Bani saves a girl who is dressed as a bride, from committing suicide. But fortunately Veer does not hear the conversation. Meera assures Jai that the children will never support him but he retorts that blood is thicker than water. Jai tells his family that Meera and he will remarry on their 25th anniversary and have a celebration. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Deb introduces himself to Pia. Jai is very upset that his daughter is in jail.

Bani is very happy that her kids win a prize. Bani feels very nostalgic on returning to the Walia house. Pia gets injured in the whole process and Veer admits her to the hospital. Veer overhears Pushkar’s father telling his wife that he is not Pushkar’s son. Meera goes with Pronita to look for Shonali. Gaurav explains everything to Vidya.

Maa is not well. The family wants to get Jai and Bani together, so they plan a picnic. Khatron Ke Khiladi 1888 Jai runs to go to Bani but Pia stops him. Karuna is sorrowful that her mother has still not forgiven her.

Story of a revengeful daughter who enters a new family with the motive of avenging her mother’s murder.

He permits her to go back to her family. Rano tells Sahil that he should’ve supposed her when she was in need.

Abhilasha and her brother insist Rashi to divorce Ranvir before marriage. Ganga leaves for the meeting and Mr. Jasamh Pia tells him the truth. Ranvir tries to get close to Rano, but she stops him. It’s Not That Simple S Bani tells Tarun that she wants all the money she can get from Jai. Rahul recalls how Ganga had blackmailed him into rejecting their wedding proposal.


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Bani vows to find the. Ganga asks Bani to reveal Jigyasa’s r. At that moment the police c.

Pushkar too gets elated on knowing this bu. Jai and Meera reach there.

Bani scolds Ganga when she demands a new dress for the fancy dress competition. Bani goes to the temple to pray for Ganga. Bani tells Partho that today would be the last day when Meera would be happy! Ganga wonders why everyone is depressed. Coincidently Jigyasa visits the hospital and tells Veer that Bani is responsible for Pia’s ruination. Deb warns Durga not to become Bani in front of Pia.

Bani gets admitted to a mental asylum. Jai gets angry on Pronita. Rano questions her about the decision but Bani refuses to disclose anything. Karuna tells him that Bani has gone to Mount Abu. Malaika ruins Rishi and Tanuja’s honeymoon. Ganga tells Vicky that she blindly loves Meera more than her own mother.

Jai gets mad at Ranvir for doing the deal without informing. But Jigyasa tells her that Jai is flying to US the next day. But Bani closes the door on his face.

Bani admits to Jai that she loves him a lot. Jia gets furious and asks Pia to get out of his room. Jigyasa supports the idea of bringing Pia home. Mayhem kaasamh the college. Barnali comes as the chairperson of NB group who wins the bid.


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Pia says that their plan would have never succeeded without Karuna’s help! Even Pia feels insecure with Jai’s decision. Pronita bails out Meera and takes her out ze face the news reporters. But Ganga tells her that she used her Ganga’s morals and Meera’s shrewd tactics to come out of the situation.

The Walia family has shifted to Mount Abu. Ganga gives in without uttering a word. What is Aparna planning to do?

Rishi and Tanuja will be together forever! Pronita wonders what Ganga is up to and gets a feeling that she has heard Meera’s voice somewhere. Meera tells Bani and Jai that they should come together and have a child. Deb christens Bani as Durga. Jai tells Pia that whatever happened between them can ruin several lives. Pia makes an excuse of the child. Has Rishi developed feelings for Tanuja? Pushkar tells Pia that he loves her and cares for her.