In spite of witnessing recently released classic Akshay Kumar flops Tees Maar Khan , Joker i still went for this movie remembering Akshay’s old action flicks Khiladi, Khiladiyon ka Khiladi opened to strong response at single screens but weak at multiplexes. We appreciate some of his songs but i seriously believe he should return back to his baseball cap and the mike. It is a clean one time watch movie with first half comedy and second half full of songs Khiladi Box Office. Akshay’s work in film is average as it is a comedy film and since long time he is doing this but screenplay and story are weak points of film.

After reuniting Azad and Indu, Indu and Bahattar are saying goodbye to one another, when they learn that the other’s family are not cops. Himeshbhai is in fine fettle with the music. Reshammiya sang the song “Hookah Bar”. This film is for mass people who will love it and may also appreciate it. The laughs come at a pace which match Akshay’s knock out punches and leave you giggling madly. The movie displays irritating comedy scenes and stupid Salmaan types takiya kalaam’s and common scene challenging fight scenes.

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Don’t have an account? Climax is very boring and repetitive. Kgiladi no denying that you actually enjoy certain moments in the narrative. Billa reviews Khiladi Views Read Edit View history. Feel the moviw with a group of friends or your family. An error has occured. Asin has tried to do nothing new. It’s high time we stop idolising actors who khilavi and again come up with disastrous movies which manage to rake in Crores.

Best Indian Films of He’s the mainstay of the film and lives up to the title every bit. The Surgical Strike’ box office collection day Even die-hard fans of utter Bollywood poppycock may feel cheated by this mindless ‘masala’ movie. Chaos and commotion leads to a rushed and raucous wedding in the climax like in Salman Khan’s or should we say Asin Ready.


What was the writer thinking while penning those sequences? Retrieved 14 March Student Of The Khilasi 2. For those looking for some logic-less laughtime, groovy tunes topped with some todh-podh — this one could bring some action to your weekend. Although bearing similarity to those of Dabangg,Wanted,Rowdy Rathore etc. There is nothing new here. I will not say so.

Certainly one doesn’t expect too much of sensibility in such state-of-affairs but entertainment, one surely does expect. Born to the owner of a marriage bureau Champak Lal [Manoj Joshi], Mansukh [Himesh Reshammiya] has been a complete failure ever since he has grown up and tried to help his father in their family business.

It is a very light movie. Director Ashish R Mohan has forced himself to make a mass entertainer film at the level that movie comes into bits and pieces. Little did Mansukh know that Bahattar and his family are in- fact con- men. Full Cast and Crew. Khiladi was the most senselessirritating and intolerable flick of Eros InternationalH. Khiladi lacks logic, has comedy but poorit lacks substance, has adrenaline-pumping action sequences but they are lame.

So, it was wearing my most cynical expression that I landed up a the theatre at 9am and prepared to be assaulted by gibberish. Fill ihiladi your details: Asin has been having a Ghajini hangover for over two years and it’s time she really tries her hand at some other profession. The Original ones are gone.


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Why Asin danced on the same song first with Akshay Kuma Mansukh finds 72 singh Akshaye Kumar to be the ideal boy and must convince both the family khladi get hitched within 10 days or he will have to suffer in hands of ferocious gangster.

Khiladi is another entertaining flick movei Akshay Kumar that entertains till it ends. Never miss a great news story! What can we expect from akshay?? Chandni Chowk to China Khiladi would not be in my top 3 Khiladis but it does entertain for sure.

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Post Share on Facebook. And I cringed a bit. On to what the film does well. Khiladi 4. The laughs come at a pace which match Akshay’s knock out punches and leave you giggling madly. Ashish R Mohan Cast: Also it seems to be a desperate attempt by Himesh Reshammiya to redeem himself in every possible way.

In addition, the songs are fairly catchy in their own way, though Himesh Reshammiya has a hard time making a love song not sound ridiculous. Like in Akki’s Welcome, the don Tatya wants a reputed family for his sister. This is the worst thing about the movie that it was fully predictable.

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