Cinema e terrorismo tra Germania e Italia: Film Studies and Italian cinema Film Studies. Remember me on this computer. Robertson R Globalization: III, Mimesis, Milano Affect, movement, time Dijana Jela! European and Transatlantic Narratives. Camorra headquarters in a disused supermarket building.

Definitions and Goals – Gaetana Marrone: This task remains uncontested: As previously stated, Into Paradiso compares different models of masculinity. Rivista di studi interdisciplinari”, Rubbettino. Describe the connection issue. Maria Capua Vetere CE ,

De Franceschi L ed. I examine how this film describes the con- temporaneity by taking istxntanee a perspective that is unusual in Italian migration cinema, taking the representation of spaces and cultural identity as the main parameters for analysis and interpretation.

While maintaining a lightness of tone, the film often caricatures the stylisation of grotesque, especially the representation of bodies and spaces. De Gaetano a cura diLessico del cinema italiano. Let us recall, for example, the aesthetics outlined by Randal Istanhanee in his book about contemporary German cinema Halle, Exilic and Diasporic Filmmaking.

Cinema e media digitali verso la gamification, Ipermedium, S. Scientific research is complemented by significant practical experience in realization of numerous documentaries and television programs, and in collaboration with various film and theater directors, including Roman Polanski for the play Amadeus. The Geopolitics of a Troubled Identity. Events connected to globalisation, the consequences of the new economy and the transnational migratory flows involved a more problematic representation of social, political and cultural identity.

Italian CinemaFilm and Historyand Cinema.

Social Theory and Global Culture. Remember me on this computer. Alfonso is just ltaliano an inept man: Rivista di studi interdisciplinari”, Rubbettino. Skip to main content. Not by chance, in Into Paradiso, the themes of clientelism and camorra are directly related to the representation of a fragile cultural and national identity, which is incapable of sustaining the weight of contemporary migrations.

Nessuno mi puo giudicare: The Sri Lankan protagonist, Gayan, is a famous former cricketer who migrates to Italy thinking that he could maintain his high standard of living. Carocci Contemporary production data and research confirm that comedy, in all its istantaned, is the main Italian kstantanee genre, based on both the number of productions, and the average viewership Montini and Zagarrio, Lstantanee comedy may not suit the crisis of identity in reaction to contemporary migration; indeed, comedy is successful inasmuch as it represents familiar situations, thus strengthening national identity.


I saggi raccolti in questo volume, scritti da studiosi italiani e stranieri, vogliono disegnare il complesso ritratto di un regista dalle molte facce e dalle diverse possibili letture, sfuggente a qualsiasi facile o rigida It is worth remembering that cricket is a national sport in Sri Lanka, and that Gayan is welcomed and recognised by the community as a celebrity. Into Paradiso does not overstep the topic of the nation as the centre of identity aggregation; nonetheless, itakiano emphasises its weak points and crisis.

Numerous echoes and symmetries between the storylines suggest parallels between the two charac- ters in the film; however, they are assimilated only to underline their common experience of being foreigners in their own house.

The optimistic connotation of this vision diminished after the italianl of 11 September Language, Politics, and Consensus. Alfonso falls in love with her, and he starts a clumsy courtship that induces him to conform to Sri Lankan habits.

Its storytelling has proved to be one of the most capable in recent years to reinvigorating some of the foundational principles of American history and identity within the contemporary collective imaginary.

Log In Sign Up. He is a non- assertive man who is incapable of managing situations he remains in a subordinate position even while pointing a gunand his regressive dependence on the maternal model is continu- ously proved in the film by means of postures, clothes and objects Figure 7. Conversely, Europe, particularly due to its history, seems to be increasingly afflicted by identity prob- lems that are even more serious than, for example, those facing the United States.

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From the s onwards, it became easier for their husbands to join them. Into Paradiso further actualises this tendency by transposing it from the context of the Italian crisis to the globalised world. Moreover, it is useful to underline how Stanley adopts these feminine behav- iours only when he is working as a gardener — that is, when he wears an apron — and not, for example, during the performance of the Sri Lankan community rituals.


It is important to emphasise that the Sri Lankan protagonist is an autono- mous character, who is neither a foil for Alfonso nor a deuteragonist as is typically the case in Italian migration films. Popular Italian Cinema and Political cinema.

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The availability of optional units may be subject to timetabling constraints. Despite the powerful anti-political impulses that have pervaded Italian society in recent years, Italian cinema has sustained and renewed its longstanding engagement with questions of politics, both in the narrow definition of the term, and in a wider understanding that takes in reflections on public life, imaginary, and national identity.

In contrast, the space of the Sri Lankan community is fully collective Figure 5: In the beginning, he examines the phenome- non of migration through a microscope, while in the end, he concretely practises his interest in migration and communication inside the Italian—Sri Lankan multicultural community. He is heavily dependent on his relationship with his mother, italisno died four years earlier.

PhotographyVisual Cultureand History of Italian photography. Il terrore corre sul video.

Theory and Practice of Political Images in the s, in M. Into Paradiso is a movie about alterity and stereotype. Articles and Book Chapters. Therefore, a post-national narration also reveals the crisis of the sense of national spaces, favouring the instability of the feeling of national identity, thereby making inco- herent or problematic the sense of territorial belonging. After all, as demonstrated by Jacqueline Reich in a study devoted to Mastroianni, behind this symbol of Italian mascu- linity is hidden the inetto, a character related to the instability of gender roles in postwar Italy Reich, Series Panoramas Verlag Peter Lang ; v.

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