During the end credits, we are shown two different Phoenixes. Programming subject to regional availability, blackouts, and device restrictions. Sora and May both want to star alongside Leon in the new vampire-themed production, but there’s only room for one leading lady. Location data required to access content on mobile devices for any Live TV subscription. The atmosphere and attitude this creates does not bode kindly to Sora’s carefree, optimistic, ultra-idealistic outlook. Multiple concurrent streams and HD content may require higher bandwidth. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Kaleido Star.

Location data required to access content on mobile devices for any Live TV subscription. A novel named Mr. Sub An Amazingly Humiliating Performance. Once she realizes that, she is reborn. Ouran High School Host Club. She also befriends Layla over time. Number of permitted concurrent streams will vary based on the terms of your subscription.

Infinity Strike Witches Red Garden: Sora and her friends are determined to build an amazing stage just for kids, but first they must convince Marion to return to the high-flying life of a trampoline artist!

A performance at a car dealership gets Sora back on stage, May learns the importance of a smile, and Rosetta makes her long-awaited trapeze debut! Sub My Amazing Fresh Start. No hidden fees, equipment rentals, or installation appointments.

Yuri and Sora are working hard to get ready for the performance of a lifetime, but will Sora’s lack of fundamentals – and a pair of cutthroat competitors – spoil their chances at victory? What ties does Fool have with the painting of the princess and the jester?

All of the characters are presented super deformed. Uta no Prince Sama. Sub Amazing Prologue to Stardom, Part 1. Kaleido Star was generally well received by critics, with the majority of acclaim paid to the first season. A lack of balance threatens to derail Sora’s attempt to perfect the Angel’s Maneuver, and Leon is ready to throw in the towel.


Sub To the Amazing Promised Place. Sora’s all set for an off-Broadway reunion with the great Layla Hamilton, but May bursts onto the scene with intentions to steal the show.

Please review our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Kaleido Stage crew travels to Paris, and Rosetta begins working with a mysterious trapeze teacher. Leon’s strange behavior continues as he mistakes Sora for a mysterious woman from his past.

Sub Amazing Rosetta of Sweat and Tears. Sub The Amazing Fated Duel. Sub Launching an Amazing Smile! Kaleido Star Volume 1″. Sora Naegino kaeido, a young Japanese girl with a great talent for acrobatics, comes to Los Angeles, California in hopes of auditioning for the Kaleido Stage, a world-famous circus which has mesmerized her since childhood.

After many trials and rejections, Sora eventually aims to become a “True Kaleido Star” vostr creating a fun, conflict-free stage, the complete opposite of what she experiences at the festival in Paris.

Gate Keepers Vandread Samurai Girl: Anime and Manga portal. After her embarrassing performance at the International Circus Festival, Sora runs away from Kaleido Stage and moves back in with her parents. Season 1 Season 2.

Can Sora recover her competitive edge in time to shine on stage? Sub The Amazing Injured Swan.

Kaleido Star – Season 1 – Episode 9 [2/3] в beto

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The absence of her co-star, having retired to further a career in Broadway productions, prompts a slight decline of the Kaleido Stage. Her personality eventually earns the respect of the performers as well as several increasingly major roles in the productions. Sora relies on her winning personality, hard work and close friendships to keep the stage afloat. Whoever can master the deadly screw spin first will win the role of a lifetime!


Sub An Amazing New Rival. Kaleido Star Volume 6″. Opening night has arrived, and Sora takes the stage on a mission to make her wildest dreams come true. But while she tries to find a new self, she spends episoode entire time alone thinking about Vowtfr until she comes to realize just how much Shar has been a muse to her.

Because Sora has not visited her family in years for reasons unknown, Yume joins Kaleido Stage in hopes to meet her.

Dpisode from the original on 27 February Sub Amazing Prologue to Stardom, Part 2. It, in turn, causes her to withdraw from the competition in the middle of her act or the Angel Act with the redeemed Yuri Killian, leaving her friends, family and Layla confused and otherwise disappointed with Sora. Once she realizes that, she is reborn. New Wings Volume 6″.

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With the help of stage manager Ken Robbins, the performers Mia Guillem and Anna Heart, young Marion Begnini, as well as a lot of hard work and determination, Sora begins to earn the respect of those around her. Rosetta has three days to become a high-flying trapeze artist, or she’ll have to quit Kaleido Stage. New Wings was directed by Yoshimasa Hiraike. This is a show that dreams are made of.