CS answers with a smile that he will let LS know when the time is right. This really made my day, as D put. It just made me melt. The subbing was sparsely done so I actually had to FF through many parts and the video quality was not too great either. I thoughtvit just a dream sequence and sbs just want to trase us…but gahhhhh So overhelmed right now! I have to say Jang Hyuk has improved so much – as an actor and hotness level! Your two amazing leads acted their cute behinds off and the supporting cast was no slouch either.

Thanks for the terrific recaps, HeadsNo2 and gummimochi!! What I am saying that those who chose not to watch this are losing out because this drama is a work of art. Grandma Wang asks the multiple portraits of the Lee Clan ancestors to bless Gun and Mi-young so that they return as three , instead of two. Kinare September 6, at 4: This project is open for everyone who loves this drama, not only YAI fans. When Ok Jung gets back to her store, Jang Hyun is there waiting for her.

What a sweet ending. Because even if the truth is revealed it is too screwed up for anyone to believe- she poisoned herself!

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Well played Ok Jung. I thought only me that miss minister Min, he will be back!! Also thank you to the recappers for your fun recaps and wonderful insight! A group of sword dancers are brought out to entertain the guests. When Ok Jung gets back to her store, Jang Hyun is there waiting for her. Kwon Min Supporting Cast. Thanks for the precap. Hi tee, you must be my other half! Dramacraxy have a disease, a dead baby, two broken hearts and second leads interference.


And even rpisode you we are in the minority, I don’t think it’s by a wide margin. Juni Asat on spring beckons.

Brilliantly acted, written, and directed. Read somewhere that it was the same director for episoce shows. Thanks for the recap! Not only do I feel like there are insurmountable obstacles before Lee Soon and Ok Jung, I also feel pulled into their struggle jant their growing love explodes off the screen to create sparks everywhere.

For some of you who know me from way back whenI’m the sucker who would finish a drama, warts and all. This recap was a lovely way to end a truly enjoyable drama watching experience.

In exchange she wants her mother freed. He no longer wants the King to rule from afar and be so distant from his nation. On the other hand, LS is in his room, thinking of both women. She sits with the ministers, hidden behind a screen. There is no better weapon than one that attacks the heart but without even having to get ones hands dirty at all. She explains to him that his dream- to be the father in law of the King- will most likely never happen; after all she is only a concubine who will not even have the ability to raise her own children.

The King is intrigued by Master Jin and follows him- peppering him with questions on the currency, who he is, and what his new business venture consists of. This cryptic message hints at future plotting to come, a fact that seems not to register with the monarch.

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Episode 16 is like a soothing balm to the shock and numb that Jxng felt for episode That will make it even harder for her to choose in the future. But in episode 5 I got carried away with her acting I even cried watching the mother-daughter scenes.

Quick Note

Minister Min and his faction uses her shady birthright as an excuse to kick out OJ from the palace. No wonder Yumama would like it. It was so in keeping with Gun’s character and constantly gave me squeezy heart feelings of the non-heartburn kind. I know its going to end badly.

I cannot handle YAI… Omg! I think Geon was really drunk and really saw the as no?

Prince Boksun decides to go for broke and try again. And she warns OJ again about the king. But he has no choice — Prince Boksun and the Norons are coming dramaceazy him no matter what. Midas was such a weak show on acct of the script.

[Video] Added Korean drama ‘Cruel Palace – War of Flowers’ episode 20

This one though, the politicking keeps me on my toes- a good thing. Their emotions were so real and raw.

Separately yes, together no. Lee Soon tells Ok Jung to run while he distracts the men.