Bawled my eyes out. Again, my eyes got teary. My heart was stuck in my throat! Jung Man Sik Supporting Cast. The way Jo Jung Suk cries really breaks my heart. LSGLover May 16, at You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

I am just so impressed. I still have that heady feeling when you’re episodes into the show and everything’s beginning to get juicy It takes a longer, much longer time to come to terms with it. Posted March 23, She gets into a firefight before making it into the basement tunnels, and as she takes out one guard, another shoots her in the arm. They deserve all the awards and I hope they sweep all awards and win a landslide victory. In trying so hard to maintain his own perfect standards, he continuously dug himself into a deeper hole. A Poem by Arhazivory The fearless writers, with the fearless production team, created fearless fans, like Nutella and me.

Cast – The King 2 Hearts. As fellow hearties says: The whole Hang-ah vs.

Episode 18

Jae-ha sits with Shi-kyung as they go over their options. I love it too and was able to catch up on all episodes while desperately trying to wean myself slowly from K2H’s impending end.

They run and hide and run and hide until they make it through the tunnels and into the caves below the complex. But she does something more drastic and probably more practicaland snaps them in half, turning it into a shiv.


Thank you so Much.!!!

And when she decides to cross the river? You wanted to give him more than just “comforting words”!

She’s such a great actress. Thanks for the recap GF! Those following QIHM, you will be seeing me in 1 week when this drama ends.

While they hold her captive inside, Mia calls Bong-gu for instruction on what to do with this unexpected turn. Next week when TK2H ends, what will I do with my withdrawal symptoms? She’s in the same league as Angelina Jolie! I know what oing mean.

I smiled so hard when Jae-ha announced the plan to bring in the Epispde soldiers. QD is really gutsy and will rise to the challenge.

Download the latest version here. I just wish that she kicked Bong Gu too at that time coz that would make my day sooooo gooood: I felt the klng way I’m behind on watching the episodes for TK2H, but still excited for the recaps.

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LOL Surely, i’ll be having withdrawal symptoms, but i’d love to join in to create another community there, too. Will definitely need to catch up on viki when subs are done. She really brings dramacarzy influence to this royal family, I swear.

He sits down beside her, crying silently as he holds her hand. Ugh, I would have asked the writers to just have Hang ah safely back at the palace and reunite them RIGHT then and there if I could for the sake of all our heavy hearts. I’m having a big dilemma here. I thot the whole rescue oing looked hot at the airport scene.


I loved the whole undercover detective-spy epusode they got going on here in this episode, involving our favorite team members from WOC. Thank you girlfriday for the brilliant recap.

Dong-ha races in to tell Jae-ha that they found Shi-kyung. My take on it dranacrazy more like she stayed there because if dramacrzzy were both in the river when their pursuers arrived they’d both be sitting ducks and hang ah wouldn’t be much help to the queen.

Poor princess–if that was me I would’ve blocked it too. When the guards hauled her away and cut the call, a tear rolls, and then she does that jerk-your-chin-up thing that Yi Gak and Bak Ha do so well I love this drama already have a great day.

This is so awesome It knocks her sideways for a moment, but then she just stands up, even more defiant than before, like the hit just woke a beast. She gasps for breath and tells him they need to find Hang-ah.