Anjali states thatall she wants from them is some time to be spent with her and asks ifthat is too much to ask. Khushi states that Buaji is fine now, Nani also agreesstating she saw Buaji the other day at hospital. Web Toolbar by Wibiya. Khushi comes in with a daaga for Anjali towear to protect her baby, she goes to put it on but Anjali states thatshe will put it on. I think you should explore the articles on your website, You should also cover different different categories for articles as you writes awesome. Khushi is still sleeping when the phone rings.

NK and Akash come down and wish her happy rakshabandan. Arnav puts home line busy too and says what will you do now Khushi? He then puts tape on her mouth and says tape should be there. She is told that to reduce the rent, she has to go with him to his house. She says she will speak to the new landlord himself. Khushi asks what do you think? By seeing movie person experiences refreshment from their day to day life.

I think I need it!

She thinks it may be because of the lesser rains. Buaji tells Khushi to take ASR inside. They hang up then.

She rushes off to his cabin despite people stopping her. Celibrate with wishes to others eg friends, parents, brothers and relatives.

He says he just came and asks her for another 24, rupees. Arnav says for now no epksode tells her to stay up in case if he needs anything.

Khushi outside wondering that Anajli would not have gone tothe Mandir as they have just had a pooja, she thinks whether ASR knowsand he doesn’t even have her phone with her, she then sees Anjalilooking like she is talking to someone but there is a tree in the way sowe don’t see who she is talking to. Created by Sritten Shariq Baig.



Khushi says you never told pyara before. For more information visit Just then, the landlord comes and says that Rs is just half the amount. Before she can be elated, Arnav cuts the call.

Anjali is happylooking around with the decorations. Sections of this page. And i am really appreciate your effort. Khushi starts packing them.

Khushi gives 24, rupees to Shukla ji her landlord and asks him happy now?. To bring close them with yourself. Arnav asks her why she slept like this in the GH and Khushi asks why he holds her hand and doonn. Arnav says you have to find that box and put it in 10 minutes are uupdate left. When Khushi is packing, Arnav turns on the fan purposely so all wrappers fly.

She now calls at home number as Arnav turned off his phone. Khushi comes and tells them to get ready for Raaksi, shegoes to NK and states that she has a brilliant idea for a gift forAnjali. As he places her, she refuses to let go of him, first his collar and then his hand.

He asks did you say anything bad about me? episdoe

Kha turns around and asks him what he is doing. Join or Log Into Facebook. In India Kurtis is are the most obvious choice for the brides. Arnav puts home line busy too and says what will you do now Khushi? Arnav asks what are you doing here? NKwants them all to take a family picture now. Arnav is taking off his shirt. But she breathes a sigh of relief since her problem is solved.


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Arnav agrees this time. Khushi comes in with a daaga for Anjali towear to protect her baby, she goes to put it iiss but Anjali states thatshe will put it on.

NK then points to the last surprise. Khushi rushes with the packing and ASR idlywatches Khushi doing all the work.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 30th July Written Update – ♥ Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon ♥

He finds that its Khushi calling him, worker states that ppyaar phone wasengaged. Khushi again opens everything and in end she finally finds the box. Spoiler Pics – 18th August – Sangeet Pics. There is a staring marathon with Rabba Ve in the BG. Her fight to fill “Mother’s Heart with delight” an apparent event in the United States began inthe year her mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, kicked the can.