If this worked, I have a tonne of M2F screen caps to play with, too. Women’s lives thrown to the wayside to make a point about men and their angst. You totally have game. Bong Gu seems to have only had his arms dealer father and now only ‘saram’ who he has to pay or use fear to keep. That first scene should be engraved in a plaque and placed on a wall and it should also win a BIG award. Well I guess on a good note Tara has never been given so much attention on the show she’s always been the vase as of now! My first thought was that Bong Gu was going to beat the crap out of her. Totally agree with you as well AnnMichelle and ilikemangos, Sometimes I think one of Jae Ha’s great personality is that he doesn’t play nice like Jae Kang.

I think it describes them so perfectly.. LOL bong gu did you seriously not see that coming? When Bong Goo plays the video inside, out pops Jae Ha sitting down and addressing Bong Goo casually like they are friends. But living that way… a person grows so lonely. You know he had those custom-made: Murmur Of The Hearts. The scene between Jae Ha and his mom was definitely the most emotional for me.

I guess that password tell us alot, Jae Ha and Bong Gu, they kind of alike, except Jae Ha has his ‘people’ who believe in him, and as topper said, will restraint him in the future.

What dramaloas team Korea do to pass the first round? The family, Secretary Eun and Shi-kyung, and the secret service team who went with him. I tried my best to stay away from this since I haven’t watched the episode yet. Jae Shin asks if she needs to get down on her knees to beg him.

She’s his partner and you could see that in each of their conversations. And please do not give me anything about the king could not rramaload the results, he too smart not to have hearst.


The King 2 Hearts

He’s already come within inches of killing him, how much life span could someone expect being part of his life? Totally agree with you as well AnnMichelle and ilikemangos, Sometimes I think one of Jae Ha’s great personality is that he doesn’t play nice like Jae Kang. Two King 2 Hearts I love how he’s totally vulnerable with her. But I have no one. I like your idea about JH’s taunt drawing Bong Gu out. This dramaloa the beauty of discussion and the character analysis that follows.

You told me that on a previous recap too. She stops and looks upset to acknowledge that there are still limits to her immobility. Each team sends hdarts captain up to pick a ball from a bowl, then peeling off the sticker to reveal who their opponent would be.

The media is waiting for them and they file into the room to be introduced to the host nation and the organizers. I swear I could just squish them they are so perfectly awesome together.

No second thought at all. The whole show was about her 49 day journey to find people who truly loved her so that she could LIVE.

King 2 hearts episode 13 dramaload: ram leela movie songs download mp3

That scene dramalosd so much impact. He tells Hang Ah that his first love was this pretty girl in elementary school, who ignored him until she learned that that he was a Prince. And that’s a good thing. His mom had sent him to a public school and he tried to hide his identity, but the truth came out in no time.

Seriously, it is just so awesome.

Thank you so much for the recap Koala. I thought at that moment – ‘this is a scary king.

Jae-ha has come such a long way in that he’s openly being vulnerable with Hang-ah! He closes his eyes as he leans onto her hand.

The guys pull Jae Ha down and tickle him, with Hang Ah standing by and watching her guy get ambushed. Love your recaps and love the commentary and afterthoughts even more. Your email address will not be published. Thanks for the recap, gf!


Korean Show: The King 2Hearts (Episode 19)

That being said, if Jae Ha is going to be characterized this way he better lay the gauntlet down when it comes to Secretary Eun. Watch Korean Dramas, New episode of up now! I’m not sure if I think the writers are brave for showing such a dark side to Jae Ha’s character, or if they just thought no one would bat an eye because Tara was an incidental character.

Major chills when she was being given the royal seal!! I expected sad for the Scheduler and Yi-kyung, but I really thought that my Kang ahhh should get his girl in Ji-hun. Sunmi May 2, at 9: When the interviewer asked him to demonstrate, he gamely did, twice. She endangered herself just by being with that cray cray of a person! Would you preen in front of a mirror and calmly have your hair styled by an assassin while listening to the discussion of an assassination?

Secretary Eun sticks with his story that he made a mistake. What I really loved here is the fact Jae Hae was so into John’s head. Tara’s death is softened for us by her back-story, thankfully. Nothing comes easy for Jae Ha and Hang Ah when their opponent. While Jae-ha is nowhere near as much of a whackjob as BG, that’s largely because of the people around him who love him unconditionally and believe in him. I see everyone talking about Tara…she was there for the money and awesome life…enjoyed to the end.