Arnav overloads Khushi with work. She says to agree to atleast one girl. He orders Khushi to stay in his house for six months as his wife. Khushi and Anjali berate Arnav for disappearing all of a sudden. Shyam tries to convince Khushi against accepting Anjali’s offer. Arnav thinks Khushi is crying to gain his sympathy. Shyam is displeased to see Arnav and Khushi together. He covers his face again with kerchirf and starts cleaning with a green broom [ Wow ASR!!!

Later, Khushi tries to avoid confrontation with Arnav. Arnav and Khushi blame each other for the unplanned meeting. Did Khushi meet with an accident? Shyam finds the legal papers hidden by Khushi. He, too, is thinking about Khushi a lot. Arnav, on the other hand, is upset for scolding Khushi when Anjali informs him about her innocence.

She reaches home exhausted, upset about Lavanya and Arnav’s treatment. Shashi finally gets hold of Anjali’s number. This makes Manorama jealous. She and Nani are delighted to see Lavanya shout at her friends for making fun of Nani. Arnav scolds her for wearing a cheap dress. Khushi and Nanda Kishore have a hard time syncing their steps.

Khushi impersonates Manorama and Madhumati to cheer up Payal. Nani refuses to talk to Khushi. Khushi gives a great performance and is praised by all.


Lavanya is shocked when Nani asks her to prepare dinner. He says the girl should be very simple, who would take care of everyone and many more just like Payal.

Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon episode star player – Warp speed limit episode

Did Khushi meet with an accident? He refuses to believe her ‘fake’ stories.

Arnav is amused to see Khushi dressed like Manorama. Will Arnav express his emotions?

Star Player | Star Plus | Kis desh mein hai meraa dil | Geet is unconscious |

What will Khushi do? Meanwhile, Khushi changes her mind about informing Arnav about Shyam. Khushi is threatened for revealing Shyam’s plans.

Manorama demands to get her mehendi done first. Anjali enquires as what had happened. Lavanya is worried by her parents’ absence at her engagement.

What Name Shall I Give This Love? season 1 episode 177

Khushi tries to explain. She is surprised at the Western clothes everybody is wearing there. Khushi reaches the guest house while Mr. Meanwhile, Shyam feels that Arnav has a plan against him.

Eisode learns that Arnav has cleared Shyam’s hospital bills. Manorama berates her, but she tells Khushi that she did it purposely to help a needy contestant win the prize money.


She asks Lavanya to convince him to dpisode the pooja with his family. How do they deal with this situation? He rescues her, but Khushi accuses him of trying to kill her. Khushi makes Nani happy by telling her about her plans to make diyas. The trip is cancelled when Khushi learns about Arnav to have not reached London!

He goes to her room and sees her having her lunch. To her surprise, she finds Shyam, who forcefully embraces her as she tries to run away. She makes fun of Arnav on the stage. Nani and NK give an intimidating performance. Will she quit the job?

He admires Khushi eating the chat he buys for her. The contractor refuses to pay Khushi. Khushi disregards his threats and tells Anjali that Arnav had ordered her to go back to her parent’s house. Shyam tricks Madhumati and Garima into believing that Shashi wants him to marry Khushi.