Videos always tell the story better than web pages from both our website and the manufacturers website. Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts Billboard Trophies. Started by Myousufi Feb 15, Replies: After the psu are you going to ask about the rest of the parts if thats unstable i dont know what is.. Write Your Own Review You’re reviewing: Be the first to ask a question about this product. Let’s just start off by saying that the Kingwin LZG passed the DC Output Quality portion of our review and like previous Kingwin units it did so without really wowing us.

Man i wouldnt buy nothing but Kingwin.. Maximum question length is The super flower platform does well, but there are many better, many of their more recent platforms like that used in the Kingwin Lazer Gold does much better. So the next time you want to call a review simply one man opinions, get ready to bring some facts to back yourself up. This represents an increase of three over the previous LZ we reviewed and this unit should be sufficient to run most tri-SLI systems. Lastly, barring the wire on the back of the modular interface, the integration is generally very clean on this unit and well done with the soldering even being a bit neater than before really only a small step but progress none the less. The Kingwin LZG doesn’t quite offer the complete list of features that we check for, but it does manage to hit a large majority of them.

Videos shine at showing the design, quality and use of the products being reviewed. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon Canada’s website. However, it only misses modulxr what amounts to a rounding error figuratively speaking and we are testing this unit at an ambient temperature a full 20C higher than what 80Plus does.

Here we have the cables themselves. Poweer up for price alert Price Match? And with such a certification, you are in for a better all-around running system with better operation when the system has a load and a better looking electricity bill at the end of the month.

To see videos of all the latest products that are reviewed by PPCS and our select reviewers please check the links that follow. So if a unit passes all our testing it is definitely not something to take lightly. So, we will try and make it easy for you.


Power supplies have features and safety options that one needs to have a good, stable and reliable system. In fact, the W market at the moment is pretty thin and the Kingwin LZG is ripe to take some market share as this unit really does go,d very well when it comes to efficiency and voltage regulation.

The load testing results for the Kingwin LZG are an across the board pass and in many regards very good. View the discussion thread.

Forgotten Gods Has a March Re Well i took my time and check out your Jonny Guru it seen the site is based on one mans opinion and if you care to believe in what he says so be it When you toss in the fact that this unit is available for the same price, or less, as those units you find that the LZG is not only an outstanding high end power supply but also a real value offering.

Well they’re both modular correct me if I’m wrong and here’s a review of the Kingwin: We do not guarantee we can price match if we feel the margin is a loss leader for a competitor.

Kingwin Lazer Gold 1000W ATX Black power supply unit

Question Corsair vs for rx While your still looking and cant make up your mind im allready built Upload images for this product Please try to limit picture size to kb or less when uploading.

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I would guess being a sticker would keep the cost at a more reasonable level. As such the range of In addition to this new high end design, we find that the general component selection is also of high quality with lazdr provided by Nippon Chemi-con as well as CEC Holding International for the secondary’s standard electrolytics. Whereas the 12v rail did worse than on the older LZ, the 5v rail actually did slightly better than what we saw with the LZ Status Not open for further replies.

Once we open the Kingwin LZG we see the contents mirror those of all previous Kingwin products we have reviewed.


Kingwin LAZER Platinum Series 750W Modular Power Supply – 80Plus Platinum

It’s a shame there isn’t a longer warranty on the unit. Other sites have methods that use thousands of dollars in equipment to provide them greater detail. Let’s move on now and see what this unit looks like once we open it up.

Feb 18, suppyl, 8 97, 3, Electing a high powered power supply to run your system is no easy task. Sign-up for our newsletter to receive these offers.

Coupled with this we find the documentation to be just ok, and a 3 year warranty.

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While the minor rails may be enough for most modern days systems, those who choose to utilize the LZG in an older system that relies on a lot of 5V power might want to be a little careful here.

Accessories are almost unnecessary with a power supply as the unit is self contained, unless it is modular, but there are cases where a manufacturer can include useful accessories to make installation, routing, and use more efficient.

Found a lower price? The LZG features a mix of native and modular cabling that should allow you to easily power all but the most power hungry multi-GPU systems.

Don’t miss out on sale offers and product seriex. While normally none of these items is a make or break item for a power supply the packaging quite often contains a lot of information about the product we are purchasing.

Site design and front-end production by mike kane. Over the long run, you will likely make up the cash in efficiency if you buy the Kingwin now, but surely there are a bunch of us that want to have cash-in-hand today. May 12, 10, 0 55, modullar, Write Your Own Review You’re reviewing: Be the first to review this product Be first to ask a question. We will not match sites like Newegg, Amazon or any mass e-tailer.