Recognizing it as a messenger from Neptune, the king offers himself as atonement for having violated his vow to the god. In the royal garden, Ilia asks the breezes to carry her love to Idamante, who appears, explaining that he must go to fight the serpent. All of them have triumphed on major stages in hugely challenging roles. Idamante has slain the monster. Kurt Kramer [3] has suggested that Varesco was familiar with Calzabigi and therefore the work of Gluck, especially the latter’s Alceste ; much of what we see in Varesco’s most dramatic passages is the latest French style, mediated by Calzabigi. Everyone is happy except Electra, who wants to die. The high priest of Neptune tells Idomeneo of the devastation inflicted on the Cretans by the monster. Featured Jobs Near You.

He demands that the sacrifice proceed, as this is the price for peace in Crete. La Clemenza di Tito is also an opera seria. But Neptune raises a terrible storm out of which appears a monster which then begins to tear the island apart. Learn more about pre-opera talks. Everyone departs in distress but Elettra, who is irate: Here are five reasons to see the opera when it opens next month. There he recalls the vow he made to Neptune: We hear his voice saying that if Idomeneo gives up being king and lets Idamante and Ilia rule as king and queen, he will forgive.

Idomeneo presents Idamante and his bride as the new rulers.

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After Mithridate and Lucio Sillablending youthful earnestness idomenel mature mastery, Mozart uses — while profoundly changing — the elements of a genre based on arias that come one after another with no real concern for dramatic progression.

Idamante is kind and frees the Trojan prisoners. University of California Press. On his way home, his ship sinks, and he survives only due to the grace of Neptune. They are surprised by Electra and Idomeneo, who begs his son to leave. When he says he would like to die because Ilia does not love him. Haydn, Mozart and the Viennese School: Ilia volunteers to take his place. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.


This turns out to be his son. Illia, daughter of King Priam, is held prisoner shnopsis the court of the King of Crete, Idomeneo, whose imminent return is announced after the end of the Trojan War.

He orders that the Trojan prisoners be set free. She loves Prince Idamante, son of Idomeneo, but does not want to tell him about her love for him.

Electra, worried that Ilia, a Trojan, soon will be Queen of Crete, feels the furies of Hades tormenting her. Views Read Edit View history.

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Want to see your job listed here? In there was a controversy over the idomenso of a production directed by Hans Neuenfels at the Deutsche Oper Berlin see Idomeneo controversy. Before doing so he tells Ilia that he loves her. Just as Idomeneo is about to strike the fatal blow, Illia steps in and offers to die in his place.

Agamemnon father Clytemnestra mother Aegisthus stepfather Orestes brother Iphigenia sister Chrysothemis sister. Deutsche GrammophonCat: The young man despairs at the idea of abandoning Illia, sjnopsis father and his homeland, while Electra is delighted to be able to reconquer the one she loves. At the port of Sidon a fictional city of CreteIdomeneo bids his son farewell and urges him to learn the art of ruling while he is away.

When Idomeneo finally realizes it is his own son he must kill, he tells Idamante to go away and never see him again.

Mozart was idoemneo by the operas of Gluck. Arbace, the king’s trusted friend, brings news that Idomeneo has been drowned ldomeneo sea while returning to Crete from Troy. The Cretans ask the gods to bless the pair. The people realize that someone has offended the gods, and Idomeneus confesses. The overturein D major and common timeis in a modified sonata form in which the development is but a very short transition section connecting the exposition with the recapitulation.


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Today Idomeneo is part of the standard operatic repertoire. Because the two have not seen each other for a long time, they do not recognize one another at first. To escape from a terrible storm that is keeping him from reaching Crete, Idomeneo promises Neptune to sacrifice the first living being he encounters upon landing.

Trojans and Cretans together welcome the return of peace, but Electradaughter of aynopsis Greek King Agamemnonis jealous of Ilia and does not approve of Idamante’s clemency toward the enemy prisoners.

Idomeneo, re di Creta – Idomeneo, re …

When the king says that his own son is the victim, the people are horrified. Ilia is shocked to hear Idamante confess his love; she reminds him who is father is — and who hers was.

Anyone interested should cont But Neptune raises a terrible storm out of which appears a monster which then begins to tear the island apart. When Ilia appears, Idomeneo expresses his concern for her and offers friendship. Idomeneo tells his son idomeneeo take Electra to her home, Argos.

It was the first synolsis his great operas. The king confesses that the victim is his son, Idamante. Idomeneo offers his life to the god. Now Neptune must have what is rightfully his. In the royal garden, Ilia asks the gentle winds to carry her love to Idamante. Community All comments Contributor list Columnist list. Idomeneo is saved by Neptune god of the sea and is washed up idomfneo a Cretan beach.

The Cretans are terrified as they try to escape the monster.