Another day, Sandhya returns from the passport office. Arnav is still searching. Virat tells that he is trying to forget her. Jigar comes into the kitchen, and offers to help.. Bhabho has called all the neighborhood ladies for lunch. Abha joins in and dances with Sheeta mami. He wanst to try as well. Was Arnav too harsh at Khushi and should he apologize her?

Imarti says staying with laali lipstick this will only happen. Nani says to Anjali how she can even think about aborting her child. Adi breaks out of eyelock and tells Sugni to first stay in her limits and leaves. Kusum drags Sajini away before she says anything more. Purvi is quiet and walks away. Ahem smiles and says he has something special for her and wants to show her something.. Yash and Aarti leave to start program.

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I want to rule over the Bigg Boss 12 kitchen”. Scene One DK blesses Purvi. He also offers Rajkumar to work in the shop if he wishes and learn work before he leaves to Singapore and tells him to inform his house about the job.

Why is mother india not saying anything today?

Neelam and Kunal are listening this. Dipika Kakar makes 15 heartfelt confessions about her journey on the show”. Purvi tells him that his struggle is not just his but theirs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Arnav says them to leave and he will handle Anjali.

She then remembers and tells Suraj that Bhabho is calling him.

Meena keeps the PP into one of the books and asks the person to weigh the books soon. After Break 2- SB hears Virat telling that he wants to go to rishikesh.


Shelly says i have full trust that Karan and Abha would take care of maa and this house. Neelam says Yash brother and says she understands. They have got a great tuning. When she says to him that he has changed so much Arjun says that it is thanks because of her because he used to be this khadoos boss and would have stayed tha tway forever and now just show a little patience so he can make the ruppees and then even Archana wil l change her mind about him.

Archu too walks away. Another day, Sandhya returns from the passport office. Gulabia says there is no need for this when Mami tells him to go and that they will take care of kuhu.

V gets upset and angry and say ok I will teach the meaning of this sloka to the children. Ahem takes gopi to the Gazebo yipeee we do have a Garzebo in MM. Yash tells Neelam and Kunal that they are safe there and in morning he will do their court marriage and asks them to go and rest.

Mayank tells his mom that he has important work to do and leaves the room. He says it was some lady who has problems in her legs. But Virat tells her that he came to bring her closer to him…. Bhabho find her correct n says that she wont go, everyone was shocked.

Ahem is left standing there Virat tells that meeha wants jhly meet M. Not they but he is declaring a war against them. Sugni drying clothes at home when Vikram comes from behind and is watching her,he hugs her and sugni feels surprised. Menu twitter facebook google rss linkedin dribbble pinterest.

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Arjun starts askign about all this and gets interested. Khushi has writte look. Angry Arnav goes to Khushi, holds her hand tightly and takes her with him to their room. Suraj comes from somewhere on his scooter. Armenia TV Armenia 1. By then, Rsihta comes there and Suraj thanks him.


Abha mix tea for everyone and Pratibha says i am happy today that Shelly has got someone good and i will be more satisfied once Priyanka and Kanika finds someone good too. Comedy Nights with Kapil.

24th March Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Watch Episode Online | Daily Written Updates

Khushi still comes in. Arnav says to Aakash to stay at home and he will go and find her. She tells him that she has dressed up so weitten for him and he is just talking about Rachna. Arnav says she will be somewhere around here and then they writtten for her. She hugs Arnav and asks him to make everything like before. Neelam and Kunal leave. Nani says what has happened to our family? Vikram embraces and sugni tries to free herself and says its not a dream but really he has come. Indra is about to run away but is stopped by one Devata asking him to protect him.