While Yui tries to access the Hell Correspondence, Tetsuya takes the phone away from her because he doesn’t want her to go to Hell too, and explains to her that he sent the other man involved in the beating of her father, Suzumura, to Hell, because Suzumura raped his sister, who hung herself and explained everything to Tetsuya in a note. Once the internet became available, people could access the “Hell Correspondence” website, otherwise known as the “Hotline to Hell”. Masako had attended the same talent agency as Jun but Jun bullied Masako until she could take no more and left, sacrificing her dream of becoming a singer. Atsushi Kakehashi as Hiroki ep 9. Ai appears to Yuzuki, who senses people about to send someone to Hell again. Yuzuki’s mother fell ill and the doctor refused to see her due to the stigmatization.

Knowing her relationship was a lie, Shoko contacts the “Hell Correspondence” website and sends Seichi’s name. Eventually Inao reluctantly accepts the request. Thinking it is Muru, she sends Tachibana to Hell. As news crews filmed the report, drunk men danced in front of the cameras, flashing the peace sign. She died embracing the teddy bear her father gave her. I’ve searched youtube, and it’s not there. Ai Enma Hell Girl shows a rare moment of sympathy and comfort to the broken Yumi, which Tsugumi witnesses.

Daichi Nizushima looks at his father’s blog and realizes jgoku he committed suicide because he was given too much work to finish and is computer illiterate, and was harassed by Makoto Shinoda for this.

She becomes overwhelmed as she now senses many people around her about to contact Hell Girl. As she was about to pull the string, Shinji Onda visits and says he will take the matter to court. Eriko Matsushima retains her role as Enma Ai’s grandmother in the live action series. She begins to receive prank calls and other threats, warning her to throw out the cat.

She forces Minami to pull the string jjgoku Minami’s will, sending the selfish Shiori to Hell. It’s been three years, so there ought to be a dub out by now. A new road needs to be built to stop the traffic accidents in the area, but is blocked by a house, occupied by an old man who refuses to move.


Retrieved October 18, One of Ai’s companions, Ichimoku Ren, keeps tabs on dutakomori, intrigued. Hell Girl is an anime that has been produced in three seasons between and by Studio Deen. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Janice Williams Packaging Design: Ryoko hesitates, but when she is kidnapped by Detective Kisaragi, who also attacks her father, she sends him to Hell in self defense. Miki calls for Ai Enma’s help when Shimono kills one of her dogs, hoping to save the other. Miharu Koyama receives a straw doll and Shibata Tsugumi has a vision of it. Unable to bear her insane mother any longer, Emi sends her mother to hell.

Nishida begins teaching him Kendo, causing him to become more active, outgoing, happy, and cool. Episode 7″ in Japanese. Masaya Kataoka seeks revenge against crooked journalist Tadashi Inagaki, who framed soujo late father for criminal misdeeds.

He has a part-time job as a paperboy to support his mother, who loves to buy hsoujo kimonos. Threatened to be exposed as a fake, she resorts to sending him to Hell, only to find out that Nishino lied to her and she’d damned the guy and herself for no reason.

Views Read Edit View history. Enma Ai appears before the two men and shows Tetsu Inagaki’s deal with Wakatsuki and Shibata Hajime’s confrontation about the article. Akiko as Satoko Komaki ep As a little futakomofi, Yuzuki lived happily with her parents, until her father, a bus driver, died in a bus crash due to faulty brakes. Mariko Oka Art Director: Have you seen this?

The price Kusumi must pay for the murders is that he will spend his life in jail or die, unable to be with his daughter. On her way home, Yuzuki passes by Akira Kitayama, a middle schooler, who is rushing shoujp an electronic appliance store in order to see the shopkeeper, djb middle-aged woman named Mitsuko, with whom he is in love unbeknown to her.


Out of good faith, Washizu spreads news about Inuo’s real situation and tries to motivate him to seek help. She accesses the site but it doesn’t appear.

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Enma Ai hands him a doll but reminds him that even if the kidnapper is sent to Hell, Shibata Tsugumi is still missing and he hesitates. Shoko pulls the string and sends her lover to Hell. Ai’s second companion, Hone-Onna, encounters a strange little girl, Kikuri, who seems inhuman, and they are all stunned when Ai brings Kikuri into her supernatural world, making her part of the group. Tae becomes afraid that their relationship will change and refuses to open her window when Kei says he loves her.

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Hell Girl: Two Mirrors (TV)

It aired across Japan from October 7, to April 7, on Animax spanning shoijo episodes. Kanejo Natsuko and her friends meet at a restaurant and discuss the reason why she hasn’t been going back to school.

Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Youhei ep Nakajima’s girlfriend, Yuki, joins their company to investigate. To make up for worrying Shibata Tsugumi, Shibata Hajime plans to take her to the beach but later learns that she’s been kidnapped and her bag is left in front of Tetsu’s restaurant. Ai’s sad past is revealed: Yuuna flaunts the same band-aid on jigkou neck, showing off to her classmate, Kira Moroboshi, who bears a similar obsessive affection for Hone Onna.

This article describes a work or ehoujo of fiction in a primarily in-universe style. Toshihime Honda helps around the house to look for the doll and steals money as well.