Listen and find the answers to such questions as: Analysis and reports Press Coverage 2. In the film we are also still in the days after the attack, where the workers try to cope with grief and still keep drawing. In this fascinating debate filmed at the Battle of Ideas, an eminent panel get stuck in to this thorny issue. Parrhesia would be exercised by writers of comedy and tragedy, philosophers and ordinary people. Denmark is using algorithms to deliver benefits to citizens—and undermining its own democracy in the….

What are there other options? If we are courageous and have a clearheaded view on the human condition, we can assert our right to free speech by exercising it. When everyone accepts that communal decision-making is taken by democratic means after public debate differences can be settled peacefully. When did scientific freedom make its decisive breakthrough? I always thought the right place for them was in a monastery, with a backdoor to a semi-detached brothel. Episode 20 – The Seeds of Enlightenment

He is also the founder and director of Justitiaa civil liberties think tank in Copenhagen. Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Youtube. Local councils were given funding to have multicultural morning teas, and money was on the table for all sorts of cultural and social projects as long as they presented multiculturalism in a positive light. Under legislative privilege provocative writers could be jailed and fined by their own representatives.

How did the long list of medieval Muslim polymaths reconcile abstract reasoning with Islamic doctrine? Who brought this guy? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When everyone accepts that communal decision-making is taken by democratic means after public debate differences can be settled peacefully. Who were the radical freethinkers that rejected revealed religion in favor of reason in a filj where apostasy and heresy were punishable by death?

Mchangama has contributed extensively to such publications as the Danish newspaper Information [5] and Berlingske Tidende, [6] the Norwegian website Minerva, [7] and the American journals National Review and Foreign Affairs. The involvement of private films where the late Charb, Tignous, Wolinski, Cabu and more are seen singing dirty songs, making practical jokes with each other and discussing politics are also very good and seems to ease up on the heavy mood of the film.


The disruptive effects of the internet and social media on the spread of information are unprecedented. Ablate you too btw. Was Islamic Spain a haven of religious tolerance compared to the Latin West? Why Life Gets Better after For decades he had subjected leading Athenians to humiliating intellectual stripteases with no apparent consequences.

But why is that? The discussion highlights the similarities and differences between Christianity, Catholic and Orthodox, Judaism, and Islam when it comes to defining and policing orthodoxy. And the policy of multiculturalism has brought some success and some failures. Despite the harsh climate of the 17th century, the boundaries of political speech and religious tolerance were significantly expanded.

They stumbled upon the same traps, fell for the same expedients, had them same warnings of impeding doom, really tried their best to make amend, while their empire faltered, and disappeared. TV interview with Jacob here. Jaob this episode, we join up with historian of science Dr. Our last stop in the Middle Ages is an interview with professor Christine Caldwell Ames, who is an expert on medieval heresy and inquisition in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Episode 18 – Colonial Dissent: Even Tocqueville had a soft spot, while acknowledging the inevitable of American Democracy. The raggedy edges are on display in Melbourne with the Apex gang of Somali and South Sudanese migrants running rampage in the streets or in Sydney with an advanced Islamist mchanama opening mosques and schools that reject the concept of democratic law and advocate the global rule of Sharia.

It is not enough to argue for heterodoxy and expect others to jacpb the hard work.

Religious speech was also tightly controlled. It is inevitable that those who are changing the government here to an oligarchy should have most numerous enemies…because the common folk have been bred and reared in a condition of freedom for the longest time…And if we find anyone opposed to the oligarchy, so far as we have the power we put him out of the way.

The Age of Persecution. And was the trial of Socrates mostly religious or political?

PoMos can convincingly write on anything. The two rockstars of Western philosophy Plato and Aristotle set up academies where they publicly criticized and scrutinized the very democracy that allowed them to philosophize freely.


So intimidated were the Athenians that the assembly even voted unanimously to abolish most of its own powers and adopt a new oligarchic constitution. If history tells us anything is that old solutions to revive dying ideas were tested. And jjacob about propaganda? Michael Shermer to investigate the cross-fertilization between science and free speech.

Battle of Ideas — 2019

Why was the famous medieval intellectual Pierre Abelard castrated, forced to burn his works, and condemned to silence by the church? The strongest and most touching scenes in the film are, when the survivors minutely and in great detail tells about what happened on the 7th of January. Among the questions tackled are: What happens when you try to impose alien religious ceremonies on proud and devout Scots?

Cartledge has written extensively on ancient Athens. Anon from Sydney says. But it is worth remembering that some years separate us from the Athenian democracy. In episode 11 we continue to survey the wreckage after hurricane Luther was unleashed on Europe with the Reformation.

Jacob Mchangama is the founder and executive director of Justitia, a Copenhagen based think tank focusing on human rights and the rule of law.

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Do we allow unfettered lies to propagate? Cultures die, just like humans, and the harder we fight the inevitable, the stronger we fall. In this environment, Socrates was seen as a corrosive influence jeopardizing the democracy and the values that jacobb it.

This page was last edited on 22 Februaryat Jacob Mchangama is the founder and executive director of Justitia, a Copenhagen-based think tank focusing on human rights and the rule of law. I mean, the US president paid a porn star to mchxngama sex while watching Shark Week, and Theresa May asks for backdoors on all of our phones.

Among the questions tackled are:.