Khushi plans to jump off a building. Shyam is relieved to know that Anjali did not hear his conversation. Khushi sets up a meeting with Akash to talk about the matter. Khushi is afraid of Arnav. Later, to infuse some life into the party, Khushi and Nanda Kishore perform a dance for the guests on a desi song. He refuses to talk to her family and asks her to return home. On reaching Delhi, Arnav gives Khushi some money and asks her to leave. Manorama asks Lavanya to take Laxmi for a walk.

Khushi tells Arnav that he has made her an orphan once again by forcing her to marry him. Lavanya pampers Laxmi while Nani watches her. Arnav, however, convinces her to stay. You can paste URL of the image inside your comment and it will be automatically converted into the image when reading the comment. Anjali refuses dance as she is unwell and informs Shyam. Later, Anjali tells Arnav about Khushi’s depression, but he disregards her concern.

How will Shyam fit in? Shyam shamelessly challenges him to do so. Shyam steals Anjali’s necklace in order to frame Khushi.

Later, Shyam misbehaves with Khushi. She then takes her relatives to Raizada house and introduces them to Nani.

Payal and Khushi worry when they fail to get orders, but are delighted when they get to deliver sweets to a high profile party. Later at the party, Arnav insults the guests for gossiping about him and Khushi. She is surprised at the Western clothes everybody is wearing there. Meanwhile, Anjali is very confused about Arnav and Lavanya’s relation.


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Manorama claims that Payal had not only stolen Akash from her but also her position as the daughter-in-law of the Raizada family. Staarplayer the way, he sees an accident and learns about a man and woman being injured. Nani praises Lavanya and tells her that she wishes her to staplayer Arnav. Khushi warns Shyam to stay away. Later, Arnav tells Khushi that he is happy to stay away from her, but thinks about her once she goes away.

Meanwhile, Khushi is overwhelmed with Arnav’s apology.

Later, Shyam offers help with the money to be paid to Anjali. He faints by the time she starts cooking for him. Everyone is happy as Akash thanks her for accepting Payal. Arnav becomes grim again when the alcohol wears off. Later, Arnav is angry when he sees Lavanya dressed like Khushi.

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Later, Nani, Anjali and Lavanya give farewell gifts to Khushi. He goes to her room and sees her having her lunch. Later, Shyam is astonished to see Khushi in the party.


She convinces him to take a bath under the street tap. Shyam seems to be falling for Khushi as well. Starplauer is Shyam going to episodee about his feelings? Meanwhile, Shyam realises that Arnav has bequeathed everything to Anjali in his will.

Will she quit the job? Nani is upset with Lavanya and wishes to see a girl like Khushi in the house. Payal assures Khushi about her father. Bubbly ruins Manorama’s surprise gift, to trap Payal. Will Khushi reveal the truth to everyone?

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The neighbours come to Madhumati when Arnav’s air conditioner knocks out the power. Is this another trick? After consuming the doctored juice, Madhumati gets dizzy and forgets the dance steps on the stage. Khushi and Arnav hide their discord from Anjali. Later, Arnav accuses Khushi of trying srarplayer impress his family for property.

However, Arnav intervenes and stops her from telling the truth.