Laya April 4, at Yes the girls are sisters again, but now stepsister due to marriage between there parents. Wow, fast recap… there must be some big time love for this drama. I’m glad Shi Kyung won’t be a third wheel because I do like his character and would hate it if he was in a love triangle with Hang Ah. Penny Pinchers Korean Movie. I have to admit that I am a bit upset about how Skip-Beat ended. Apr 12, at 7: Little does he know that it is his new friends stepsister.

Eun, is he trying to keep Royal family alive, by turning head on other side, while money is invested, donated? I will look closely again when I rewatch that scene. But one call from Dad reminds her of the line she is not to cross. Apr 2, at 7: Thanks for the recap, GF!! I think she was a native French-speaker. She looked really cute in South Korean modern apparel.

Saw the news that the K-viewers have already complained about the excessive amounts of donuts in yesterday’s episode. Evil prankster till the end. I still love K2H but how can they be lovey dicey after this?

And also because of this that made strong HangAh weak, weepy and unsure when problems arise. I am NOT going to imagine that! Positively X-rated and hilarious!

He looks at pictures of Jae Kang, and then pauses to stare at a picture of a smiling Hang Ah. I’ve been refreshing like crazy. Playful Kiss Korean Drama. JaeHa and even HangAh herself have not idea about the pregnancy. Twitter Facebook Tumblr Email Google. Looking forward to the next episode and I hope the rating goes up although it won’t matter as much because I am thoroughly enjoying this drama.

I have left out some parts of the story so go to Kimchi Drama and look at it your self! You are commenting using your WordPress. Kimchidtama Kang then tells his dad about the objection to the engagement from the public, and having to deal with Club M.

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I’m glad they finally got Hang ah out of those drab uniforms. Appreciate being able to catch up on the show so quickly after the telecast. He stood up for her when suspicion had fallen on NK. He is another fav character beside our pass away king jae Kang. Because that guard definitely had shifty eyes, and episdoe showed him right after the journalist spoke on the TV.


I think she went too far in calling him trash although I can understand why and he went too far in sending her back just because of it. As long as they can rationalize everything as a way to seduce and destroy, they pretty much play the dating game while hiding behind their beards. He foresaw the problems and he was right. And this week if I got it right 3 episodes will air: Shi Kyung and Dong Ha managed to smuggle the Princess out, but along the way 55 black cars have an accident right in front of them and they are forced to stop.

Secretary Eun calls Shi Kyung and says not to do anything. Have you heard the news? Nail Shop Paris Korean Drama. Deep kimchirama that he could not deny himself of, knowing the full well the complications and obstacles that he would have to face, especially now that he is King.

This drama from took me some time to get through when I started to wach it this winter.

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JH completely scared me at that moment! Elina April 5, at 3: She angrily digs the lotion out and throws it in the trash, and wills herself not to cry, which of course makes her cry. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. The evil plot gets better from the closeness to the king, I can watch it now in the first 9 eps I kept ff those scenes, did I loose anything?

Shi Kyung believes in Jae Ha, and tells him not to be shaken ikng what others say or be too sensitive to what he hears. I love this drama.


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In Korea I heard German music twice – once military music when I met an army enthusiast that was seriously weird and once Schubert’s songs because the parents of a kimchidramq liked them.

I was able to read this before going out of town! I did not have any miscarriage, but I have friends with this problem: Elina April 5, at 1: The day finally arrived. NK and SK are side by side and depend on each other to survive. I’m actually amazed that the drama managed to find a way to bare some Lee Seung Gi skin and give us all mini-heart attacks in the process and still keep him in character. See, so many questions and no answers… But besides that I loved this drama, it was so much fun!

I agree with u.

Jae-ha bursts into his room, furious that his brother is willing to stand down so easily, and asks Shi-kyung what he thinks.

He tells her that the prince has already left, but hands her a present that Jae-ha left for her. I have tried to figure out what makes the prince disappear one theory was that it happens when he and Park Ha feels that they truly love each other.

Certain expressions sometimes just encompass all that one wants to say. And as always, goomapsamida girlfriday! I just love this drama. Since I have so much respect for the writers, I am going to reserve judgement on that seemingly meaningless pregnancy and miscarriage.

Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Jae Ha always just talks but has never taken concrete action. Skip to secondary content.