One of my favourite films Feb 07, Kevin Ranville rated it liked it. Mar 11, Ann Morris rated it really liked it. Another flaw was its casting. She’s so convincing, in fact, that you keep recognising her facial features in those of the hawk. The fight scenes have some pretty inventive slapstick and Broderick doing all manner of acrobatics, while Hauer gets to swashbuckle and head-butt to his heart’s content.

I love this magical, surreal story. I enjoyed this book because of it’s association with the movie. And it was uninspired, like she took the job, but didn’t really want to do it, and just got it done in the most minimalist way possible. I went to a movie once, and I sat next to a blind girl and her sighted friend. She truly looks angelic, the perfect Princess or damsel in distress for Hauer’s brave knight, together they really are a perfect match and I really could believe the fact they turn into a wolf and hawk at their respective times Ladyhawke More insight to the surrounds of the characters – more depth and breath. In fact, Phillipe’s character alone was entertaining enough to make me ignore its flaws. Lo que si es cierto es que al leerla en ebook se me ha hecho un poco larg A este libro voy a ponerle 3,5 estrellas.

A fun little read for lovers of the film. When I read the book, I knew the dialogue was nearly word-for-word from the movie.

Another such aspect is its visuals, which manage to look lavish and professional while still feeling ropey and cheap. There were extra scenes that went into more detail of scenes from the movie.

One of my all time favorite compoeto so of course I had to ladyhswke the book as well. Like Ustinov before him, he puts a brake on excessive silliness, if only for a moment, in order to steer the viewer towards the emotional heart of the film. In fact, Phillipe’s character alone was entertaining enough to make me ignore its flaws. All the scenes are set within or around real locations, real castles, real towns, real ruins, real old courtyards etc Messy, dated romantic fantasy is dull and violent.


Ladyhawke 1985 MOVIE Cast

View all 5 comments. The book is pretty basic, I’m glad to report the movie got it right, but that ending was funny and unexpected. I always loved the movie, and the book does a very decent job of transferring it to paper.

If not, the story is enjoyable, but not a mind-blower. Gregory Snegoff as Cart Driver.

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Even the climax of the book seemed rushed, and missing all kinds of details. Like Logan’s Run nine years earlier, it’s only when you stop trying to take it seriously that its ideas and emotional impact bubble to the surface. The book was copyright protected in by Warner Brothers. So, you intend to by my protector as well, eh?

Pois ela nos lembra um pouco os contos de fadas.

This one goes on my shelf of books to read when I am looking for light entertainment that shouldn’t be taken seriously. Nov 16, Conan Tigard rated it liked it.

This book just sort of assumed you’d seen the movie and rode on its own coattails. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Ladyhawke by Joan D. Vinge

Sep 21, Rating: I could hear the actors I grew accustomed to; hear Andrew Powell’s music in the back of my head at the precise moments of book paralleling film – and I don’t care if you are the naysayers, his music was bloody wonderful in that film, so zip it. Still, the book hews pretty close to the film. I Am the Night. Jan 04, Lynsey A rated it really liked it Shelves: The highlight comes in the climactic fight in the church, ending with Hauer throwing his huge sword over several yards right into the heart of John Wood’s scenery-chewing Ldyhawke.


This emotional pull is most evident in two scenes towards the end. With his blonde hair, blue eyes and atop his black steed he really does look very handsome, first time in awhile I can genuinely honestly feel comfortable saying a bloke looked attractive, I was envious. Seus dedos distenderam-se para lwdyhawke – espalhando-se, modificando-se, transformando-se em asa emplumada. Do they just write from watching the film? Michelle Pfeiffer as Isabeau d’Anjou.

The plot does take a bit of getting used too, Hauer as a wolf by night and Pfeiffer as a hawk by day, it also takes time to explain this which is a bit confusing.

Marcus Berensford as Acolyte. But McKern’s timing is note-perfect, as he waits for a knight to fall right through the drawbridge before quipping: Not only is McKern’s delivery well-suited to disguising exposition, but he illuminates some cracking lines in the script. Aug 13, Rating: Finally, there are several blatant continuity errors.