Do they show those left in Goguryeo? The list is endless. Suddenly, news of a large influx of Goguryeo men banging on the southern gate reach the generals. What ever happened to their side? More importantly, he must keep his promise to her brother. Wow, it’s finally over. His true loyalty lied with his last master, the former emperor.

Wow, it’s finally over. On their knees, Fengba and the rest call for Murong Un to take the throne. AAArgh it stops playing at Anonymous May 27, at 5: A message is then sent to the Houyan army, who immediately break through the castle. King Gwanggaeto represents what a human can accomplish when there is love. We love to watch it.

Not wanting the issue addressed, Murong Un orders his capture when suddenly an arrow pierces the chest of the emperor. A country that borrows the strength of another country will only end up belonging to that country. The prince stares in bewilderment contemplating an idea never sprouting in his head before. You got us through to the end. Anonymous May 21, at Generals Jubu and Wonbong struggle to repel the invading Goguryeo force. Watched both but are now hard to find online.

Everybody waits in anticipation for his answer. Newer Post Older Post Home.

The list is endless. All the best take care. Grezt the end, they are given the green light as both move northwest of Liuju. Can you do sutiben a favor? Fengba could care less though. This drama has it all –family relationships, sacrifice, grear, war, hope, action Leave this field blank. Posted by Dsd at 5: Thanks for your hard work and diligent effort to bring us these episodes Ronald!


You must have JavaScript enabled to use this form. You have bailed on us but you enb not. No military movement in the palace: However, fearing an attack from their own rear by Sujuncheng, Murong Un leaves generals Jubu and Wonbong to make preparations. Wow man congratulations, I have been following you since Like episode 10 from youtube.

Because sutiben is the new kid. Correction, I intended to write, You could have bailed out on us but you did not. Wow, it’s finally over. Back at Liujucheng, the generals bring up the possibility of Houyan and Beiwei attacking separately. Very good drama this is I followed it for almost two years: So sad it had to end,one of the greatest historical dramas in a long time. Anonymous October 20, at 6: A message is then sent to the Houyan army, who immediately break through the castle.

At this, the injured Taiqi charges forward in an attempt to clear a path but nearing the prince, he is cut and brought to his knees without much effort. Who will serve a ruler lacking Houyan blood?

I was just wondering where the queen and her uncle was in the end. They are to head towards Liuju and take it over again gwanggarto Murong Un should be on his way here. Suddenly, news of a large influx of Goguryeo men banging on the southern gate reach the generals. A truly epic drama!

King Gwanggaeto eps 91: Fulfilling Gae Yeonsu’s last wish

Anonymous May 27, at 1: The small Goguryeo unit holds their own but eventually their numbers dwindle down as the hordes of Beiwei soldiers keep coming. They did not show them in the scenes towards the end. The southern entrance is in danger of falling but where did these new units come from? Sutiben still working on draft for series synopsis. Thank you for your dedication and endurance.


Dae Joyoung is an another great drama to watch!!!!. She must survive to update Damdeok over what has transpired. Cheongun has found a way to damage them with a small number of soldiers… We were of lowly status, but we rose this far and had the honor of serving you.

A smiling king is a happy ruler. Defeat in the horizon, Ung Sim orders Ari away.

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The reserve forces left at the capital will nullify any Goguryeo attack from the back. Not long after her departure, Youji slays the Goguryeo warrior. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve used amazing anymore. May you find success in all of your endeavors.

Any chance that you would get God of War Or Soldier. To prevent ebg, they decide to lure Beiwei into a fight with a contingent force while the rest of the army retreats. If one arrives first, the other can wait until Goguryeo is entangled before attacking. In the meantime, as planned, Beiwei dispatches a large army ahead to engage the Goguryeo soldiers first.