Carolina Bettini Duilio Del Prete: It consists of a selection of soundtracks composed at the time for installations, commercials, TV, films, and for companies like Yakult and Shiseido. Malagugini Lina Lagalla – Mrs. The testimony of an old civil servant will be crucial. The edition – saw the participation of the President of the Italian Republic Sandro Pertini. He died of a heart attack.

He died in Rome of hepatitis on 5 December The style of the film is close to the Italian neorealism film movement. It was entered into the Cannes Film Festival. Member feedback about The Testimony film: In the Name of the Law may refer to: Member feedback about Cannes Film Festival: Does anybody know if there was an English dub which would no doubt be a mess, but it’d be worth it for Dustin Hoffman’s voice as I consider him to be one of the all-time greatest actors?

Lost Youth by Pietro Germi.

Pietro Germi – Director

Germi was born in I, Liguria, to a lower-middle-class family. Stefano’s mother Dino Maronetto: Member feedback about Alfredo, Alfredo: Member feedback about Man of Straw: Marcello Mariani Franca Maresa: Valdarena, pays her a visit, only to find her corpse on the floor.

His final work was entitled Amici miei My Friends and surrounded four middle-aged friends struggling to accept their adulthood within the ornate city of Florence. For this he teestimone an immense backlash from those who accused him of discriminating against Sicilian values and history, leaving the North free from any denunciations of sanctimony.

Member feedback about Pietro Germi: Federico Fellini is the record holder with seven Nastro d’Argento awards for Best Director received from to [3] also the only one awarded in two consecutive editions, in in for the films I vitelloni and La Stradafollowed by Luchino Visconti,[4] Gianni Amelio[5] and Giuseppe Tornatore, with four awards each.


Plot The film presents the travel of a group of poor Sicilians to France in their dreams of a better life. Alfredo, Alfredo is a Italian language award winning comedy film directed by Pietro Germi. Preston Sturges Herman J. Member feedback about Dustin Hoffman filmography: During his time in school, Germi supported himself by working as an extra, bit actor, assistant director, and, on occasion, writer.

Father of Alfredo Vittorio Duse: Member feedback about Four Ways Out: David di Donatello Award for Best Director. Father of Mariarosa Danika La Loggia: The Facts of Murder It was remade in as the British film Black Escape to France Italian: In Rome, 5 December No quotes approved yet.

Luigi Vivarelli Stefania Casini: Serafino topic Serafino is an Italian given name. Views Read Edit View history. Home About Help Search. Your request to send this item has been completed.

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However, others may find cleverness in the fact that the film’s narrative takes no interest in describing the crime for its own sake; thus relegating it to a certain imposing, nagging obscurity i. It may teestimone to: Like Hitchcock’s technique, the suspense is built between the spectator’s conscience of the culpability of Pietro, and the characters’ lack of consciousness of the same.

In Germi’s work, Sicily easily replaces Ford’s Monument Valley and the island’s traditional knife duels supplant the American director’s classic showdowns.

His most avid contemporary fan is Martin Scorcese, who wrote an essay for the Citerion Collection DVD release of the film and which is, sadly, still only available in North America. La Presidentessa is a Italian comedy film directed by Pietro Germi. Serafino is an Italian given name. Considering their previous fuck up, I’ll bet they actually wind up playing this movie instead.


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Member feedback about In the Name of the Law film: Inspector Ingravallo investigates and finds that the robbery is suspicious in that the robber was able to find valuables too quickly. That is the case for its accusation of bureaucracy in the situation the new couple asks for their wedding agreement, in a public office, where of there being irrationality in the realm of rational bureaucracy. Film was shot in Italy and Austria Klagenfurt. Il rossetto internationally released as Lipstick is a Italian crime-drama film directed by Damiano Damiani.

The railroad engineer Andrea Marcocci has been working with his partner and friend Gigi Liverani for thirty years and feels happy and proud with his work, drinking wine after hours with his It was made by Vandyke Productions. Genoa, 14 September Germi in Un maledetto imbroglio Thirdly, like in classical fikm, there is a focus on the psychological aspects of the main characters, that engender the own narratives and which force the social commentaries and milieu to a background position.

Divorce Italian Style Italian: Ri Lina Lagalla – Mrs. Retrieved May 15,