Navya can not believe it when she is invited by FAB5. While practising, Nandini and Dhruv sneak out to secretly meet each other. Nandini is thankful to Alya to have freed her from the despicable contract. This puts Ross and Carol’s lesbian life partner, Susan, in an awkward position. Nandini refuses to follow his order. Manik regrets having mistreated Nandini.

On September 22, , after airing just four episodes, the network gave the series a full-season order of 24 episodes. Harshad messes up with FAB5 and tries breaking them apart. Raghav punishes the FAB5, Nandini and Navya by asking them to look for their music instruments hidden in a forest. Navya is thinking of ways to advance her relation with Harshad. FAB5 continue to bully Nandini. Mukti calls Alya and tells her that she will commit suicide as the FAB5 has separated. Dhruv tries to learn the signs of true love. Nandini feels that Manik is mistreating her.

Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah are executive producers for the first season, after original producer Rob Thomas dropped out to focus on other projects. Nandini seems delighted to be at the party, but she is unaware of what is to happen.

Nandini is yet to find out that Alya has sent those goons.

Manik and Nandini come closer to each other every passing day. Harshad learns that Alya is being blackmailed by a person. Navya, Harshad and Alya find them.

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Monday, 25 February Nandini tries to find out the mystery behind the star’s drawing. Several episodes revolve around his attempts to tell her oaisi he feels. Navya can not believe it when she is invited by FAB5.


She finally manages to exit after every one has passed out. Season One Season One may refer to: They run for it and accidentally tackle Nandini off the cliff, and chaos ensues. Nandini is thankful to Alya to heh freed her from the despicable contract. This incident draws media attention towards the college. Instead they lock her up in a garbage bin as a revenge for saving Shahid.

Nandini and Dhruv share a good time.

Manik asks Kabir who he is dating. Nandini refuses to be a part of Harshad’s band. The goons hired by Alya start harassing her. Manik makes Nandini perform a series of chores meant for servants.

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Dhruv feels betrayed by Alya, as she hatched a plan against Nandini. Meanwhile, Ross’s estranged lesbian ex-wife, Carol, is pregnant with his baby. Manik also threatens Nandini to never tell anyone why he couldn’t come to the competition. The season contains 24 episodes and yaariaaan airing on May 18, Part one of Raghav’s punishment has concluded. Nandini and Navya are irritated.

Manik regrets having mistreated Nandini. Alya finds that Mukti has started taking drugs again.

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Create your page here. Nandini refuses to follow his order. The nine founder members were: Add Image S1, Ep7. At Dhruv’s place, Nandini notices the star which is also drawn on her brother’s bedroom wall.


Manik overhears Kabir telling Rose to maintain the secret that she’s not his girlfriend. With everyone inside the house, Manik tries to sneak Nandini out of his house.

Nandini isn’t happy about signing the contract.

Manik once again reminds Kabir to talk about his secret to him but he evades it again. Nandini and Navya are shocked at their treatment by FAB5. Ross leaves for a fossil dig in China at the end of the season, but when Chandler lets it slip about Ross’s continuing feelings for Rachel on her birthday, she is shocked to find out. This makes Manik feel jealous.

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Nandini’s last-minute persuation gives Navya the impetus to sing in the competition. Nandini is suspicious about Rishabh and Manik’s behaviour towards her. Nandini and Navya intervene and save Shahid’s life. Manik breaks up with Alya. Nandini tells Manik about Harshad’s plan.

Share this video with your family and friends. While practising, Nandini and Dhruv sneak out to secretly meet each other. Nandini starts breaking expensive artefacts at Manik’s place as she is furious with the FAB5 for having upset her.