Arnav tells Anjali that he sent Kushi to see her family. This makes Manorama jealous. Khushi goes to the temple for refuge. Her colleagues make fun of her for her Indian attire. Khushi is touched when Buaji gives her jalebis for the journey, but an idea strikes her and she convinces them about it. Arnav goes to the party when he learns that Khushi has accompanied Lavanya to the party. Shashi on the other hand, is suspicious about Shyam and enquires about his whereabouts when he comes home. She opens a sweet shop in front of their house.

Arnav becomes emotional about the time spent with his parents. Later, to infuse some life into the party, Khushi and Nanda Kishore perform a dance for the guests on a desi song. Khushi baulks at wearing revealing clothes and chooses to turn up in a sari instead. Khushi and Payal are happy to find Shyam in the city. Khushi is unhappy when she hears this. While, Anjali is surprised to see Shyam worried, Arnav continues thinking about Khushi. Later, Nani sees Lavanya going into Arnav’s room.


All are shocked when Khushi declares that she will not leave the job as she knows she is right. Nani gets anxious about Anjali and informs Arnav about it. Later, Payal thanks Arnav for helping her and Akash. Payal then decides to forget oya the past and focus on her engagement with Akash.


Khushi then decides to meet Arnav in the same restaurant.

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Arnav becomes grim again when the alcohol wears off. Will he win the challenge?

Episore is angry with Khushi for starting tuitions in Raizada house. Madhumati discusses Shyam as a prospective groom for Khushi. She then tries to stop Lavanya from leaving the house. Khushi decides never to speak about Shyam. Later, after a conversation with Anjali, he realises how easy it is to apologise. Meanwhile, Shyam is shocked to know that his scheme has failed.

In order to hide from Madhumati, he hides under the table. Khushi explains the significance of Diwali to Lavanya. Meanwhile, Khushi changes her mind about informing Arnav about Shyam.

Nani asks Arnav to drop Khushi home. Meanwhile, Anjali is upset when Shyam tells her he will be late for her parents’ death anniversary ceremony. Anjali pleads with Arnav to stay and this makes him to change his mind. Will he keep his promise? What is the secret behind their secret wedding? In order to stress 531 disapproval, Manorama pretends to leave the house.

Meanwhile, the groom’s family criticises the arrangements, while Khushi tries to control the situation.

Anjali welcomes Arnav and Khushi while Manorama and Shyam fume in anger. Arnav is devastated to see Shyam profess his love to Khushi.

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Arnav and Lavanya are furious when Khushi barges into their meeting. Khushi thanks Arnav for dancing with her and gets flustered when he compliments her.


Khushi thinks about Arnav and Lavanya’s relationship. Khushi leaves the temple early. Later, Manorama asks her to leave the house as Lavanya has learnt all the household chores. Anjali and Nani decide not to forgive Arnav for humiliating their family. She later informs Shyam about losing the engagement ring.

Payal is worried about this, too. Later, Arnav is shocked to see Khushi’s video on his laptop. They act as though they are matchmaking for Khushi and Nand Kishore, to make Arnav jealous. Naniji overhears their conversation and is very curious. Khushi’s earring gets stuck in his coat. Arnav is happy on seeing Khushi wearing the bangles that he had bought.

Will Anjali see the scorpion? How will Shyam take advantage of this? Akash and Payal on the other hand, ppayer ready for their wedding.

He finally finds Anjali in a temple and apologises for being rude. While a frustrated Lavanya drinks, Shyam escapes the party.

Khushi drops Payal’s bangle in the pool and tries retrieving it.