is no longer your male. He not only had guns but a long knife was strapped over one thigh as well.


Tammy Carney November 8, at 5: Some big fish is out there wanting to see it tonight.

New Species Series

I love your books. It still worried me enough to call a halt to your interrogation when I saw your reaction. The dark-haired man moved.

My intention is the exact opposite. I’d love to know whats happens to Ven after being sent to the wild zone.

Laurann’s Blog: Answers to questions while I was out of town

I absolutly loved the new species books and have come up with a list of the top 4 males I really wish to read about 1. No importa que ella sea humana y sea el nuevo Sheriff en la ciudad.

She gasped when he applied the wet cotton to one of the deeper scratches. She called me on my cell while I was at the restaurant to tell me Brent had some kind of emergency. Dohndr Norenz December 8, at 8: None of those especirs had occurred to her until then.

New Species Series by Laurann Dohner

I have a quick question about Breeze, who is she attracted to? My book club is in love with ALL your books. Your stomach keeps growling lajrann hunger. I know that 14 books in a series is loads already, but some favourite characters definitely deserve a happy end. Do you call men you share sex with your friends?