Ka Re Durava – Episode 80 – November 17, Pressure from your family and logging on to a matrimonial site are just a few of the things youngsters have to go through. He decides to ask him the reason for behaving like this. Chala Hawa Yeu Dya Dr Nilesh Sable invites various personalities in the Marathi film and theatre industry to speak about their work and…. Ka Re Durava – Episode 77 – November 13, On the other hand, Avinash praises Aditi for her good convincing skills. Ka Re Durava – Episode 6 – August 23,

Ka Re Durava – Episode 87 – November 25, During this, Naina takes Jai to the cafeteria for lunch. Isha’s presentation wins Vikrant’s vote. While Jaydeep and Isha’s friendship blossoms more. Will Radhika Face Shanaya? She takes Jai to the office cafetaria and thanks him for helping her in gaining confidence to speak to her lover. Aditi asks Jai the reason behind his worry. In the daily rigmarole to make ends meet, they land in the same office where they have to keep their ‘married’ status a secret.

Ka Re Durava – Episode 86 – November 24, Later, Aditi goes for an interview but there she gets ill treated by the interviewer. Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji 3: On the other hand, Anna asks Abhi to drop him to his friend, Sada’s place, epieode he is been missing him from many days.

Tangde asks Aditi about their presence at the same place. He suggests her to go with Amit, but she refuses to go with him. Tula Pahate Re 26 February Preview: He also tells her that Anna does not feel happy at his brother’s house. Nandini decides not to take any kind of tensions further.

Ka Re Durava – Episode 81 – November 18, Jai says that they will have to be careful in future regarding their job. But as Tangde gives Avinash’s note to him, that he will have to go along with Rajani to meet his client, she starts laughing on him.



Meanwhile, Isha And Jaydeep’s plan to bring the entire household together is successful. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji 4: Jai and Aditi tactfully makes Tangde leave the place. Aditi forces Jai to allow her to go for an epizode, but he refuses to it as she has just come out from her illness.

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Maharashtracha Favourite Kon Performances: But later, he tells her that he was making fun of her. On the other hand, Jai and Aditi’s landlady asks her husband for scolding Shobha. Meanwhile, Aditi tells Sarika to bring a Sweater from Himachal, but at the same time, Rajani taunts at her and asks that whether she is giving the order for her boyfriend. Rajani tells Nandani that she has already fixed appointments for next 3 weeks, which she will be attending with Jai.

Ka Re Durava – Episode 64 – October 29, Aditi discusses with Jai about their office work. Jai tells Suhas to find a new job for eoisode, because of his office problems. Meanwhile, Jai refuses to help Rajani in her work. She also asks him that whether he is not depressed with the superiority she has got in the office.

Ka Re Durava – Episode 50 – October 13, 2014

She also feels positive after this. Meanwhile, Aditi suggests Jai to live in his father’s house for some days, but he tells that Tangde might create problems for them.

On the other hand, Rajani informs her office colleagues about her dinner with Jai, after their successful client meeting. She also denies to take the lunch to her office. Jui tells Jai that she feels good after speaking to him.

Aditi gets angry when Jai informs her about his candle light dinner with Rajani. Ka Re Durava Season 1. Ka Re Durava – Episode 80 – November 17, druava Later, Jai calls Shobha and tells her that Aditi will come to her house in the morning. After coming to the house, Aditi sees the kz given by Avinash to her. He also tells him that he and Aditi has decided to spend a day like their college days. Meanwhile, Aditi consoles him and decides to give a new mobile phone to Anna, which will not make him feel alone anymore.


Rajani forces Jai to go for a candle light dinner with her, because of the successful client meeting. Dirava gives sweets to one of her colleague, but she tells him not to eat all. Isha Clashes With Myra. Meanwhile, Rajani tells him not to compare himself with Jai, as he is not a competitor for Jai. Pressure from your family and logging on to a matrimonial site are just a few of the things youngsters have to go through.

While Jaydeep and Isha’s friendship blossoms more. Isha’s presentation wins Vikrant’s vote. Lagira Jhala Ji 2: Later, Aditi tries to call Jai but octover do not pick up the call in front of Rajani.

Swati along with her husband, Suhas comes to Jai’s office, and starts talking about the discount which they might get on their tour package. Sai sizzled on a classic number while Parna was seen grooving to Sridevi’s Hawa Hawai.

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Meanwhile, the landlord sees Anna there and asks Jai the reason for his father’s ill health. He also feel good after giving money to his father too. Ka Re Durava – Episode 75 – November 11, Tula Pahate Re 4: The suspicious Shanaya follows Gurunath.

But Jai says that he likes all the persons, who epixode in the office. Meanwhile, Shobha tells eoisode doubt to her husband that Sada Kaka might have called him for money only.