Khushi says, you think I am childish.. Khushi finally asks what his father’s name was, Arav replies that he wants to go to washroom and leaves. Khushi imagines it to be Sheetal.. Khushi thinks of another solution to get Aarav or Arnav haiAarav comes home hiding from everyone. Arav states he doesn’t want to go to the house as its dusty, Sheetal states that she cant leave him on his own, Nani invites Arav to stay there, Sheetal states Arav is only making excuses as his favourite team’s match is on that he wants to watch. Nani says, to make Mamisleep you don?

Sheetal tells Aarav,someone is looking very handsome. Its request frm studntz of college pathanamthitta. Khushi then gets an idea to find the name of the father by going along with Sheetal to the school for the admission. She says happy anniversary damm it. Arav states that he only wants Toast and Juice. Sheetal thanks Khushi for taking care of Arav. Posted by Sreedevi K N at Anjali, Nani, Payal, and Mami are getting Aarav readyfor the school.

Khushi states how Sheetal and him are both alike. Khushi starts her speech telling that she would massage the head using it. Khushi and Arnav have a hug. Not a 9 episode bt completly as before.


Khushi tells she would first try it on Arnav who flatly refuses, she then tries on Aarav but he too refuses. I can see it.

Nk tells Khushi, there is a magic in yourmassage? She tells Aarav, it? Arnav is with his plants and Khushi is looking at him deep in thought, she asks what he is doing and Arnav replies about the advice given Arav. Doctor replies that it if father has it then there is a chance that the son will have it.


Arnav says, I knew since college time that Sheetal Kapoor hasthis allergy. She is thinkinghow to take out hair and then suddenly says, what a solution it is.

Khushi Aur Arnav Ka Romance ! – Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

They change his shirt and then ask him to change pant. Khusi tells she will go to clean kitchen. Mami tells Khushi to massage her heae.

He then notices an oil bottle in Khushi’s hands and enquires about it. Khushi gets furios and asks who is it.


Spoiler Pics – 20th August – Remarriage Pics. Khushi wondering what she is thinking is right? She is 3770 to open it but then puts it away in a cupboard.

I savedyou from the kidnappers. When she was about to open the file, Principal comes and takes it away.

She is also recalling all the comments that the family made about the two, Khushi wakes up startled and starts pacing and stating its okay for Arnav to say it meant nothing, but she is not able to sleep properly now.

Downstairs Anjali asks what the matter is, but Khushi covers herself, just then the door bell rings and its Sheetal, Khushi thinks she is imaging and tells Sheetal to go away thinking its her imagination, Nani then calls Sheetal in, Sheetal informs that she is here for the prescription, Nani invites her in but Sheetal is getting late, Arav is with her telling that to hurry up as he is hungry, Anjali states they must stay for breakfast, but Sheetal says no, Arnav to invites them and then Sheetal agrees.


Rabba Ve plays…………………They have an eye lock.

Aarav tells Arnav, now her anger will be filmytoo. Doctor states that Arav has diabetes, Sheetal stateshow is that possible, Khushi tries to epsiode Sheetal. May 3, at 1: She gets a tub of Channa and sits by the poolside and states that with the chota entry her life has turned upside down and asks for help from her devi maiyaa.

Nicky 15th Dec – Khushi goes to get the food. Aarav says, and you don? Khushi wondering sis she is thinking is right?

Khushi Aur Arnav Ka Romance ! – Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon – Vidéo dailymotion

Khushi wants to know how many women were in his life before Lavanya and who they were. Created by Muhammad Shariq Baig. Arnav asks what does she mean? Khushi comes just then.