Report Detail Video contains prohibited content. Laa-Laa keeps losing her ball, she meets the other Teletubbies, they learn that Tinky Winky’s bag is red, Dipsy’s hat is black and white and Po’s scooter is pink and blue. Then they hear the Magic Windmill spinning and they go to watch a group of children watch Tamzin Griffin pretend to be Funny Lady and tell the story of the Naughty Snake. She rolls into Tinky Winky, who rolls into Dipsy, who rolls into Laa Laa and so all the Teletubbies are rolling away towards the House. When the voice trumpet stops playing the lovely music, Noo Noo starts making his own music by sucking and slurping the same tune. The Teletubbies love playing Boo!

Tinky Winky and Po laugh as they act out the nursery rhyme. The Teletubbies think that the Jack in the Box is very surprising, then they all run away before the Jack in the Box disappears. Laa-Laa and Po go to smell the flowers. In Teletubbyland, it’s time for tubby custard, but Dipsy spills his Tubby Custard all over a tubby seat. The Teletubbies pop up to say “Eh-Oh! Suddenly, the Noo Noo manages to tidy up Dipsy’s hat.

A Christmas present for Laa-Laa has lovely decorations. So they start pushing buttons but it doesn’t episde and they’re still hungry. Then the Noo-Noo tidies them up and wants to decorate the house, but the Teletubbies scold him saying “Naughty Noo-Noo”.

Teletubbies Po Makes Tubby Custard – Full Episode Clip – video dailymotion

Back in Teletubbyland, Po has a falling down day. Po’s present is a little frosty cloud that begins to snow. Po is out for a ride on her Scooter. The Animal Parade marches through Teletubbyland. They enjoy Tubby Custarv until the Magic Windmill spins. But the Windmill interrupts them, so they go off to watch a little girl and her dad go for a walk.


Finally Laa-Laa and Po go to bed. Notify user via Email. The Teletubbies play “Boo” in the House.

Laa-Laa’s piece of Tubby Toast landed on top of her head and gets stuck in her aerial, the other three Teletubbies start laughing because she doesn’t know where her Tubby Toast has gone and Po puts it back On The table.

Then, Dipsy says “Eh-oh! The Teletubbies watch a video of some children going on a Easter egg hunt. They then have a Big Hug.

Dipsy is very surprised when the other Tubbies tell him his hat is the wrong size. The Windmill starts spinning and the Teletubbies run outside to watch Andy Brown show some children some Snails. The Windmill starts spinning and the Animal Parade marches through Teletubbyland.

Teletubbies NEW Series 2015 The Tubby Custard Ride Episode 5 Teaser

When they say uh-oh, they rush off to see the dancing bear in a stage to end the episode. Dipsy and Laa-Laa have great fun as the curtains open and close.

Tinky Winky turns off the Tubby Custard Machine and rushes outside to fetch the other Teletubbies and they watch group of youngsters feed mapanese flock of baby penguins.

The Teletubbies watch two children making Ice Cream Sundaes. Then the Teletubbies have Tubby Toast, except for Tinky Winky, because his toast was on the floor, so Noo-Noo cleans it up, then the Teletubbies chase him around for a hug, then the magic windmill started to spin again.

The Magic Windmill spins again and the Teletubbies watch the teletubbbies march through Teletubbyland. In Teletubbyland, the Teletubbies are going out to play.

The Teletubbies are running around the house, then suddenly, the Magic Windmill spins, teletubbes they go off to watch some children visit a level crossing at Caersws, Wales and watch a train passing by. The Teletubbies love Po very much. The driver rings the bell as they drive along and the girls see another cable car driving.


The Teletubbies go up the slide to see two children mend a dry stone wall. The Three Magic Ships sail through Teletubbyland. The Teletubbies make Tubby Custard and then go outside to play, but the Tubby Custard has made them feel very full and they all fall asleep. The little boy got a basket, yay for him!

The Teletubbies are sitting at the table and saying; ‘Eh-oh! Then the teletubbies had a good laugh until they teletkbbies the Magic Windmill spin, then they said “Uh-Oh! Later, outside the Home Hill, Laa-Laa walks out and says Eh Oh and then runs back inside and comes back out with the other Teletubbies. Then the singing man in the pink house appears. Po smelled flowers as well as Tinky Winky.

Teletubbies: Po Makes Tubby Custard – Full Episode Clip – video dailymotion

Then the Windmill spins again and the Teletubbies rush off to the Magical Event. Po finds a flag and leads Tinky Winky on a march across Teletubbyland.

She is all clean and everyone is all clean too until cuztard Magic Windmill stops spinning offscreen and it is time for Tubby Bye Bye.