The events that occurred were very real and Relatable, as always, but he was not interested, and fast paced. Many would say that Kiran was wrong, because she, too, argued too much and provoked Sikander , in order to become stronger. Sikander Fahd Mustafa made his entry today with little influence. This is how he gave up life. Diplomatically speaking, it is always better to be cautious and ask for permission. Previously, under pressure Rukhsar, she refused to fulfill his desire so that she now knows that it is wise to listen to him. The time when Kieran returns to the house of his parents , and continues to respond to Sikander ago there was one thing that I hope that married women will learn to do. His ego was spotted when Kieran told his family about his behavior and he had the courage to question her, even after all he did.

However, minute Kieran attempts to discuss this issue; it takes the side of his son. In general, it was a beautiful, reflecting the episode. And it seems quite smitten with Kiran, it was obvious. I do not understand why she was so jealous of her. We already knew just how short-sighted and shallow these women were but. Again, a good effort Aabis Raza and his team. Arzoo, finally decided to put my foot down, but it did not solve any of its problems.

We never see the conversation, and there is no hint of it ever occurred. Expressions Fahad Mustafa face, a mixture of shock and guilt, portraying the kaankar state of Sikandercalculated on the spot.

Frankly, I find it hard to digest as he struck only because she happened to his room by mistake, and loves to eat Shadi ka khana. Well a new record cousin Saira will only come in your life to create problems in the relationship between her and Ehtashaam. A couple of scenes with his mother only reflect that he does not share a good relationship with his parents, but his mother was adamant on making Aarzoo her nieceher daughter-in-law and will not take no for an answer.


He married her, because his mother wanted him tobut he is not interested in this new relationship. However, the questions that will be shown he was summoned to this particular show really highlight the attitude Kieran too. Ismet Zaidi is ksnkar as a constantly scolds mother. Kankar Episode 20 — Review By. Kiran realizes that this evil cannot leave until someone stands up against him.

Preview the next episode suggested that Shiraz is Mehru and Ahad near and then things will get a little more confusing. Shoaib engagement photo in the viewing again and again.

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Kiran is right for not being as forgiving as her mother-in-law was. Maybe we will know more in the next episode.

Laaj Last Episode Review. Kankar Episode 8 — Lost In Love! Knowing how the story will go, it is perfect for the role. In addition, there is also the fact that for Sikander what he wants, he gets, no matter episdoe much it hurts my family. I hate to admit it, but your mother was a place where she said that she should not have to enter Kiran Sikander.

Kankar Episode 14 – 6th September 2013

Arzoo learns her lesson the hard way; you cannot force someone to fall in love with you. Sikandar manage to control their anger, when he has a confrontation with Arzoo, although he admits that he cannot control his anger … I wonder why!

Why not make it even a message, when she had a cell phone. Thi ami, aap ki bhi izzat thi…. Overall, this episode was very interesting and I liked the conversations that the Ahad and Mehru together if it was about Ahad says Mehru keep the doors locked or it Mehru Ahad says he should not ignore his father and his needs.


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Audiences expect the last few episodes, to be the most acute of these, and this is only possible if the scenes are short and to the point. Yeh tun mun kirchi kirchi hai, bikhray sheeshay kya joro gay! It is actually very difficult to stand up for them self, even when your family does not support you. Faiqa character is well-written and well played. Previously, under pressure Rukhsar, she refused to fulfill his desire so that she now knows that it is wise to listen to him.

His mother died and Ahsan and Mehwish sent his father into a nursing home, to save himself from the duties that they would have him. He really tried to change his mind, but he is the only person who did not judge her.

This is what happened to the women of our society; All they take, whether as wrong as part of human nature. Rukhsar character is not pretty at all, but the fact that Uroosa Siddiqui was brilliant throughout the show.

Kankar Episode 3— Review By. The very thing she is struggling because she thought it was wrong to do that which was just fine for her parents, as it was for Sikander. Both Kieran and Sikander made episoce errors in their family life — yes, both of them!

Leaving for parents house without telling her husband a big no — no! Kankar Episode 9,10,11,12,13 — Review By. Many would say that Kiran was wrong, because she, too, argued too much and provoked Sikanderin order to become stronger.