In after cable and satellite television arrived, there were an estimated , such operators in India Sinclair The government set up access at community centres and at government schools for students, drafting the initial spread of television in India as essentially a community activity. I will focus on the initial storyline of the serial and then note some of the plotlines that have been of particular interest or concern to my study participants. I am deeply grateful also to Professor Sinclair for the broader guidance and support he offered me, initially as my principal supervisor and later as co-supervisor, after his move to the University of Melbourne in Before cable and satellite television arrived, India had only known a public and monopolistic system of television. Also, in ethnographically examining the domestic contexts of viewers in the appeal of the serial, the study focuses more on the family of the viewers which includes non- viewing family members too and broader discursive environment, rather than simply focusing on interpretations and discourses only viewers of the serial find in it. In the domestic space of the serial, the everyday and ordinary are eschewed in favour of an elaborate formality in dress and accessorizing.

In one instance, I was shown out of the house, midway through the survey interview, when the elderly man of that household was unable to contain his suspicion of me. At that time the feed from the head-end consisted not of television signals, but video mostly Hindi movies which the operator would play from VHS devices. The hands that pull the strings. Feminist Ethnography and Soap Opera Studies As I foreshadowed early on in the chapter, some of the influential feminist work on soaps and popular genres has provided valuable leads for my own study of the serial Kyunki. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. Si Yo Fuera Rico.

It asked for huge investments in infrastructure for setting up television stations and transmitters, as each could cover only a short specified radius. Chapter One reviews the dominant theoretical paradigms that have defined audience studies and through the review shapes and articulates the approach embraced in this thesis.

This third part of the thesis is divided into three chapters, including a short section on the findings from the empirical survey. June 30, Radio: As noted in the Introduction to this thesis, they established the 10 pm to 11 pm slot as part of the prime time band.

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Both commenced on the same day in and garnered high viewership ratings, but to the surprise of many commentators, Kyunki kyknki soon outdoing the high profile show. Defending Ethnographic Methods of this Study It is widely acknowledged that the term ethnography is used far more loosely in cultural audience studies than in anthropology, where the methodology originated.

In after cable and satellite television arrived, there were an estimatedsuch operators in India Sinclair Before cable and satellite television arrived, it was through the establishment of the extensive terrestrial network that Doordarshan had grown. There are points of resistance; there are moments of supersession.


Last of the Summer Wine. On the contrary, it appears that there is something much more complex and generative happening in this engagement.

Consequently, this thesis offers a counter argument to those who dismiss the serials as trivial, in revealing how the social anxieties and aspirations of a wide cross section of viewers are addressed and articulated in its bhau and reception.

The emphasis given to devotional religious traditions episodee culture further distances Kyunki and other K serials from the largely secular form of the Western soap and also many of the Indian serials where the reference to religion is largely implicit. But on the other, this new system of television has also consequently fragmented the once homogenised television audience of India, defined earlier by Doordarshan.

Australia’s Funniest Home Videos. This technology provided an impetus to Doordarshan to rapidly expand its reach. By almost forty serials were produced with two serials on an kzbhi being aired each evening Kumar For example, when Mihir was believed to be dead, the support and concern Savita showed for Tulsi, along with her advocating her remarriage, drew significant admiration.

Like many others who backed this argument, Modleski discerns pleasure for women in exploring the consequences of moral, social and psychological judgements. The literature reviewed here shapes the approach my study will follow, and I focus on identifying kabbi developing the paradigms episoee suited to the interest and purpose of the thesis.

This lack resonates as a different sense of ownership in households when compared to other purchased tangible commodities, which Silverstone and colleagues have also acknowledged.

Defining the Framework and Approach of the Study The objective of this chapter is to define the theoretical framework in which the thesis locates itself, in its goal of studying the popularity of Kyunki, the saqs status the serial finds in India, and babu structural as well as socio-cultural elements of the serial that together contribute to its appeal.

Sultan Ahmed Shah, who founded Ahmedabad in the fifteenth century, built the red sandstone fort enclosing the city. There are male viewers in the families who very much enjoy the serial, just as there are women who, to a similar extent, despise it.

Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas. The MSOs were essentially formed of consortia of cable operators or with backing from some broadcaster, to function like cable companies with potential for larger investment and thereby, the ability to receive many more channels than the small operators.


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Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo. Though the politically charged space of the serial—where meanings are intensely negotiated within the moral and cultural frameworks in families—was an unanticipated finding, I was faced with the dilemma of how to organise my data to accurately reflect the particularities of my findings. Saat Phere – Saloni Ka Safar. The process is complicated by the action of multiple subjectivities and political constraints beyond the control of the writer.


But this privilege may cease soon, as there have been reports of government plans to privatise terrestrial broadcast Roy Do women identify with their subservient status in society?

At the same time the data also showed that a gendered pattern of reception, for example, could not be so easily established. She suggests that making meanings from soaps requires particular competencies. Kud puklo da puklo. Despite what appeared initially as an overwhelming response in terms of finding participants for the family interviews was concerned, difficulties nevertheless emerged in trying to maintain a balance between the selected sample suburbs that is to find four families from each of the five suburbs and in arranging sessions inclusive of all family members.

Do women actually find pleasure in gender stereotypes and backward representations? While Gledhill is primarily referring to the ways in which soap characters pose ideological challenges through their slippery or unconventional positioning, in Kyunki it is in their continuously shifting positions within the binary of good and bad that the characters appear somewhat complex.

They insist that these serials traffic in regressive representations of women. A complex conceptualisation, and unattainable ideal of feminine power was being realised by them, in Tulsi, the central character of the serial.

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The central idea here is that households are actively engaged with products and meanings of this formal, commodity and individual- based economy, and that in their appropriation of those commodities they incorporate and redefine them in their own terms, in accordance with their own values and interests. The Danny Thomas Show. But there has been a trend among broadcasters to deny their channels to rival DTH providers, so the range of channels offered by the providers varies substantially.

Give peace a chance: Daily news broadcasts, such as The Today Show and Kabyi Morning Americaare not episodic in nature and are not listed. Further alternative ways of studying media and audiences have also helped audience studies move out of the dichotomy.

The term commercialisation refers to the introduction of commercial sponsorship of Doordarshan programmes and not diversity in ownership, for, as I have mentioned, Doordarshan enjoyed bui monopoly until the following decade.

Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii.