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In an effort to gain more intelligence about Sloane’s wife, Lando enters a romance with Darcy and presses her for information while offering to help her escape from Po. DVD box set containing the first five entries. Double Impact Mah Jong Manager. This was the last film to star Sasha Mitchell , who reprises his role as David Sloane. Kickboxer film series DVD box set containing the first five entries. How Much Have You Seen?

Though he fights bravely, Lando is easily bested by the Muay Thai master. On krif way to the border, Sloane enters a roadside bar and stumbles upon a group of thugs harassing a young woman named Megan Laurence.

Po calls for more challengers, and the other two remaining fighters step forward.

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Thomas accepts the challenge, but Sloane is able to defeat him. Start your free trial. Kickboxer film series DVD box set containing the first five entries.

Krfa article about a martial arts film is a stub. Sloane wins his fight quickly and escapes Po’s notice. The film opens with a recap of earlier events in the series as David Sloane writes a letter to his wife, Vicky. Darcy provides him with the necessary intel which he passes on to Sloane before being caught by Bill and his guards. Po announces that the tournament is a memorial to his late wife, Sian, who was killed five years prior when the DEA invaded his home.


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The film is the fourth entry in the Kickboxer franchise. On Po’s orders, the guards try to apprehend him, but they fail and Sloane escapes. Archived from the original on Meanwhile, Sloane seeks to free his wife, but is unable to find her since Po had her moved from her original cell kamfl a result of his previous ksmel. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. One after the other, Sloane proves to be more than a match for them.

DVD box set containing the first five entries.

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After receiving explicit photos from Po of his kidnapped wife, Sloane takes his frustrations out on a fellow prisoner before meeting with a DEA official, Casey Ford Nicholas Guestwho briefs Sloane about their situation. The Films Coolest Movie Poster of ?

Internet Movie Data Base. Prey Harder Nemesis 4: His first stop is a street fight, where he easily dispatches two street fighters earning him a necessary invitation from a man named Brubaker, who scouts fighters and invites them to Po’s tournament.

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Retrieved from ” https: How much of Kamel Krifa’s work have you seen? After being framed for murder by Tong Po, Sloane has mamel the last two years in prison, while his wife has become the sexual captive of his old nemesis, who has since become one of the most powerful drug lords in Mexico.


In frustration, Po orders Laurence to fight him, but she refuses, calling him a coward. Kamel is Belgian citizen born in Tunisia and raised in Brussels, Kamel began training with Van Damme, who was only 13 at that time.

After a movie hiatus a sixth entry was eventually made as Kickboxer: Films directed by Albert Pyun. Sloane defeats them with ease and saves the woman, who is ungrateful for his help and reveals that she is entering the tournament as well. Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved from ” https: The Aggressor is a direct-to-video release martial-arts film directed by Albert Pyun. The tournament begins with several matches taking place.

The Aggressor Kickboxer 5: Actor Miscellaneous Crew Producer. Reluctant to harm the young woman despite her taunting, Sloane peacefully subdues her.

Meanwhile, Po offers Laurence a second opportunity to compete, but places a bounty on her head inciting all the other fighters to attack her at once. In the end, only Sloane and Po are left standing. Sloane witnesses Thomas incapacitate a female judoka fighter Dana Dru Evensonwhile Lando and Laurence both win their respective matches.

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