It was only after that Ethiopian Muslims felt the need for education as well as spreading Islam openly. Already a Monitor Daily subscriber? The film, along with the ongoing trial, offers an important window into the cleavage that divides the old Ethiopian Muslim subjectivity from the new. Muslims in Ethiopia suffer discrimination and alienation May, The Ethiopian Muslim community is the third largest Muslim community in Africa. Government officials claim the campaign is a stalking-horse for extremists planning an Islamic takeover. The audience believes that the documentary film is less credible and subjects in the documentary film do not represent the overall Muslim society.

Pence repeats ‘all options on the table’ for Venezuela. Subscribe to the Monitor. Only time will tale. As one of 20th century’s prescient political thinkers, Hannah Arendt formulates this point; an attack against a specific identity creates spontaneous moment of political self-awareness. You’ve read of 5 free stories. Do not be surprised if we finish you.

The Muslims who protested largely peacefully for nearly a year are led by a man jkhadawi from the Awalia Muslim Mission school. A Christian Science Perspective.

Ethiopia airs jihadi film amid sensitive Muslim protest trial

February 14, By William Davison Correspondent. By drawing politically explosive parallels between groups with radically different political presuppositions, the film dramatises and escalates the gravity of the threat.

This website uses cookies to improve functionality and performance. The strategic Horn of Africa country is one-third Muslim and two-thirds Christian; why is its state-TV fiom up religious tension?

Yusuf Muzaydi The chief negotiator. If you want war with Eritrea, be my guest, after all they created you.

Ethiopia’s ‘jihadi’ film and its boomerang effects

Only time will tale. Many ordinary citizens were divided over the film. In Ethiopia, the government takes Muslims as agents of foreign powers and latecomers. The current condition of the country makes it very difficult to predict. Ethiopia’s key position in the Horn of Africa — adjacent to volatile Somalia and Sudan and in close proximity to the Middle East and North Africa — gives it an importance in the eyes of Western nations. The Ethiopian Muslims have been in deep slumber until recently.

Take our geography quiz. No, because Orthdox Christian are not that stupid. It has also encouraged them to think about their position in the country.


Ethiopian Muslims are furious about the film, which they say dishonestly blurs the distinction between legitimate political protest and violence by using lurid images of foreign terrorists that have nothing to do with them.

Already a Monitor Daily subscriber? The audience also found the theme irrelevant to the socio-religious context of the country. Pakistan army says Indian jets violate airspace, release payload. The film seeks to transform the “demands for freedom of religion” into a joint criminal enterprise with terror groups.

Get journalism built for thinkers like you. In their struggle, Muslims in Ethiopia began to see unfair closures and systematic subjections taking place at sites and moments they could not have seen before. Get the best of Monitor journalism in your inbox.

Ethiopia’s ‘jihadi’ film and its boomerang effects | Ethiopia | Al Jazeera

Suppose your reader is dilm Muslim Ethiopian and knows exactly what haremat going on in Ethiopia. To amplify this new reality, that is, the cinematic production of new subjects of terrorism, the film appropriates pre-existing frames of reference that sociologists call “processes of signification”. The group is demanding that Muslims be allowed to run their own affairs, and for their leaders to be released.

Which Orthodox Christian is stupid enough to help the Muslims take over the nation. Therefore, Muslims never tried to send their children to modern schools lest their children changed their identity and religion.

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Ethiopia airs jihadi film amid sensitive Muslim protest trial –

How the art world’s hunger for ancient artefacts is destroying a centuries-old culture. That is why you don’t see the Christian part of society feel apprehensive. The finding indicates that majority of the discussants perceived the meaning of the title of the documentary film as the theme of the documentary film Islamic group movement to establish Islamic government.

Even some who are sympathetic to the government have questioned its timing in the midst of a high profile trial. This pivot is a distinguished Qatari public intellectual, Jassim Sultan whose teachings two members of the protest leaders were said to have attended. Show full item record. Data was collected through qualitative content analysis, focus group discussion and individual in-depth interviews.


US plans Venezuela action as pressure mounts on Maduro. This has led to the burning of many religious places especially masjids and conflict between Muslims and Christians has been on the rise. To augment the parallel, it situates the protest movement in the context of terrorism – a discourse whose antecedent is always Islamic and “whose stereotypical characteristics are already part of socially available knowledge”.

Do not be surprised if we finish you. Jihaadwi you are pretending to be more Ethiopian than the Ethiopian themselves. Monitor Daily Current Issue.

While authorities may have intended their documentary to be informative, it has documehtary fact stoked fears among Christians about Muslim intentions, and reignited mass protests by Muslims at mosques. The study also reveals that the documentary film affected the social and religious stability in the country in many ways.

They were systematically excluded from education. Nowhere else is the conjuncture between words and images, facts and fictions, times and spaces, persons and events manifestly absurd as in Jihadawi Harekat.

The documentary film also made reference to rising religious fundamentalism in the country. The film starts with shots of Al Shabab fighters in Somalia and scenes of carnage following Boko Haram bomb attacks in Nigeria. Then, inexplicably, clips of interviews with some of the 29 on trial and of speeches from Awalia leaders followed.

Share this article Copy link Link copied. By connecting events that took place from East Africa to West Africa, from North Africa to the Middle East, by gathering actors of differing ideological persuasions into unity, by reducing complex and contingent historic and political issues into self-evident mathematical varieties, Jihadawi Harekat inadvertently slips into a crisis it cannot contain or suppress.

Intimidation is constantly interfering in other’s rightful activities and disturbing communities and societies using force.