The hidden Sheonyangcheong trap After moving swiftly into Houyan territory, Damdeok finds himself under a surprise attack. And the question everybody wants to know. With constant traps, king Damdeok finds himself in constant danger on this unknown territory. Find that Goguryeo spy There is a spy in the Houyan palace! Best not know and be surprised. How can Goguryeo weaken their enemies who seemingly match well against them? King Gwanggaeto eps 1:

What else do you need to know? Taking over the rebellious Khitan Oooh, in this episode Goguryeo had enough and goes to invade Khitan. And what can turn a negative situation into a positive? King Gwanggaeto eps 1: But which side will Damdeok go with? King Gwanggaeto eps Maybe just check once a month?

Then again, how does the Houyan prince escape death?

Can she shake them off in time? Lastly greaf, grazie to you too for reading. Let others know what you found email facebook twitter tumblr pocket.


How will the Goguryeo vs Houyan saga finally end? Uncover the big picture. Best not know and be surprised. And Bongyi is here! So many questions remain unanswered: Extra extra thanks to JJ. Who does suti really like?


King Gwanggaeto the Great Conqueror Drama ( ゜ρ゜)ノ∝━━∈

Do they get back together? Maybe just check once a month?

How will Goguryeo deal with the war campaign without him? Invade Biryeo now or never Murong Un surprisingly escapes from certain death but not in a fancy way you may be thinking. What will Damdeok do and why is Bu Yeohong continuing his lies? Uhm… well suti loving this historical Asian drama!

Ko Un attacks as a Houyan Envoy A slower episode but lots of small good points. And the question everybody wants to know.

Someone will come out as the destined Houyan emperor. Erring at the wrong time Down to the last obstacle, Goguryeo slowly wraps its tail around Houyan. With constant traps, king Damdeok finds himself in constant danger on this unknown territory. Anyhoo, hope you enjoy reading all the summaries below.

Thoughts on Gwanggaeto Dae Wang The Gwanggaeto series has wrapped up but what does everybody think about it? How will Damdeok escape? Dramaa that, we never hear from him ever again. Where did the show fall?


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Where can I find drama photos and posters? Somehow the war abruptly ends but lots of questions remain: Could conquering an empty fortress be a deadly mistake? Unleashing the rage on Houyan The moment the Koguryeo princess inhaled her last breath, both countries knew the time has come: How long can the princess survive?

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Now that everybody abandoned him, what will Un do? Or will his help even makes a difference? Everybody seem to ask. What will the Goguryeo king do now that 2 fortresses are possible targets? The Baekje vs Goguryeo final showdown King Damdeok and his large army are right outside of Wiryeseong.