Mistaking Arnav to be Payal, she pulls him inside the bathroom. Later, Arnav yells at Khushi for being unsure about her decisions. Anjali is upset with Arnav, who leaves house feeling guilty. Manorama is intent on getting a rich daughter-in-law. Payal and Buaji are stunned to see Arnav getting an unconscious Khushi home. She and Nani are delighted to see Lavanya shout at her friends for making fun of Nani.

Arnav cries for Anjali even though she is fine. Bubbly hides inside it to get Payal into trouble. What do they want? Arnav and Khushi spend some romantic moments together. Arnav asks Khushi to take part in a fashion shoot when the original model storms out. Khushi and Payal run into Shyam at the marketplace.

Will she go back?

What Name Shall I Give This Love? season 1 episode 177

Akash reassures her that he will always be her son. Buaji refuses to let Khushi work for a living. Lavanya explains the idea of a live-in relationship to Khushi.

Will she quit the job? Khushi plans to jump off a building. The contractor refuses to pay Khushi.

Later, Anjali calls Shyam and tells him that Khushi is waiting for him to tie the rakhi. Optional, please keep it short. But just as Arnav prepares to do so, Anjali faints.


Khushi gives a great performance and is praised by all. Nani asks Arnav to give a solid pikknd behind his decision and refuses to let Lavanya go. What has Anjali learnt about Shyam? Khushi asks him to meet Arnav at the airport before he leaves for London.

She then takes her relatives to Raizada house and introduces them to Nani.

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How will Shyam take advantage of this? Meanwhile, Arnav laughs when Khushi apologises to him for being rude.

He is disturbed with all the noise from the wedding preparations. Anjali plans a big Teej puja and Arnav supports this idea. Is Xtarplayer buying roses for Khushi? Shyam pretends to care for her and the baby.

Arnav tells Anjali that he suspects Khushi was forced to get engaged. Arnav refuses to discuss about Lavanya with Naniji. Arnav is angry with Khushi for starting tuitions in Raizada house.

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She fights with him over the bathroom. Episofe disapproves of Lavanya’s dance performance and complains starplayrr Anjali. What will Madhumati do now? Meanwhile, Madhumati is emotional thinking about Shashi and requests Khushi to marry Peisode. On the way, he sees an accident and learns about a man and woman being injured. Will Arnav reveal his feelings to Khushi? Everyone is happy as Akash thanks her for accepting Payal. Arnav learns about Khushi’s broken engagement with Shyam. Topic is a specific subject of discussion.


Khushi is disturbed about her feelings for her husband and reveals them to him. Anjali leaves a voice message for Arnav. Khushi decides to leave the Raizada house when Arnav refuses to answer her questions.

Later, Khushi refuses the prize money. Later, Anjali asks Akash about his feelings for Payal. Arnav humiliates Khushi again, but Nani supports her and asks him to behave.

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He refuses to talk episodr her family and asks her to return home. Khushi reads his diary to find out the reason behind his behaviour. Akash promises to be faithful to Payal after talking to Kushi about her. Shyam threatens Khushi for rejecting his love.

Later, Madhumati arrives at the Raizada house to invite Payal for the rituals.