I SO hope I’m wrong! What did we all think? Now I have only watched ep Look at that smile!! Maybe I can give you like 1 – 3 points every week and you can spend 3 days to a week learning that one grammar point each. I would love to know how much more detailed the novel gets about Haru and Koto’s relationship:

I learned something new. I’m technically always studying. Yeah I’m fine with that’ which means I watched episode 2 and 3 last night. A Stalker’s Guide to Yoshizawa Ryo. Like I said, I’m always here! I bet committing suicide didn’t cross her mind Anyway, Kingyo Club is so sweet it makes my teeth hurt and yet so poignant that I feel like crying whenever I see the faces of the main characters. He is acting this introverted scholar really well.

But I think overall it’ll be a cute, softly flowing dorama. I translate blogs so my vocab improves there.

I forgot Yoshizawa Ryo was kimgyo Lost Days! We will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after post Anonymously. Ahhhh I was right. The music and feel definitely sets such an atmosphere up!

Kingyo Club season 1 episode 1

Now let us discussion this episode! I cannot say that my school time had no problems at all, but so many doramas and movies show severe bullying as a topic so I pressume that REALLY is a big issue in Japan. Sashide Mizuki Sogabe Nana. But it was paint.

Kingyo Club = Love: millie

If you want to really study the language. Log in No account?


I’d say if you wanna get atleast some Japanese into your day. Beginning during the summer that men first walked on the moon, and moving backward and forward in time to span three generations, Moon Palace is propelled by coincidence and memory, and illuminated by marvelous flights of lyricism and wit.

Basically I am already overstrained with my live as it is.

I seriously wanna be a student at a Japanese high school for a year SO much! Popular Lists Related lists from users Create a list.

Post a new comment. But I adore Japanese books and hope to read as many as possible! How did everyone else find that section? This bullying always makes me sick. I found what book he’s reading too! I just remember that when renovating apartments we had a very hard time to get rid of the color.

Yes, and Irie-chan is making me quite curious.

Kingyo Club – 07

Hm, and I always thought that those bullying were simply too full of themselves. It seems SO different to what I experienced I would fall for that personally! For kanji and wordsI find this tumblr helpful: It’s just a emg lovely drama. There’s probably a minority but even on a governmental scale, there are no laws or regualtions against bullying.

Depending on how long you get between waking up and going to work, watch an episode of a dorama there I always make sure I’m up at least an hour and a half before I have to set off for work so I can watch around 2 episodes of doramas.


With the small exception of two short visits to London I kingyi never been in any English speaking country. But learning such a difficult language while working fulltime, having a household to take care for alone, etc.

Jul 23, – Oct 1, Aired On: I also noticed that my watching so much Japanese dorama cuts back the English movies I used to watch prior to discovering J-stuff, so my Emgloish is getting a bit rusty.

What is the reason for his desinterest in school? Nakayama Erina Ueno Saori. Hide ads with VIP.

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On a daily basis within the “work-time”-frame. Post a new comment Error. Down for it means, you prefer taking it one episode at a time, correct?

I guess if it is like wall paint then yeah vlub be impossible to take off but in schools, normally they’re just used in art class and not walls so it should’ve come off xD ‘Down for it’ means Most bullies bully due to stress whether it’s enh or parents, and the only way of releasing stress is through bullying someone.

But then that years ago