Add the first question. The boys head back to Neil’s house and begin drinking, but Neil’s father Kevin returns home with a friend earlier than expected and is furious at what he sees. When rushing over to apologise, the woman’s friend angrily admonishes Will in Polish. As the guys sit around drinking and deciding what to do with the day, talk centers particularly on the questionable sexual orientation of Neil’s father, and based on Simon’s belief that he truly is in love with Carli, what he should do to advance the relationship regardless of the fact that Carli already has a boyfriend. Phoning the school and pretending to be your parents? Worse that can happen, you get nothing. The following morning, all four boys arrange to play truant from school. The only night he goes out all week is Wednesday and that’s to play badminton!

Upon arrival, Neil and Jay get drunk by playing drinking games with Sophie’s housemate Joe and his two friends. I’ll just say we’re ill and won’t be in today. The next day at school, Mr Gilbert confronts the four boys, insisting that whilst Jay and Neil are not in trouble due to no legal requirement to attend sixth form , Simon and Will are due to them impersonating their parents, so they are sent to the headmaster over the matter. His party ruined, Will finally caves and agrees to go to Louise’s party. This couldn’t have gone any better. The boys head back to Neil’s house and begin drinking, but Neil’s father Kevin returns home with a friend earlier than expected and is furious at what he sees. During Simon’s test, he is assessed by a female examiner who tries to put him at ease with the use of sexual connotations; Simon is submissive to her advances and passes his driving test as a result.

He soon persuades her to go on a date with him after he volunteers himself and his friends to cover multiple shifts for her so that she can attend her closest friend’s hen do. Simon then, albeit drunkenly, realises he loves Carli D’Amato and is desperate to tell her.

But a babysitting “date” that Simon has with Carli to look after her four year old brother, Chris Will is later approached by Charlotte who, when Will bjmder asks whether their brief relationship was only a bet, ignores the question but kisses him after praising his work on the party; however, witnessing the whole thing, Donovan soon appears and angrily threatens Will, but all the guests stand up for Will due to all his hard work and demand Donovan leave him alone.


It’s a bloody menace. Jay claims that she is impressed because he is drunk, and so recommends he get drunk even more. All the boys face their upcoming exams as the first year of sixth form is coming to an end.

Look, I can easily wash it off and we can just pretend it never inetweeners and I could not tell anyone and you could not tell anyone and my mates could not tell anyone and your mates could not tell anyone. This place smells like a brewery and not a nice one.

Will brags to the rest of the boys about this, but Simon explains to him that Charlotte is obviously just using him to get back at Donovan following their relationship issues, leading Will to angrily insult him and storm off. Jay Cartwright Blake Harrison Jay then appears and tells the boys he has inbetwfeners received a blowjob in the DJ booth, but then admits it was only a ” handjob outside of the trousers”. Jay again shouts “bus wankers! Do you think so?

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Will then tries to reclaim the frisbee, but the disabled woman refuses to let go of it; nearby, school bully Mark Donovan and his friends assume Will and Simon are trying to steal the frisbee from the disabled woman and so chase them both out of the park.

As a result, two tough looking men from the bus stop walk over to Simon’s car and briefly throttle him whilst Simon apologises several times in fear, which Jay and Neil later mock him over. Sometimes I get them to strum themselves while I watch. Good of you to join us today. Simon decides to go on Will’s camping trip when Carli’s father bans him from going near their house again, and although Will organises the trip constructively, the others makes a mess of things and begin burning various possessions of Will’s to fuel a fire.

When tagging along with Simon, Will meets Simon’s friends Jay Cartwright and Neil Sutherland, and decides to join them at the student gathering organised for later at the local pub, The Black Horse. Search for ” Bunk Off ” on Amazon. Will, Simon and Jay are going on the Geography trip to Swanage, all with individual plans in mind. And I know why I’m here.


I’m just an adult man stocking up on booze. Sorry, did you see the way I just lied to her? The episode ends the next day at school with Simon and Will being taken to the headteacher’s office as calling up and claiming to be their parents is fraud and Neil and Jay get away scot free.

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Merely a scorched shadow on the pavement. This episode follows the boys’ day as they bunk off school.

Jay easily makes it into Will’s house regardless due to Neil leaving the front door open, and they both begin to make a mess of the place, causing Will to force them all to go outside. Simon and Carli have a conversation in her kitchen, with Carli trying to insist that she already has eisode boyfriend, though Simon merely drunkenly requests she finger herself in front of him, before vomiting in her kitchen and all over Chris, left scared by Will who had been drunkenly describing acts of terrorism to him after they witnessed footage of it on television.

The cavalier philosophy that caused my father to leave my mother. I inbwtweeners hitting that girl with a Erisbee.

Will is left home alone as his mother hooks up with an old flame in Bath. Yeah, why not mention it?

Simon tries to blame it on Neil’s father, claiming he had touched them inappropriatelywhich is instantly dismissed but leads to a brief dispute between the parents themselves over whether or not Kevin truly is gay. That’ll be a few thousand dead.

One, your mum left him because he loves cock. Embed video The Inbetweeners – Bunk Off. Simon goes into a hateful outburst towards them all, but soon calms down when they offer him a drink and admits it was a rubbish car anyway.