Meanwhile, Jigyasa launches a plan to degrade Bani in her brother’s eyes and embarass her. However, Jai is even angrier when he learns that Mr. However, Jai does not listen and locks her in a room. Although Bani soon figures out her mistake, Jigyasa’s hatred toward Bani increases. She believes that Jai will give her more things that Pushkar could ever give. Pia leaves and runs to the Walia outhouse, leaving a besotted Pushkar behind.

Before this unhoni can happen, Bani sends a prayer to Mother Kali and begs of her to unite her with her children and gain justice. Pallavi’s wedding ceremonies continue, and Rano gets disturbed by the fact that Rashi visits Ranvir. Meanwhile, Ganga and Jai have some more bitter encounters. Six months have passed since Bani’s death. Pia is invited once again to Pushkar’s house, but meanwhile Ranvir forces Bani to give him the papers of the new project. However, things may take a drastic change when Dadi sees Bani working in the kitchen. Bani is shocked to learn the devastating truth that Meera is married to Jai Walia, and the next day she travels to meet a mysterious person related to the secret of the envelope.

Episode 21 Episode With the aid of Mother Kali, Bani is able to stand up and fight against Meera, but instead has mercy on her and does not kill Meera. Sw do they know that Ranvir has a plan to throw the sisters out of the Walia Mansion. Jai ignores Bani and Daksh, but when he returns home he takes his anger out on Meera.

The three sisters soon realize that they are not welcomed at all by Jai’s younger sister, Jigyasa, but they are allowed to stay at their outhouse. Soon, Bani discovers she’s pregnant and the entire family is in joy. Episode 2 Episode 2.

Pia happily agrees and Pushkar then goes to Jai and announces his marriage. Jai, who is totally broken, does not know what to do, and seeks comfort from Billo Massi. The events of this separation leads to another five year skip in Kasamh Se.


Bani has blood cancer, and is going to die. Although Bani soon figures sw her mistake, Jigyasa’s hatred toward Bani increases.

Ranvir declares his true love to Rash and vows to be with her his entire life.

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Jai ponders over his feelings for Bani, and he’s confused why he feels sorry for her. However, when Jai finds out that Ganga is Bani’s daughter, Pallavi’s engagement party goes haywire. Shocked by this revelation, Meera takes this opportunity to finish what she started seventeen years ago: Pushkar beats up Sahil and his friends and makes them all apologize to Bani for what they did. Episode 29 Episode Jai and Billo Massi take Ganga to the hospital, and Ganga’s operation is a success.

Meera invites Daksh to the Walia mansion, but Ganga soon learns that she sw die, just like her siblings. Episode 9 Episode 9.

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Bani does not listen, but Pia tells Jigyasa that she will marry Mohan. The outhouse undergoes some renovations, but some workers feel there is a malevolent spirit inside epispde. Pushkar declares his love for Pia and kisses her. Taking advantage of the situation, Jigyasa tells Jai about Bani’s affair with Daksh.

However, Meera, who has not seen Bani before, finally meets her and gives her the contract for the wedding. Bani is shocked to learn the devastating truth that Meera is married to Jai Walia, and the next day she travels to meet a mysterious person related to the secret of the envelope.

Bani spends the day praying at the temple for Ganga’s well-being, and the family tries to overcome this horrid fact. Jai favors Bani over Ranvir episose doubles her salary, making Ranvir very irate. aksam

Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki

As Jai and Bani romance, the family tells Jai and Bani’s love story to the kids. Jigyasa and Karuna concoct a plan to make Jai and Meera bonded forever, and Ganga happily goes to school. As Krishna is punished for going to a disco, Pronita enters an art competition with her finished drawing. epizode


Oasam may have lost in love, but she has won in friendship. Bani awakes and tries to tell Jai that something is in the outhouse and blames it all on Jigyasa.

However, the workers’ belief that the outhouse is haunted may be a reality. Jai is shocked at the news that Ganga is his own daughter, and makes a decision that he will never let her go epksode.

However, Bani soon finds out Aditya is not the murderer, but Meera actually is. Jai has accepted Meera as his wife but in Calcutta, a women named Pronita makes a decision to go to Mount Abu. As the party kicks off with a bang, the future seems to hold a lot of mysteries and surprises for Meera, Pronita, Jai, and the Walia family.

Rano ponders over how she and her sisters have separated over the course of these ten years, and vows to make a difference. Maithali, on the other hand, meets Meera instead. Jai uses Meera as a way to make Bani jealous and humiliated, which causes Meera to think Jai truly loves her. Meanwhile, a new Jai Walia runs his business elsewhere.

Bani tries to escape from the clutches of Meera, but does not escape. Sahil had actually stolen the money for some personal gain, and he is fired by Jai. However, Jigyasa worries if this event might bring Bani and Jai closer.

He meets his daughter Vidya, but is shcoked to learn Meera is Jai’s wife. After ignoring and misbehaving with her daughter and having a mental breakdown, Bani opens the door to meet a surprising someone. In the middle of the night, Bani goes eposode visit Daksh and Billo Massi quietly follows her. Bani cannot forget about her daughter, but she knows its for the best.