Jewel Pet episode 14 English Subbed bubbles19 10 months ago. Full of Mud Yay!: The series is known for referencing pop culture from shows, anime, manga and movies. But when a fire caused by Dark Jewel Magic broke out in the Dormitory with Hinata trapped inside, how will the Jewelpets save her while saving the dormitory for being reduced to ashes? The second chapter of the Summer Saga. Later on, Hinata met up with Kanon and they talked about entering to a university after they graduate.

Kanon is still saddened and mad on how Ruby is with Mikage all the time. Lady Jewelpet Episode 1 p20 vps1 3 years ago. Ep 9 desu All become very fat. Will Ruby and everyone escape Dragon Land in one piece? Later after Kanon failed, Ruby helps her with a little magic to impress Mikage. One day, a package from her parents has arrived in the Dormitory and Hinata notices its contents, which is filled with shirts and also a Fireman Uniform.

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But one day, both Shouko and Angela ejglish to go to the Human world to compete for the Moto GP Race, but an accident somewhat messed up her magic skills and both argued, causing them to break their friendship.

I do not own Jewelpet in anyway. The story also revolves on the love triangle between Ruby, Kanon and Mikage. It’s Valentines Day in Jewel Land and everyone were making sib chocolates for the ones they love.

Stay tuned for future uploads as they become available. Sapphie herself knew about what’s happening and why Angela has been kidnapped: A few days before graduation in the Sunshine Academy and Tour is still annoying Ruby every time she goes to class, driving her nuts.

And what happened to Mikage’s during those days? The series is known for referencing pop culture from shows, anime, manga and movies. Hinata explained that her father is a fireman, in his job to put out fires and protect everyone’s lives. Juerupetto Sanshain is the third Jewelpet anime series created by Sanrio and Sega and animated by Studio Cometannounced in Shogakukan’s Pucchigumi magazine and is produced by Takayuki Inagaki.


Feeling depressed and also sad, Garnet and Rnglish will both do something for her in order for her dreams to be totally fulfilled. The blizzard continues and everything had gone to worse as the aurora expands and everyone in Jewel Land, turning everyone into ice one by one.

Later on after school, Garnet saw Dian practicing his dance moves until he noticed her watching. One of their classmates came and warned them about Phantom M-Kage and another case of the Dark Jewel Power surrounding him, explaining why Mikage is absent in the previous days.

Later after Kanon failed, Ruby helps her with a little magic hewelpet impress Mikage. Ruby’s Making Cookies Yay!: Ruby and Kanon however were going head to head with each other to create the perfect chocolate for their crush, Mikage but also their chocolates need to pass Episkde taste test as well like the rest of the students.

However, she epusode never accepted and instead became a new mascot for NASA, in which she rejects. She does what she can to be more athletic in the end.

Hello Minna-san, this is the full Version of the opening from the anime Lady Jewelpet. After then, Hinata and the Jewelpets hide themselves as Utsuborg went inside the Princess’s room and took her away. Jewelina explained that the malfunction is due to the strange clouds filled with Dark Jewel Magic surrounding Jewel Land.

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Titana decides to bust her out, but ends up destroying the whole prison, with the four of them miraculously surviving while the song I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing is playing in the background.

Like the previous two series, the music is also composed by Shiro Sunshinw.

As they look around the city and even meet the emperor and empress of the nation, they all enjoyed their visit, even they put on their special performances for the people. While looking at Peridot’s Jewel Pod, Ruby and her friends noticed a ghost in front of the old academy building and decides to investigate it.


Shouko and Angela were both in the Moto GP racing. Confession Prt Part 10 bluemoon 6 years ago. As the buses arrive at the Human World Mainly in TokyoRuby and the other Jewelpets are amazed on how the scenery looks like. The Jewelpets were watching Dian performing on television while Garnet is burning up with passion in her desire to perform on stage.

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The class learns about “Thanksjewel Day”, an event held once a year in Jewel Land. Archived from the original on June 10, The next day, Garnet didn’t get accepted again in the auditions, but when she was about to go home, she helped Dian by fixing his attire while giving out her name to him.

During the night of the festival, Ruby got so many distractions and must do many favors. Because of this, she decided to send Titana to the human world to spy on his home and reveal this secret and take it back to Kanon.

Jewelpet Sunshine Episode 1 English Subbed at gogoanime

Will this be the best chance for Kanon to confess her true feelings to him before she leaves Jewel Land forever? Ruby and her friends decides to find the source of it and stop the Dark Magic from plunging Jewel Land into an eternal winter. Suhshine few days after the battle, everyone in the Sunshine Academy finally graduated as they all finally achieved their dreams.

Part 2 of the last story.