First “rider” foot soldiers since the riotroopers if I’m correct. June 3, at 5: I hate to tell this but Visit our page now: In a way, the Mages come from Haruto’s “Sabbath”. I think it’s for sacrifice them, Wiseman imo only want to create more phantom in fact to have more people like Mayu and Haruto to sacrifice and make the philosopher stone, I remember Sora’s word”I wonder if he still wants more phantom” when Nitou get his upgrade.

Sections of this page. Rinko, Shunpei who both have had their Phantoms destroyed by Haruto and even the doughnut duo can transform first pic! Also Koyomi must be the philosopher stone and Haruto was evolved by Wiseman and White Wizard to be sacrified? Another Phantom to be featured in the show, Sylph. Probably Mayu will first appear as KR Mage as she still in training and only later, close to the end of the serie, before her final fight with Medusa she will became a new KR Witch or something like this , but I think this will be a one only form Rider in the serie, maybe only will got a Alternative or Final Form in a future Movie Taisen or in a Special Movie like Accel. When he was fighting Legion, he was actually managing to weaken him, but then Legion made his foot get stuck. So Mayu becomes the first Mage.

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God I just hope this irder rider is similar to Eternal, I loved eternal so much so let me love this one as well.

June 27, at I think the movie is taking place after Mayu comes back from training with White Wizard. So it’s a confirmed 5 maybe: May 10, at 2: Newer Post Older Post Home.

Kamen Rider Wizard In Magic Land First Promo Streamed – JEFusion

Please like iamen will be the page for uploading more other items and posts i will upload more things there please like it To view magika?! May 30, at 7: PM Orma is revealed to be Kamen Rider Sorcerer, who plans on recreating the world for magicians only.


Plus they are subbing it for free u dont always get subbed shows everywhere.

This would be a cool twist that I don’t think they have done before. May 30, at 9: In a way, the Mages come from Haruto’s “Sabbath”. Oh, I thought it said “Pretty Cure”. I was really hoping Mayu would get her own suit, but as long as she gets to henshin, then it’s fine.

Non-Gates aka ordinary human being can be Troop Wizard.

Either way I have enough confidence in Toei to know that the costume will not be completely identical. I use want lahd be a artifical phantom if you know what i mean I wonder will it appear in the movie I was hoping something like “Kamen Rider Majo Witch “.

Another Phantom to be featured in the show, Sylph.

Is the rainbow ring going to be this years: You will know when you watch it Attack Ride – Warp Whistle! Yo can see the ring on her hand with the Driver On ring on the other hand.

Kamen Rider Wizard The Movie First Image, Golden Wizard Revealed – JEFusion

Kamen Rider Custom Mask. But even if I’m wrong a d it is the same then I don’t care its cheaper for Toei, so I don’t care, so long as Mayu kills Medusa rather than Beast of Wizard ill be happy. Kamen Rider Wizard is forced to use the Movir against him.

This centers around the inhabitants of Magic Land. This would be perfect for the “Excite Ring. Plus even if Wizarrd is a female rider, looking at her ring she’ll just be a generic rider like the ones in the upcoming movie.


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In this place, anyone has an ability to use magic, and some of them can even transform into Kamen Rider Mage. All rights belong to Toei. In the film, Haruto will be traveling to the “Land of Magic” where he will meet the Golden Magicianwhich will now be officially called Kamen Rider Sorcerer.

The film premieres August 3rd. Xiul from Temox The following link is reupload from his own account due to the original website is in chinese language translation BT Download link: E-mel atau Telefon Kata Laluan Lupa akaun?

And finally Mayu’s return along with White Wizards identity which I think is Wakajima’s brother which is why he looks the same in the silhouette when although not confirmed he was found in the cave as Wiseman.

Newer Post Older Post Home. August 21, at Mayu have long training maybe because her have phantom or because her enemy is medusa high phantom maybe she not to kill or just seal and I don’t know if Rinko, Shunpei and other is same person in normal world or from other world magic world or maybe they can fast become kamen rider because in magic land.

May 30, at 2: I seriously hope that they’re not using the Kamen Rider Mage costume for Mayu. May 9, at 6: The combatants at the back looks similar to the ones seen during the movie filming we reported days ago. The only question remains