Oh best ep so far, love it and thanks for the recap: This show, it kills me. I do enjoy prissy king jokes, despite the gravity of the situation. He should be scared. Not to mention that look Jae Ha gives her as she kicks their arses. And it’s so sad that right before the king and queen died they were talking so happily about their future. He wonders if placing in the top three is too big a dream.

I think my favorite scene in this episode was the one on the bridge, where JH struggles to contain his grief. The way he goes from comically goofy to serious to smugly confident just makes me clap with glee. I’m too addicted to comedy that I can’t seem to bear it well. He then pulls her over and pushes her against a wall. Choi Min Supporting Cast. TK2H is so daebak! Jae Kang says that Jae Ha already agreed since he signed the papers, to which Jae Ha realizes his brother tricked him. They probably felt safe enough given that the location was supposed to be top secret

But I don’t want to label him as evil just yet that would break Shi-kyung’s heart and I can’t handle that. At that point I jumped and screamed: The whole entourage pulls over on a bridge, and he gets out. Cabbage April 26, at 9: I find them realistic and believable.

The King 2 Hearts Episode 1 Recap

He was feeling left out and not happy he was not involved in the plot. From now on, you are a South Korean. The three North Koreans are already sitting down for a meal when Shi Kyung and another member arrives.


I think that is so very apt given that a constitutional monarchy in epislde is very fragile.

She makes Jae Ha take her, and then asks him to go in with her to check if there is anyone inside or any surveillance cameras. What with Seung-gi’s choco abs, Show please humor us!! Kang Han Byul Supporting Cast. This is why we need a batphone! You are super fast. Is riding little horsies too emasculating for the super agent? dramarazy

Honestly, its so nice to have Jae Ha read him in just a snap. The two captains will be sharing a room as well. MmeShahSG April 14, at 7: Janet April 13, at 5: The writing was solid, nothing to win awards or write home draamacrazy, but much better than I expected given the premise. Cast – The King 2 Hearts.

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Watch ‘ The King 2 Hearts ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. She leads her inside to her room filled with presents sent from well-wishers, from food to seaweed to bears and other dramaceazy. He holds her up, and addressing him formally now as his majesty, she tells him that he has to get it together. I totally spoiled it!!!!

Yeah, same here, that was some fortress of a fence – All ten feet of it! He even stops to wink into the camera at Secretary Eun, who watches from the palace. He says in a few months Jae-ha will be engaged, and the WOC will happen. Why must they kill his character. In a way, the way they died was just so sad in its poignancy. Jae Kang, you’ll be sorely missed.


I love that at one moment JH will remember that, dramcrazy will remember that he promised to take care of the little hands that cooked and cleaned for her Apa. LOL I totally and completely second that. This is better than dessert. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Jae Ha tells Shi Kyung to go ahead if he has the guts to pull the trigger. I feel so bad for Shi Kyung.

Hang Ah is told that the final member from the South Korean side is the Prince, the younger brother of episodw King.

Osi April 27, at 6: Lee Seung Gi played his role absolutely well.

This show, it kills me.