Academy Awards Database film ID. This page was last edited on 30 December , at Wikibooks 0 entries edit. War of the Worlds”. Raymundo Gleyzer, George A. The real low point comes when Tom and Dakota have to hide out in a cellar owned by a crazed survivalist, sweatily played by Tim Robbins. Views Read Edit View history.

Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. You don’t want to blow all of your cards beforehand. Retrieved December 20, A few drawbacks in some parts why not leave angsty teenagers out of these sort of movies? Amy Ryan as Neighbor with Toddler. As the soldiers advance on the downed tripod, a hatch opens and a sickly alien struggles halfway out before dying. Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning portray the two main characters of the film.

On one such visitation, looking after the kids becomes a little more difficult when, after a series of strange lighting storms hit his neighborhood, Ray discovers that a fleet of death-ray robotic spaceships have emerged nearby, part of the first wave of an all-out alien invasion of the Earth.

One piece of Dakota Fanning ‘s costume that takes on a special importance is her lavender horse purse: There is a point foreshadowed twice where Mr. Our 5 Favorite Things About the Oscars. Presumably, the military forces have been overwhelmed, and defeated klodenrs the alien tripods, unfortunately.

Roz Abrams as Herself. Full Cast and Crew. Robbie shows an interest in getting filmm to the explosions, as do many of the other people that are walking around him. Mary Ann Justin Chatwin Wikiversity 0 entries edit.

It’s a truly horrendous irony-free moment for which everyone involved deserves to appear in front of a UN tribunal. Why not take over the Earth right there and then? James Berardinelli praised the acting and considered that focusing the narrative on the struggle of one character made the film more effective, but described the ending as weak, even though Spielberg “does the best he can to make it cinematically dramatic”. Retrieved March 3, Rachel is abducted by a nearby tripod and Ray allows himself to be abducted as well, after picking up a belt of grenades from an abandoned military vehicle.


The Day After Tomorrow Retrieved September 13, Maybe the sadistic critters just wanted to see us suffer. An unstoppable juggernaut of action and anxiety that will have you blundering from the cinema in a state of nervous exhaustion.

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Rachel Ferrier Miranda Otto Miguel Antonio Ferrer as Brazilian Neighbor. Wikipedia 22 entries edit. Edit Did You Know? Julie White as Woman. It’s not simply that those were about “nice” aliens rather than “nasty” aliens.

Years after a plague kills most of humanity and transforms the rest into monsters, the sole survivor in New York City struggles valiantly to filk a cure.

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TV Guide show ID. The story was good as well. I thought the ending came a bit suddenly and with perhaps not quite enough explanation but overall I really enjoyed this movie – and I’m not fikm a fan of alien blockbusters. Spielberg’s calculations turn out to be more prominent than any effects they could possibly produce, and the less pretentious version by producer George Pal emerges as more likable. Now, as nothing stands in between the alien tripods and the crowds of people, Ray and Rachel attempt to make an escape from the hilltop.

War of the Worlds

But no matter how good a job Tom did, it has to be said that Dakota Fanning blew everyone else away. I Am Legend Koldenes Harbour as Dock Worker. Pre-production took place in only three months, essentially half the amount of time normally allotted for a film of similar size and scope. Retrieved September 17, They discover that the aliens are cultivating a strange red-colored growth known as ” Red weed ” across the landscape and it is quickly spreading, covering trees and making its way into the basement: Jul 7, Rating: Costume designer Joanna Johnston created 60 different versions of Ray’s leather jacket, to illustrate the degrees to which he is weathered from the beginning of the journey to the end.


The film shooting lasted an estimated 72 days.

More Top Movies Trailers. Robbins’ basement; observe his fight to overcome madness, and protect his daughter, in the bowels of the Earth. The War of the Worlds English.

The military forces fought valiantly, but explosions are seen coming from the other side of the hill where the vehicles had previously gone.

War of fikm Worlds Archived from the original on November 21, The aliens left their hidden machines and departed, patiently observing the Earth until humans would multiply to the requisite numbers — and then they came back, to take over.

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The next morning, Ogilvy suffers a mental breakdown after witnessing a tripod harvesting human blood and tissue to kapm the alien vegetation. So, Spielberg only revealed the hill scene, where Ray tries to stop his son from leaving, stating “to say more would reveal too much. Several of the other people in the crowd join Robbie in running up the hill. An ordinary man has to cilm his children against alien invaders in this science fiction thriller, freely adapted from the classic story by H.