Duke it out in D. Experience snowy cities, malls, dockside ports, graveyards, haunting forests, gigantic sea-faring ships, old forgotten towns along Route66, torture chambers, a dilapidated carnival site, Cabal strongholds, and much more. From one of the worlds which received such treatment comes the mod’s protagonist – Cygnis Flaynithere. Level 1 is the alien invasion where you have 4 minutes to get out of the city before it is destroyed. American’s Legacy The third level E6M3 had to be modified as it lacked an exit. Download entire DirectQ collection, minus some early releases 5.

It has a wonderful lay-out and provides a good challenge. Simulations can be configured for specific missions, e. Only a 2-level demo exists of Part 3. Note that this is almost 1: This could allow beings to open portals. Very interesting and engrossing, with excellent architecture and designs, as well as solid fun gameplay. During routine sensor scanning of the Stroggos surface, a strong energy emission has been picked up, apparently emanating from a mountain region of the planet previously assumed of scarce strategic value: Despite being eight levels long, there were probably around enemies total, mostly small fry Soldiers.

Contains converted textures, flats, enemies, weapons and items from the Monolith Productions game. Lara Croft was the first game mascot to break the cutesy cartoon mold f8 achieve mainstream recognition but her awesome boobage also inspired a glut of “sexy” heroines and pandering advertisements. Once more it’s very brutal, but at last you will find some much needed health.

eetexture Some enemies will scream in anguish and try to crawl away when near death, and they can be used as human shields. The Water Shrine E6M3: It is now possible to converse with the various NPCs.

Kotor movie style retexture v8

On some levels well thought out proximity explosions and good use of laser mines make each new area an adventure. While its modified Wrath of cronos files could be compatible with most iwads. This has most of the graphics in Jedi Knight, recreated from scratch, to bring it up to more current visual etyle.

It’s basically so that you can run this old game better as it’s optimised for 3D cards. Rather than hacking around at the existing mofie, a clean start was chosen with Mocie that could run on a modern laptop. This mod took two very long years of development, and adds a jammed packed list of new mapping features, an endless amount of pixelated artwork and a giant collection of custom maps by many authors.


Black Edition has total improvement gameplay, visual and sound design, visual effects, massive changes of all game aspects and new unique stuff. It has nine brand new maps, Coop and DM modes available, SkullTag – Invasion mode Demonew weapons, smarter novie, new visual effects and high-def textures.

Ina remake was done ten years after being originally released by the creator Dwayne Anderson. It uses hardware rendering, through use of the OpenGL graphics library. Therefore Duke goes to investigate this at the EDF center. It’s a small hub leading to a handful of different maps.

Download 10MB uploaded by JimW. It has two seperate levels of difficulty – Normal and Nightmare. Airbubbles will restore your air supply underwater as well as your scuba gear. Yride a lift to Deep in the Hold. Beautifully designed with exciting gameplay. The last dozen maps are not only breathtaking for the sake of the wad itself, but all maps that have been made.

There’s also mini-games, both from scratch and some being built upon edited map, giving new objectives, new credits for Skulltag, especiallyflexible-to-play in ZDoom, Skulltag AND Zanondrum, and more! Several classic-Duke3D bug fixes, including “teleporting Trooper damage”, “Shrunken monster damage” and more. Download uploaded by Official Site. All you need is the original Doom WAD file s doom. The results are mixed.

The purpose of this modification is to add a kotot of graphical, sound, and gameplay enhancements as well as other tweaks and additions to the classic Doom experience while keeping the original gameplay intact. An experience system that scales based on the amount of enemies, items, and kootor on the map; A perk system to reward experience gained; A dynamic health and stamina regeneration system; Left 4 Dead style healing; Projectile bullet tracer weapons; Reloading, recoil effects, and sprinting; Hotkey grenades and melee attacks.

Numerous modern features, such as Quake-style key bindings, freelooking, and jumping are added. Download 6MB uploaded by Regexture. Many new sounds are just modified original Marathon sounds, like pitch changes or other effects. It includes over 50 new maps from the best mappers in the community, and more than 15 gameplay modes, including Capture the Flag and Last Man Standing.

Star Wars KoTOR (Heavily Modded) – Lets Play Part 12 – Jedi Trials by wongoli wongo

Eetexture you liked Duke3D, particularly its city maps, you cannot miss this. In November ofCold as Hell: The original has the reputation of being a very difficult set of maps but additionally it has a lot of good traps and secrets to be found which add up to making it a classic.


Then a friend decided to jump on board. It alters the normal stype of Hexen greatly. When you play Samsara, you pick a hero from a classic FPS game, spawn in the battlefield with abilities and weapons from their original game, and then proceed to lay waste among all those that stand in your way in whatever iwad kogor levelset of your choice.

With the real-time editing in the 3D mode you can see exactly how your map will look in the game and you can edit while you look at it with a touch of a button. Customized menu system from choosing your characters, looking through your items and other methods. With it there is a so-called server browser like Gamespy 3D with which one can recall all active servers and can get then directly connect into a current game! There’s fifty-two new levels, some revisiting familiar locations from the original Marathon trilogy.

A talented artist, Myk Friedman, however has now used his superior artistic skills to create superb new animations including deathscenes for all the characters. Review – Download Gamers.

It also supports Tomb Raider Gold: Transparency is used to gorgeous results, slopes are used but integrated as to feel natural, and several new monsters make simplicity feel like an official Doom addon.

It would become the standard Quake client for online play. The story is about an alien invasion and you go through a storage facility, a water base, and the ruins of Rotterdam in the levels. The team leader would pause a simulation at any point to evaluate a phase of the operation.

Kotor movie style retexture v8 fusion

Despite being eight levels long, there were probably around enemies total, mostly small fry Soldiers. It’s intended movke add a modernized FPS tone to Doom combat. This mod is running with gz doom and other programs you only need too start it with the original Doom II Wad. Demon Hunter is possibly the first mod for the old Hovertank 3D. The end result is great for blasting through a megawad with a friend, supporting each other with each classes unique abilities and having something to work towards past just finding the BFG