He is famous for his journalism, and for having written one promising novel in his 20s and nothing else, but more for knowing everyone who matters. Sign in with Facebook. Movie Data o Other titles. But this in general pertains to mankind, who has this incredible ability to be at once both a wretch and an outburst towards candor and beauty. Weil Sorrentino, ebenso wie Jep, auf eine wirklich schamlose Art unbegabt ist? Nach diesem ruhigen Prolog brennt Sorrentino dann erst mal ein irres Feuerwerk ab.

Movie Data o Other titles. All rights reserved indiewire. It is set in Rome, populated by the formerly beautiful and the currently damned, and featuring someone who doesn’t quite fall into either category. We see a sunny, glorious morning in the city: Sorrentino’s signature swooping and zooming camera discloses scenes and figures and faces. There is nothing autobiographical, but there certainly are a lot of personal things. Undoubtedly Fellini is a director I loved a lot, just as Scorsese, and several recent American film-makers, like the Coen Brothers, Wes Anderson, David Lynch, Jim Jarmusch, and many more, whose work I watched with high esteem and appreciation. It is a pure sensual overload of richness and strangeness and sadness, a film sometimes on the point of swooning with dissolute languour, savouring its own ennui like a truffle.

Storyline Capsule reviews 4 Jep Gambardella has seduced his way through grandw lavish nightlife of Rome for decades, but after his 65th birthday and a shock from the past, Jep looks past the nightclubs and parties to find a timeless landscape of absurd, exquisite beauty.

So far how is your Hollywood experience going? Wozu also der ganze Aufwand? Watchlist ” ” has been added to your Watchlist. For bellszza, my disillusioned approach towards the same matters that afflict the lead character.

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They are Italians, Romans: Fellini and Sorrentino filming Rome. There was the idea of a 3 hour an 10 minute version, but nothing is certain as of yet. Besteht seine eigene Begabung bsllezza darin, sie doppelt zu unterstreichen? If you switch between desktop and mobile devices, your current Watchlist will always appear on each device. He plays Jep Gambardella: Italian cinema needs people to believe in it, and people who may have a bolder approach towards movies.


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After the Golden Globes I talked with both, we are good friends and they wanted to congratulate me for the award and I was delighted to hear from them.

By clicking on “Register” you agree to our privacy policy. Provided by Filmbulletin Archiv. This undoubtedly marks a comeback of sorts for Italian cinema. But more often it’s defiantly rocking out, keeping the party going as the night sky pales, with all the vigour of well-preserved, middle-aged rich people who can do hedonism better than the young. Die Stadt bellezzs Fotoshooting: Es ist wie bei einem einzigen Fotoshooting.

There is nothing autobiographical, but there certainly are a lot of personal things. Massimo Popolizio Alfio Bracco. The grande bellezza, like the grande tristezza, can mean love, or sex, or art, or death, but above all it means Rome, and the city is evoked with staggering flair and attack.

This is Sorrentino’s best film so far, a movie with all the angular caricature and cosmopolitan suavity that marked films such as Il DivoThe Family Friend and The Consequences of Lovebut with a new operatic passion and clamour, a sense of love and loss, and an even sharper, more piercing sense of the forms of power and prestige. Bei Sorrentino hingegen hat man den Eindruck der Beliebigkeit. Probably that is what I relate to and I feel the closest to.


On a second viewing, it feels more like 84 or Keep me signed in.

We met in very few occasions, but I recall some wonderful conversations with him on the phone when my films were released. Sondern “den Geruch in den Wohnungen alter Leute”. Sign in with Facebook. Gambardella ist Journalist, vor vierzig Jahren schrieb er einen vielgelesenen Roman.

Stefania Cella Production design. A stranger presents himself at the door of his bachelor apartment with a revelation that moves Jep profoundly and triggers in him a new passionate connoisseurship of all he has loved, all he has wasted, along with a tiny sense that he might start writing seriously again.

Sign in with Google. Movie Data o Other titles. Grandw your experience have you found that contemporary Italian cinema is known in the U.

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Jep’s face is a mask of polite disenchantment, but often creasing into a grin of willed, cultivated pleasure. There are several scenes in the movie that play like dreams.

Luca Bigazzi Director of photography. I see these scenes more as a representation of reality, and every director obviously declines reality in his or her own way. The sweet course is the most exquisitely sad because it signals the end of the feast.

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